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Getting payment plans for dental implants is becoming a growing need among the patients we see in our dental office specializing in restorative dentistry. After all, with the cost of dental implants costing thousands of dollars ($1,500 and upwards, to be exact), not everyone has a shoebox full of money laying around for times like these.

After years of helping patients finance dental implants, we decided to provide the best rundown possible to shed some light on this subject for others looking to fix their teeth affordably.

Don’t let your insurance disappoint you; it’s not just you that they let down.

Things can get tricky when getting your insurance company to help you pay for dental implant procedures, as the standard train of thought is that it’s only cosmetically necessary. Not medically necessary where it affects one’s well-being and general state of health.

To determine whether it can be classified as something medically necessary, you’ll have to visit a dental implant specialist. Our dental office has seen an increased number of patients seek out other financial options for their dental implants, which are covered below.

Getting a beautiful smile CAN be made affordable, just like this.

We see it too much where people get discouraged about their chances of getting dental implants due to the higher price tag that it comes with. The benefit is evident as it is a more durable and natural tooth replacement option, but how can one even come up with that much in their lifetime?

1.      Embrace an affordable yet capable surgical dentist for dental implants.

For example, we charge a lot less for dental implants in Houston than competing dental practices in our area. However, we still have a high level of education, extensive experience, and the best treatment processes among dentists today. We have not ever sacrificed the patient experience to be one of the most affordable dentists in Houston.

If you do a little bit of digging, you will be able to tell where affordability and a quality outcome can be embraced in your area. Check patient reviews on places such as Facebook and Google to see what others have had to say. Ensure their reputation is something they live up to.

2.      Find out if you can break up the dental implant treatment plan over time.

There are times when you can spread out dental implants in chunks of time that make it something you can afford while ensuring that it gets done. Speak with your dentist and see if this is something they will be willing to do for you. In most cases, this isn’t an issue.

3.      Use a dental savings plan to your advantage and save significantly.

By paying a yearly membership fee, you will get a reduced cost for dental services. This produces the most savings in extensive dental treatment such as dental implants, making it one of the most powerful tools you could have in your arsenal. This is formally referred to as a dental savings plan or a dental discount plan.

Dental Implants Financing | Best Dental in Houston, TX

Try to embrace dental-friendly lenders at first and go from there.

CareCredit, Greensky, and Lending Club are the most popular lends for dental services and an option we provide to those needing dental implants in our Houston office. They have reasonable interest rates, and some patients got financed without a required down payment.

Lenders knowledgeable about dental procedures are more understanding about your dental needs than others who aren’t. Dental offices can also help determine which lender would be more likely to give you the best deal when it comes to getting implants on monthly payments.

The first option was not the only way to get payment plans for dental implants.

There is always a different way to go about things if you open your mind up to the possibility of doing so. It’s no different when it comes to monthly payment plans for dental implants, as you’ll be able to see for yourself below.

Borrow Money for Dental Implants from Your Retirement Plan

This is an excellent way to get a payment plan for dental implants, provided you plan on staying with your employer. Otherwise, you will have to pay the entire amount back within 60 days.

No interest will be charged, and you forego the need for a credit check. You are simply borrowing your own money that you already invested in your retirement plan.

Credit Unions Could Provide Affordable Loans for Dental Care

Especially when compared to rates charged by traditional financial institutions. Often, credit union members have access to better financing options and the lowest interest rates since they are mainly formed to suit a select group of people. You might even find that it’s easier to get approved, so don’t overlook loans from local credit unions.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) Can Fund Dental Implants

These types of tax-saving strategies help you set money back in case you need it for dental or medical care and are found quite handy for expensive dental treatments such as dental implants. It acts as a savings account, and you can contribute pre-tax dollars to it up to a set amount depending upon your tax bracket.

Home Equity Loans Help You Obtain Cash for Teeth

You borrow money off the equity you already have in your home. It’s one of the most accessible forms of approval when trying to implement payment plans for dental implants. These types of loans often used for dental financing usually come with pretty low-interest rates.

Save for Your Dental Implants

If none of the other options are available to you, it might be wise to embrace a savings account to help you put back cash to get your dental implants. While it might seem like it will take a long time, you might be surprised at how strategically saving turns it into reality quicker.

Dental Implants Payment Plan Options | Best Dental in Houston, TX

Monthly payment plan options for your dental implant needs

If you need your teeth replaced, our dental implant monthly financing option may be a good choice. Through our third party affiliates, patients can get their teeth replaced and not break their budget at the same time. Most of our lenders allow for 12-24 months of interest free payments.

Talk 1-on-1 with your dentist to ensure you make the best choice.

This is always the soundest approach, as it will provide you with a clear understanding of things beforehand. A dental implant treatment plan can often help guide the process flawlessly. Not to mention, you might find another option that might be the best for your unique needs.

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