Dental Implants Clear Lake Tx

Dental Implants – Clear Lake, Tx

Dr. Jasmine Naderi and her surgical team are proud to serve the citizens of Clear Lake, TX with affordable and high quality Dental Implants. So many people from both of these areas visit our clinic because of the proficiency of our team, and the high quality of service that we provide them. What makes our clinic so different is the low cost of our dental implants. At Best Dental we charge $1,999 for our Implants: This includes the Implant, Abutment, and Crown. You will be very hard-pressed to find a more affordable option and and around the Clear Lake area.

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$1,999 Dental Implants at Best Dental: Implant Abutment and Crown Included

What is a Dental Implant?

We get asked this question a lot here at Best Dental. A Dental Implant is a Titanium screw that gets embedded into your jawbone with different tools and equipment that a dentist or oral surgeon possesses. This material over time will slowly buildup a chemical connection with the surrounding bone tissue to help stabilize it. After around 3-6 months of healing, your dentist will help make a dental crown that either cements, or screws into the implant screw to provide you with a brand new tooth that you can function with.

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What is the cost of Dental Implants in Clear Lake, TX?

The average cost of dental implants in Clear Lake, TX is $3,200. Prices may vary based on the treating dentist or surgeon, the complexity of your individual case, and if any additional procedures such as bone grafting are required.

Does Dental insurance help pay for my Dental Implants?

Most PPO insurance will help pay for a portion of your dental implant treatment. The amount that they will cover will depend on your individual plan. Some plans cover more, some cover less, and some plans don’t cover anything at all. At Best Dental, our insurance specialists will look at your individual plan and we will let you know exactly how much it will cover.

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Are Dental Implants Better Than Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge was the backbone of teeth replacement options for dentistry for many years. During the 1980s a clinician named Branemark discovered that titanium implants were a reliable option to be embedded in your jawbone to help you replace your teeth. Ever since its inception, dental implants slowly became the preferred option to replace your own teeth. What are some of the advantages of dental implants over dental bridges?

  • Dental Implants do not require the reduction and grinding of adjacent teeth.
  • Dental Implants cannot decay so there is no chance of any teeth breaking down.
  • Dental Bridges place a lot of strain on the abutment teeth leading to potential fracture some time in the future.

Dental Bridge vs Dental Implants

Why Are Dental Implants so expensive?

Dental implants can really break your bank if you do not find a good deal in your city. But most people never ask themselves why they are so expensive. It is true that price gouging does go on in the dental field. This happens very sparingly, however, and most dentists that are charging over $3,000 for their Implants are sometimes justified to do so. Let’s go over the costs and expenses that your dentist has to undertake to deliver one dental implant.

  1. The cost of the Implant Itself
  2. Implant Parts that are required for tissue healing and impression taking
  3. Analog (Implant replica) that is sent to the lab
  4. Lab Costs
  5. Equipment costs
  6. Supply Costs

When all these overhead costs are taken into consideration, thousands of dollars are spent by your dentist to just deliver one dental implant.

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How Are Dental Implants Placed?

There are series of steps that are taken to place your dental implant. Let’s go over these steps now.

  1. Local Anesthetic is used to numb the area where your dental implant will be placed.
  2. Drills and hand instruments are used to create a slot where the implant will be inserted.
  3. The area that was drilled is copiously irrigated with saline.
  4. The Dental Implant screw component is inserted into the slot.
  5. A cover screw is placed on top the implant and the gum tissue is stitched together.
  6. The area heals for approxmately for 3-4 months to allow complete healing to occur and to allow a chemical bond to occur between the implant and your bone.
  7. The next phase is an uncovery procedure that allows your gum tissue to take shape.
  8. After a few more weeks an impression of your implant is taken, and sent to the lab.
  9. The lab returns your crown which is then inserted into the screw component of the implant.
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If you are in Clear Lake, TX and looking for an affordable solution for dental implants, call Best Dental today. We love to serve the great citizens of Clear Lake.