Dental crowns Richmond, TX

Dental crown with Dr. Jasmine Naderi at Best Dental

As you age, your teeth will age as well. Decay, fillings, trauma, or even chewing habits can make your teeth wear down over time. A dental crown, also known as a “tooth cap”, is a cover that is placed over a tooth to protect a weakened or broken-down tooth structure.

A crown can also be used to cover a poorly colored tooth, or a tooth that has had a root canal. Sometimes older worn-down crowns will also need to be replaced.

Dental Crown Procedure:

It normally takes two visits to complete the crown procedure. On your first visit, numbing medicine is used to put the worn-down tooth to sleep. The tooth is shaped and prepared for an impression, which is also taken during the first appointment.

Dental Crown Richmond, TX

Dental Crown impression with Dr. Jasmine at Best Dental

You will leave the first appointment with a temporary crown in place. Your impression will be sent to our lab where your permanent crown is made. Once the permanent crown is sent back to us, you will come back for a second appointment where your temporary crown will be replaced by a beautiful permanent crown that has the shape and function of your adjacent teeth.

Temporary Crown Richmond, TX

Temporary crown with Dr. Jasmine Naderi at Best Dental

Permanent crowns with Dr. Jasmine Naderi at Best Dental

Permanent crowns with Dr. Jasmine Naderi at Best Dental

Below are some common questions our patients ask us about dental crowns. Please contact us today if you have any other questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Dental Crowns

When are dental crowns necessary?

  1. When your tooth has worn down to the point that it is about to fracture.
  2. After Root Canal therapy as the tooth becomes very fragile
  3. During a full mouth reconstruction case where teeth need to be rebuilt to their original size.
  4. Teeth with very large cavities.
  5. Crowns that are placed over dental implants.

What is the cost of a dental crown in Richmond, TX?

The average cost of dental crowns in Richmond, TX is $1,000. Prices may vary based on the treating doctor, the complexity of the procedure, and if any other dental procedures are needed in addition to your dental crown. Price can also be determined by the type of crown that is chosen. Typically, gold crowns are the most expensive, followed by all-porcelain crowns, then porcelain fused to metal crowns. The latter uses Porcelain fused with a nickle base metal for their construction.

Are Dental crowns guaranteed forever?

No they are not. Nothing can be guaranteed for life. Most crowns can last many years depending on how well you take care of it. On average, the typical dental crown can last anywhere between 10-15 years before it will need to be replaced.

Are Dental crowns covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies cover dental crowns under their various plans. Plans vary and the percentage that will be covered depends on your carrier. At your consultation appointment we will let you know exactly how much is covered. Most carriers will cover up to 50% of the dental crown procedure, but as already mentioned, each plan can vary.

Can a dental crown be removed and replaced?

Absolutely. If you have a crown that is fractured or leaking, Dr. Jasmine will more than likely recommend a replacement for you. If the tooth structure underneath the crown is also broken, a tooth extraction and a replacement with a dental implant will more than likely be recommended.

Process of removal of old Dental Crowns with Dr. Jasmine Naderi at Best Dental

Process of removal of old Dental Crowns with Dr. Jasmine Naderi at Best Dental

Can a dental crown cause bad breath?

If the tooth being supported by the dental crown begins to get infected, it may start to cause bad breath. What’s worse is the infection itself which will need to be dealt with immediately as it may cause a dental emergency. Fractured teeth underneath dental crowns can also be a source of halitosis. If you are suspecting a bad odor under your dental crown, see your dentist immediately.

Can a dental crown be reattached if it has fallen out?

It depends on if the dental crown has fallen out due to the actual tooth being damaged, or if it’s simple a de-bonding of the cement. If it’s the former, then no it can’t. If it’s the latter then a crown can be re-cemented on during your consultation appointment. As already mentioned a broken tooth under the tooth will probably need a dental extraction with some sort of tooth replacement option (implant or dental bridge).

Can a dental crown cause a root canal?

If your dental crown is leaking, then the underlying natural tooth structure can develop a cavity which may end up growing over time. Eventually these teeth end up needing a root canal once the cavity has entered into the nerve tissue. If a root canal is needed, your dentist will also recommend that your crown be replaced after the root canal procedure to prevent further breakdown of the tooth structure. Larger cavities may also end up leading to post placement within the tooth before the new crown is constructed. A post is a rod that is placed within the tooth to give it more support.

Can a dental crown be repaired?

If your crown has fractured or gets chipped it unfortunately cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Minor chips in the dental crown may be polished off by your dentist, but larger fractures unfortunately cannot be mended.

