Composite Veneer in Houston, TX

Composite Veneers in Houston, TX

What are Composite Dental Veneers?

Feeling insecure about your smile can impact you on a daily basis. Whether you’re posing for a family photograph or attending an important job interview, showing your teeth can often make you feel very self conscious. If you are looking to improve your smile, composite dental veneers may be a good option for you. Do you want to know more about dental veneers? Here is some useful information that may help you to make a decision.

The Facts: More About Veneers

Veneers are natural, subtle and attractive shells that are secured over the front of your teeth. They can help to even out the shape and coloring of your existing teeth, so you can feel more confident in your appearance. There are other options that can help to improve the look of your smile such as crowns and tooth bonding, but veneers are becoming more and more popular.

Composite veneers are probably the best option if you’re looking for a more natural look. Porcelain veneers are another option too; this is when porcelain is fitted to the shape of your teeth. Composite veneers are created by tooth colored resin and consists of the same type of material that is used in tooth bonding. There are pros and cons for each type of veneers and it completely depends on your budget and the goal you are looking to achieve.

Are Veneers Suitable for You?

If you’re looking for a whiter, brighter and smoother smile, then veneers can definitely help you to achieve this look. There are many people struggling with tooth insecurities who don’t realize that veneers are a viable option for them. You may have an issue with stained, crooked, broken or worn away teeth; veneers can certainly help to improve the look of these imperfections. 

You may be wondering what the difference is between a crown and a veneer. Crowns are usually required when there is a lot of damage to a tooth; decay, root canals and cracked teeth normally need crowns to repair them. Composite veneers are much thicker and are applied over an entire tooth, rather than just one part of it. Veneers also don’t require as much shaping and trimming as crowns. All in all, veneers are the ideal solution if you are simply looking to alter the shape, color or appearance of your teeth.

What is the cost of Composite Veneers in Houston, TX?

The average cost of composite veneers in Houston, TX is $1,500. Prices may vary based on the number of teeth that is being treated, and the dentist that is performing the service.

The Different Types of Composite Veneers

As mentioned, you will be able to choose between porcelain and composite veneers, but there is a further differentiation to make. Direct composite veneers and indirect composite veneers are two separate types that you may want to delve into further.

Indirect Composite Veneers

In short, the main difference between indirect and direct composite veneers is the way in which they are applied, rather than the material that is used. With indirect veneers, they are created outside of your mouth, either in a dental preparation lab or your dentist headquarters. If you choose this option, you will receive a temporary set of veneers until your custom order is completed. You will then need to come back for another appointment for your indirect composite veneers to be fitted to your teeth with an adhesive. Many patients find that in indirect composite veneers can withstand harsher conditions and breakages than direct veneers; they also cost slightly more. This is a good option if you are looking for a more long lasting option and have a higher budget.

Direct Composite Veneers

Don’t worry if you can’t stretch to purchase indirect composite veneers, direct composite veneers are very popular and just as good. Direct composite veneers are made of a composite resin that is applied straight onto your teeth. Your teeth can be prepared relatively quickly for the application of your chosen veneers; speak to your dentist for more information on their particular processes.

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Why Choose Composite Veneers?

If you’re seriously considering veneers, then you need to look into your options carefully before making your decision. Here are a few reasons why you might want to choose composite dental veneers.

Compared to porcelain veneers, composite dental veneers are more budget friendly. Although they aren’t necessarily cheap, they are lower in price than the porcelain options. The process of applying composite veneers is also much shorter if you opt for the direct veneers option. With composite dental veneers you can also cover up a number of aesthetic issues such as yellowing, fading, crookedness and chipped teeth. 

You will need to maintain your composite veneers more regularly than porcelain, but this means that you can have them closely monitored by a dental professional, rather than being left to discover issues down the line by yourself. Porcelain veneers are prone to fall off completely and may need to be glued back onto your teeth, so composite dental veneers are certainly a worthwhile option.

Applying Your Composite Dental Veneers

You will undergo a thorough teeth cleaning procedure, so that your teeth are ready for the application process. Your dentist will probably shave away a thin film from your current enamel, so that the composite material sticks securely to your teeth. Your teeth may not need to be reshaped if you are only looking for small changes to the aesthetic of your current smile. Prior to your veneers being applied, your dentist will apply an safe, adhesive glue so that your new veneers stick to your teeth. Finally, the thin layers of material are secured onto the outer surface of your teeth. These layers will then be professionally toughened or cured with a light so that they become very sturdy in your mouth. You will be able to discuss the color of your veneers with your dentist to achieve a more natural or whiter look. Many patients do not require anesthesia when veneers are applied, but if you do, it will quickly wear off and you will be able to resume life as normal that day after.

The Take Home Message

All in all, composite dental veneers can last up to seven years if you take care of them correctly. They are an excellent choice if you’re looking to improve your smile or feel more confident in your appearance. Speak to your dentist and book in a consultation to receive more information on composite dental veneers.