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If you’re looking for clear ceramic brackets in the greater Houston Texas area look no further than Best dental. Many Houston residents visit our dental office because of our affordable pricing. Ceramic brackets are typically used on young teenagers and adults to help with the cosmetics of their smile without the use of metal that is seen in traditional braces.

Ceramic braces offer a beautifying improvement over traditional metal braces while at the same time functioning as well in straightening crooked and spaced out teeth. The treatment time for both metal and ceramic braces are nearly identical.

Our team at Best dental uses a new revolutionary ceramic bracket system to quickly and efficiently straighten your teeth while reducing your treatment time. are low prices on a variety of abrasive treatments also allows Houston residents to get the smile of their dreams without having to break their bank.

Ceramic braces versus invisible aligners

Both ceramic braces and invisible aligners (Invisalign) provide great options to straighten your teeth. Because ceramic braces are similar to traditional metal braces they are able to correct many biting issues that’s clear aligners simply can’t.

Another downside of clear aligners is that they require a lot of discipline. In most cases these aligners have to be worn for the majority of the day, which is something that a lot of people don’t take into account before they decide on getting Invisalign. To work effectively, these aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours a day.

If you find yourself to be one of those people who is not responsible enough, then ceramic braces would probably be a wiser option.

Clear aligners do provide an advantage in that they are removable. On the other hand, ceramic braces will have their brackets permanently glued onto your teeth for up to two years.

Do ceramic braces change colors?

At Best dental we use the highest quality materials that are currently on the market. Our ceramic brackets do not stain and allow you a great cosmetic appearance while straightening your teeth. Ceramic braces also come with wires that do not stain.

Clear Ceramic Braces Houston, TX | Best Dental


Do ceramic braces cost more than traditional braces?

The cost of ceramic braces is typically more than what you will find with metal braces. The supply and overhead costs for your orthodontist is higher for ceramic brackets versus metal braces. Fortunately, our Houston dental office does not charge more for ceramic clear braces. This allows our patients to have a beautiful smile while completing their braces treatment.

Who can use ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces, just like traditional braces, can be used for all patients. It will always be recommended by your dentist and orthodontist to get your braces treatment during your teenage years. Being realistic, there are a lot of patients who reach adulthood who end up wanting braces to improve their smile.

There are a few downsides to ceramic braces that we would like to mention. First, ceramic braces are more susceptible to breaking and popping off than traditional metal brackets.

Secondly, ceramic braces have a tendency to somewhat damage the enamel on the teeth that they are bonded onto. Patients with deep biting forces are not recommended to use these kinds of brackets for teeth straightening purposes. Your orthodontic team in these cases will typically recommend traditional metal braces.

Ceramic Braces | Best Dental in Houston, TX

How do you care for your ceramic braces?

After your ceramic braces are placed, your orthodontist will give you a guideline of how to take care of them. There will be certain foods you will want to avoid, as well as keeping up with good oral hygiene which includes brushing and flossing. Mouth rinse will also be recommended throughout the course of your teeth straightening treatment to keep your gums healthy.

Without proper oral hygiene food will remain around the brackets and onto your teeth leading to dental cavities they can break down your dentition relatively quickly. This could ultimately lead to additional dental work such as teeth fillings and root canals.

The following foods should be avoided after receiving your ceramic braces:

  • Chewy foods: Candy, Granola bars, and Gum
  • Hard foods: Carrots, Hard candy, and chewing on ice
  • Crunchy foods: potato chips, apples, nuts, and hard snacks should also be avoided

Ceramic braces has helped so many of our Houston natives achieve the smile of their dreams while maintaining the cosmetic appearance that they desire during the course of their treatment. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to ceramic braces come visit our team today. We look forward to meeting you.