Can a dental crown be whitened?

No it cannot. Dental crowns are made up of different materials such as Porcelain, Gold, or Zirconia that cannot be whitened if they are stained. The only option is to completely replace the dental crown once it has stained.

What material are dental crowns made of?

There are many materials in today’s market that we can use to make crowns. Some of them include Gold, Zirconia, Porcelain, and Resins. Gold has been known to be the best material, especially for back molars, while Porcelain is commonly used for front teeth due to cosmetic reasons. Recently, a Porcelain fused to Gold hybrid called “captek crowns” have been introduced to help restore your front teeth. They are composed of a Gold substructure and wrapped around with porcelain giving the benefits of both Gold and Porcelain to the patient.

Dental Gold Crown Richmond, TX

Gold Dental Crown with Dr. Jasmine Naderi at Best Dental

Porcelain Dental Crown serving Richmond, TX

Porcelain Dental Crown with Dr. Jasmine Naderi at Best Dental

Which dental crown material is best?

Gold has been known for its longevity, especially when constructed properly on molar teeth. Although studies can vary on this particular question, Dr. Jasmine feels that material is less significant than the quality of the work that is done in your mouth. When the work is done appropriately, any material can last for many years if not decades.

What is the difference between a dental crown and dental bridge?

A crown is a single unit that is cemented into place, while a dental bridge consists of multiple units to replace missing teeth. Bridges are used to replace missing gaps or spaces in your mouth. See the videos below to see the difference between the two.


When do dental crowns need to be replaced?

  1. When there is an open margin in the crown or when the crown is leaking. This opening can lead to secondary caries and breakdown of the tooth structure.
  2. When there is a detectable cavity underneath your crown. This can be seen during your exam or on your dental x-rays.
  3. When you have a damaged tooth underneath your dental crown. Remember that some tooth fractures will end up leading to tooth extractions.
  4. When your crown has worn down or fractured.

Why does my dental crown hurt?

After they are placed, crowns can hurt or be sensitive for the following reasons:

  1. Your underlying tooth structure called the dentin is exposed. If this is the case, the sensitivity should start to go away after your permanent crown is put in place. If the discomfort is not alleviated shortly after the permanent crown is placed, your dentist will probably recommend a root canal.
  2. You have developed a cavity underneath your crown.
  3. The crown is too high. Sometimes our laboratories are not perfect and the crown ends up being a bit too tall. This can cause sensitivity and pain analogous to chewing on hard candy over and over again. The solution to this issue is to visit your dentist for a crown adjustment. If the crown is very tall, your dentist may want to replace it altogether by cutting it off and replacing it.
  4. The underlying tooth has fractured.

What is dental crown lengthening?

This is a simple gum procedure where a portion of your gum tissue is removed to “lengthen” the tooth structure so enough underlying tooth material is present to adequately support your new dental crown. Without a proper crown lengthening (especially on molar teeth), a dental crown may keep falling off over and over again.

If you are needing dental crowns in Richmond, TX, give us a call to set up your free consultation with Dr. Jasmine Naderi.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

How long do dental crowns last?

Most dental crowns can last up to 15 years at which point they need to be replaced. If you take proper care of your crown (daily brushing and flossing techniques), your tooth crown can last even longer. Gold crowns tend to last longer based on studies than Porcelain or other materials on the market.

Is it painful to have a dental crown put on your tooth?

After your initial crown preparation, your tooth may end up getting sensitive. Most times this issue is resolved when your permanent crown is placed on your tooth. Some times the sensitivity never goes away and the tooth will end up needing a root canal.

During your second appointment, your dentist may numb your tooth to seat your crown as the tooth may feel irritable when your permanent crown is being placed with cement.

Are dental crowns safe?

As most dental crowns are composed of Porcelain or Gold, they tend to be quite safe in the body. Some PFM crowns may cause issues allergic issues because of the nickle that they contain.

What happens if you wait too long to get a dental crown?

There are a few possible scenarios that can take place if you wait too long to get your dental crown:

  1. The tooth will remain as is indefinitely, and won’t wear down further (this is a rarely the case as most teeth that needs crowns wear down rapidly).
  2. The tooth will slowly begin to chip away and break down.
  3. The tooth may completely fracture off, and will need to be extracted.

It is always recommended to get your tooth crowned as soon as possible.

Do I need a dental crown after root canal therapy?

After a root canal is performed, your tooth becomes very hollow and susceptible to fracture. We always recommend getting the tooth crowned after your root canal in order to preserve the life of the tooth for as long as possible.