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You may need a dental bridge if you are missing teeth or have any gap between your teeth, as that gap can give your existing teeth space to grow out of alignment and become problematic. Dental bridges are a tool used by a number of different dentists to fill that space or replace a group of two or more teeth. Dental bridges are beneficial health-wise because they help keep your teeth aligned, and they protect your gums and other teeth from bacteria and food particles. Dental bridges are also beneficial cosmetically because they allow you to keep your full smile.

Dental bridges are put into place between two teeth that are directly on either side of the gap the dentist is filling. The bridge is then held into place by crowns that are fitted directly for the teeth and anchor the bridge into place. This is important because it allows the bridge to be secure enough that you can smile and eat just like you have previously done with confidence that it is not going to fall out and create a potentially embarrassing situation.

Below you will find all the information you need about getting a dental bridge in Richmond, Texas.

What is the Cost of Getting a Dental Bridge?

The cost of a dental bridge depends on a few things, such as the size of the gap, the materials used, the complexity of the placement, and what other dental issues you have. You can, generally speaking, break down the cost of the dental bridge by type to get an accurate range of how much the procedure is going to cost.

  • Traditional and cantilever dental bridges are the two most common types of dental bridges; the difference between the two is that a traditional bridge is anchored to two teeth, and the cantilever bridge is anchored to just one. These bridges typically cost between $2000 and $5000.
  • The Maryland dental bridge does not use crowns, but rather the bridge is bonded to the back of the teeth with a porcelain or metal framework. These bridges are generally cheaper; they cost between $1500 and $2500.
  • The implant-supported dental bridge is the most expensive because rather than using crowns or a framework, it uses dental implants (usually one for each missing tooth) and consists of two separate surgeries: one to place the implants and one to place the bridge. This sort of dental bridge can cost anywhere from $5000 to $15,000.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Any of the Cost of a Getting a Dental Bridge?

Yes, most forms of dental insurance will cover at least a portion of the cost of getting a dental bridge, but there are a few different things to keep in mind related to insurance and dental bridges. First of all, it is important to look at your specific plan because every plan will be slightly different as to what it will cover, and many insurances will require you to go to certain dentists/specialists.

Additionally, if you do not currently have dental insurance and are planning to get it because of this procedure (or you just recently got dental insurance), keep in mind that most plans have a waiting period between when you get the insurance and when you can get a major procedure done, such as a dental bridge. This waiting period is generally between six and twelve months.

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What Are the Dental Financing Options for Dental Bridges?

Most of the time, when a person goes through a major dental procedure, such as a dental bridge, they end up financing it and paying it off over time because they can be quite costly. Of course, you will have to check with your specific dentist, but there are a couple of main ways that most places will allow you to finance your dental bridge.

The first option is for you to finance the procedure directly through the dentist with an installment plan. What the installment plan looks like depends on your dentist and your financial situation, but it will consist of a series of scheduled payments to cover some or all of the procedure.

The second option is for you to pay your dentist fully at the beginning with a credit card or with a loan from your bank, and then you pay them off. This is also often done on some sort of payment plan. It is a good idea to compare things like interest rates between the financing offered by the dentist and your bank to figure out what is the best option for you. Of course, if you are able to and would like to pay it all upfront, you can, of course, do that.

How to Choose a Dental Bridge Specialist in Richmond, Texas

When it is time to get a dental bridge, you will have to find someone to do it for you. There is a chance you will be able to do it with your normal dentist if they also provide dental surgery, but there is a good chance that you will have to find a specialist. The best place to start is by figuring out what dentists your insurance will cover (many have limitations), and you can see if your regular dentist has any recommendations. If you trust your dentist, that may be most of the information you need.

Of course, doing more research is always a good idea. You can look into things like the price, and it is also a good idea to look up their success rate/rate of bad outcomes. Of course, affordable is important but so is that they are a quality dentist. Conversely, more expensive does not always mean better.

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Dental procedures can be intimidating for a number of different reasons because of fear related to the actual procedure or the price, but getting a dental bridge does not have to be intimidating. A dental bridge can be really beneficial because it will protect your teeth and your gums and provide you with a completely filled in smile! Additionally, with insurance and/or financing, the price really does not have to be all that intimidating.