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Let’s face it; dental Implants can be expensive. Many patients who go to their dentist wanting a tooth replaced really don’t know how much dental implants can cost them. When they see their treatment plan, most are flabbergasted by the high price. A lot of patients have a lower income making it almost impossible for them to get their teeth replaced with implants. Fortunately, our team at Best Dental has slashed the price of our implants for residents all across the country. We have patients who visit us from out of state just to get their implants placed and restored. In this article we will tackle why implants can be expensive, your options as a low income patient, and how our team can save you thousands of dollars.

What is the average cost of a dental implant?

The average cost of a single dental implant is $3,500. The includes the abutment and crown that sit on top of the screw portion. Prices can vary depending on the treating dentist, the geographic location where you are living, and if any additional procedures are needed such as bone grafting or sinus lifting. Remember that some dental insurance plans also cover dental implants, so this may reduce the price dramatically.

Why are dental implants so expensive?

There are a myriad of reasons why implants can be pricey. Let’s go over the overhead costs for your dentist to see why this is:

  • Lab costs: The labs that your dentists work with can be very pricey, especially if he or she is using a high quality laboratory. The price for a single dental crown and the abutment for the implant can range from $500-$1,000 depending on the laboratory. As you can see, these prices can add up quickly making it an expensive proposition for your dentist to undertake.
  • Supply Costs: Ordering the parts for dental implants is expensive. Big corporate companies that sell these parts to dentist usually gouge the prices as much as they can. This bumps up the price that dentists charge for implants from their patients. Hopefully as more companies make these parts, prices will eventually start coming down.
  • Staff Costs: Remember that every hour that a doctor spends with you in the chair is another hour he has to pay his office staff. Staff members can be quite pricey, and can bump the overhead costs of the office tremendously.

Dental Implants For Low Income Patients

Our dental implants for lower income patients

We have slashed the price of our dental implants dramatically for residents in and around the greater Houston area. We charge $1,995 for the entire dental implant treatment and crown. This cost reduction is nearly less than 50% of what most dentists are charging. Payments can be made in a multitude of ways. Most of our patients pay as they go, as there are multiple steps involved in the dental implant process. This is normally how we break it down for our cash patients:

  1. Dental Implant placement: This is the appointment where the screw shaped rod is placed. We charge $995 at this appointment. If an additional bone grafting is needed, we charge $500 per tooth for that.
  2. Uncovery Appointment: This visit will take place between 3-5 months after your implant is placed. During this appointment, a healing screw is inserted into the implant that allows your gum tissue to wrap and heal around it. This will help the lab determine how to shape your dental crown. We charge $333.33 for this appointment.
  3. Impression Appointment: During this visit, an impression is taken of your dental implant. This will be sent to the lab for the fabrication of your crown. We charge $333.33 for this visit.
  4. Crown Seat Appointment: This will be your last appointment where your dental implant crown will be inserted. Once its seated, we check your bite, make any adjustments, and you’re all finished. You will pay off the remainder of your balance of $333.33 at this appointment.

Financing options for dental implants

If the pay as you go option is still too expensive for your taste, our team also offers a few other financing options that we can take a look at together:

  • Third Party Financing: Companies like CareCredit®, Lending Club, and Green Sky all providing loans for patients needing dental treatment
  • Dental Savings Plans: Some companies provide a dental savings plan that can help you save on your dental treatment.
  • Flexible Spending Account: Some employers provide an FSA account for their employees for any medical or dental needs that they have.

Low Income Dental Implants

Our goal at Best Dental is to help as many citizens as we can with high quality and affordable dental implants. For our patients with a low income, we will do everything we can to help restore your teeth back to function to give you back the long lost confidence that you once had. We hope to meet you soon!