Broken Crown Repair in Houston, TX

If you are in the greater Houston, TX area and have a broken dental crown, look no further than our expert team at Best Dental. With over 20 years of dental experience, Dr. Jasmine and her team at Best Dental will amend any problems you have with your fractured tooth cap.


Dental crowns are very helpful, since they protect our teeth while also making sure we live a normal life and eat properly. That being said, if a dental crown breaks, then it can be very challenging to deal with such an issue. Whether you have metal, resin, porcelain-fused-to-metal or all-porcelain (all-ceramic) crowns, they can break sometimes based on how they are used. What can you do when that happens? Let’s find out!

What Are The Solutions To A Broken Dental Crown?

One of the best solutions for broken dental crowns is to go to the dentist with the crown. He will be able to clean it, disinfect it and then make it ready for re-cementation. The process is very similar to what you had done last time. However, the dentist might use more material to ensure the dental crown won’t fall off. In case the dental crown is fully broken or it has severe damage, then the dentist will fit a temporary crown to prevent any pain. Then he will start making a new crown. Proper molding and measurements need to be done, but this is an important aspect of solving any broken dental crown issue. In case the tooth is not restorable, an implant replacement or extraction can be the option.

What Are The Costs Of Fixing a Broken Dental Crown in Houston, TX?

In case your dental crown is broken, you can expect to pay around $500-$3000 depending on the severity of the situation. If the dentist needs to use a temporary crown, that will also add up to the cost. If you have dental insurance, then the overall costs might be less. However, insurance usually doesn’t cover all charges related to the replacement process.

Broken Dental Crown Houston, TX

What Are The Associated Expenses?

There are some associated expenses like a dental exam, which can be $200. Then you have the core buildup cost that can be up to $200-$500. Cone beam CT costs can range from $330 to $700 or more. The diagnostic casts can be around $300, and the protective restoration costs can also be $150-$250. These procedures are not mandatory for every client, but you can expect them to appear when it comes to dealing with broken dental crowns.

Can Broken Dental Crowns Be Repaired?

Most times they cannot. When porcelain fractures off a dental crown, it cannot be bonded back on. Most times, a new dental crown or tooth cap will need to be fabricated after the broken crown is removed.

Can you find any financing options?

Yes, there are companies such as banks that offer financing options and dental loans. The amount you can get is based on how much the dentist is asking, the city you live in, the number of crowns are needed and other similar factors. Usually you can get such a loan if you are over 20 years of age and a job. Of course, every financing company might have its own specific requirements.


It’s very important to replace the broken dental crown before it can lead to infections or complications. Not all dental crowns last forever, so finding the right financing options for dental crown replacement might help a lot. It’s important to find the right dentist that offers an affordable price, so you can avoid any challenges or complications. It will certainly be well worth it to replace the broken crown quickly, so don’t hesitate and browse the numerous financing options to find one that suits your requirements.

If you have a fractured dental crown in Houston come see our team today. We will find affordable dental options to replace your broken or fractured dental crown.