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Known for being one of the least invasive ways to restore the beauty of your teeth, and as an invention that targeted celebrities first, dental lumineers have earned their place as a commonly sought-after solution for restoring one’s teeth. Probably because it just requires your dentist to carefully prepare the tooth and then placing a thin porcelain cover over the imperfections of your teeth.

It does have the ability to make your teeth look straighter, cover any chips or dings on your teeth, and produce a smile that used to be thought of as a possibility only available to Hollywood’s stars. While celebrities still do go forward with dental Lumineers, access for regular patients has been made easier.

On average, expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 – $1,500 per tooth for dental lumineers. In this article we will tackle why dental lumineers are expensive, if dental insurance will help cover some of the financial burden, and other lingering questions you may have.

Key Factors to Dental Lumineers Cost Calculations

When it comes to figuring out the “science” behind how this type of professional tooth restoration method, you might think that it is going to take a lot of work and make you wait even longer. This isn’t the case thankfully, as we have spent just about 20 years helping our patients get a beautiful and improved smile than they had when they showed up for their appointment. So we kind of know all of the factors that help make up the equation for dental Lumineers that will soon be calculated.

  • Any dental issues or infections that must be treated before receiving dental Lumineers. If you require an infection to be brought to its end, or any other kind of dental care before you can restore your teeth using a less-invasive approach than other options, the cost automatically goes up dependent on the matter at hand and the overall state of your oral health the day of your dental Lumineers treatment.
  • The difficulty that is experienced by your dentist when proceeding with the placement of your new dental Lumineers. If the tooth that needs to be covered is in a tight spot, this could mean that it’s harder for your dentist to progress through the procedure than it would be on one of your front teeth for example. Unfortunately, there’s no way to cut costs here, just cross your fingers!
  • Laboratory fees that incur because of the steps that were outlined within your dental treatment plan. You might have to get some lab work done, x-rays, or some other form of lab procedure. This is decided upon by your dentist who must decide to order the needed laboratory work if something comes to their attention and warrants them to do so.
  • The number of teeth that need to get dental Lumineers placed to correct your smile. It is more common to see patients getting dental Lumineers on multiple teeth than it is to see them getting single dental Lumineers. Lumineers are charged on a per tooth basis so the more teeth you must place them on, the more that it is going to end up costing you more in the end.
  • The experience level and location of your dentist carries the most weight. Of course, the level of inflation based upon your area will also have a slight role in how much dental work costs as well. However, if you go with a more-experienced dentist who has years under their belt and can perform any type of dental procedure currently in existence, you might end up paying a premium price.

While we’re a full-service dental clinic that is headed up by Dr. Jasmine Naderi (a veteran cosmetic dentist who continues to make her mark in the world of dentistry, we vow to do right by our clients and not embracing the temptations of offering more expensive dental services. Instead, we even looked at the current costs for dental Lumineers. What we learned was that we are the most affordable dentist for Lumineers and other dental procedures in Houston and surrounding areas. How about that?

The Cost Of Dental Lumineers | Best Dental in Houston, TX

Dental Insurance – Not an option for getting Lumineers.

Unless you found the unicorn of insurance that we have yet to come across, but the odds are that you have yet to do so considering our past experiences. The reason that dental insurance usually won’t cover the cost of dental Lumineers is that they don’t see a connection that classifies it as a procedure that’s needed to help ensure that your overall health is in a great state, medically speaking.

Keeping that in mind, dental Lumineers are considered a cosmetic dental procedure. This means that you’re most likely going to get stuck figuring out how to pay for the tooth restoration on your own without the help of the insurance company.

This does not mean that hope has run out as that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s why.

Easily Make Dental Lumineers Financially Feasible

To help you in your journey to being able to afford to get dental Lumineers, we broke down the top 3 ways that our dental patients have achieved success. Here they are.

  • Dental Savings Plan (DSPs): There are two different ways to get signed up for a dental savings plan, either through a third-party provider of DSPs or directly through your dentist. Going through a third-party is great if the option is not available in-house at your dental provider.

However, going in-house for your dental savings plan is the most ideal way to go about this. A person can expect when they go to their dentist and embrace their dental membership plan that unlocks an entire year of savings, to save the most on your procedures. Whereas third parties might not be capable of providing you such a great discount as your dentist can.

Keep in mind that this is generally speaking, and results vary upon the dentist you choose as well as your current state of being when going through with this tooth restoration procedure as something you don’t even expect to pose a problem could easily come to the surface.

  • Harness the Savings of Low-Interest Credit Cards: If you’re anything like me, you embraced the opportunity to get a credit card that flaunted the lowest interest rate on the market, regardless of whether you need access to the credit line or not. Just so that you could have that little bit of extra breathing room should unexpected expenses arise in life.

Maybe you didn’t hop on the opportunity of a low-interest credit card, in which case now may be the time to look into getting one. Our dental office (and many others) can accept all major types of credit cards for your dental services. This means should you want Lumineers, just use the credit card to break the payment up over a prolonged amount of time without costly interest charges being sent back in your direction from the bank.

  • Using a Healthcare Savings Account: You may or may not know this option by another name, but it’s a medical spending account usually offered to employees by their employer. It works by taking a pre-determined amount from your paycheck and depositing it before the IRS taxes it.

This allows you to save money when it comes to taxes since it is tax-exempt and allows you to stash the money away in a savings plan until you need it. Many embrace this for the simple reason that their insurance makes them cover a certain amount of their medical expenses anyways, often leaving one to deal with a surprise that costs them financially.

Again, these were just the top 3 most popular options when it comes to financing Lumineers on monthly payments you can afford. There are still many options that you can take advantage of should any of these not do you justice. Just call our office to discuss your needs (or the office of your dentist if you live elsewhere and are under the care of someone else).

Dental Lumineers Cost

The Final Key: Choose a Top Local Dentist to Magnify Your Smile

You might wonder exactly how you are supposed to know who a top dentist in your area is, and who simply is not. Thankfully, Google thought about this before today, and their dentist reviews that are found within the local search listings of dental offices are a good way to get straight to the point. If you live in Houston or close to it, today is your lucky day as we are an award-winning dental practice.

That goes without mentioning that we have maintained 5-star ratings consistently since we opened the doors to our dental practice on the first day. You can verify this via Facebook or Google should you feel the need to do so. By the way, there are many other dentist review websites where we have a high rating as determined by our patients, but these are the most popular sources for reviews today.