Affordable Dental Implants Sugar Land Tx

Affordable Dental Implants in Sugar Land, Tx

At Best Dental, we are proud to serve the great citizens of Sugar Land, Tx with high quality and affordable dental implants. We have so many residents from Sugar Land come to our office wanting dental implants that won’t break their bank. Our team is certain you have noticed how expensive dental implants can be. The price can certainly leave you in awe. In this page we will show our Sugar Land residents what the average cost of dental implants are, and how Best Dental can be your affordable alternative for dental implants. Towards the end of the article we will emphasize the payment plan options that we offer, and how it can save you even more of your hard-earned dollars.

Can Sugar Land Residents Afford Dental Implants?

The majority of citizens we meet from Sugar Land do not like spending their savings, especially on cosmetic dental procedures. In general, the majority of people just don’t like going to the dentist. The vast majority of dentists in Sugar Land, TX are charging north of $3,000 for their dental implants. This includes the crown portion that sits on top of the implant. At Best Dental, Dr. Jasmine and her team have done their best to let the general public know their price for dental implants: $1,999. This is our flat fee price pending there are no additional procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lifting needed prior to your dental implant placement.

A lot of times even this price seems very high for our patients. This is why we offer dental financing options for our patients who are in need. Companies like Care Credit, and Lending Club help our patients afford the dental implant treatment that they so desperately need. There are so many solutions we at Best Dental can give you to replace your missing teeth.

Dental implant average cost Sugar Land, TX

How much do Dental Implants actually cost?

Nationwide, dental implants can cost between $2,000-55,000 depending on how complex your individual case is. The latter price is normally seen in patients who need to remove all their teeth, and receive multiple dental implants to reconstruct their entire mouth. This is normally what the public knows as permanent dentures or All-On-4 Dental Implants.

How much does a single tooth implant cost?

At Best Dental, pending you do not need any prior treatment, a single dental implant costs $1,999. This includes the abutment and crown portion as well. If there are additional procedures such as bone grafting that are needed, then there will be additional cost for those services. The cost of these procedures will vary from person to person, and the exact price will be given to you during your consultation appointment with our team.

The average cost nationwide for a single dental implant is north of $3,000. Be careful with companies that have advertisements for prices lower than that. Usually it is a bait and switch tactic, and they are only including the cost of the screw portion of the dental implant. The abutment and crown are usually not included in those prices.

Most dental insurance plans do not cover dental implants, but there are a few carriers that do cover a portion of it. Plans can vary, but rest assured that our insurance specialists will find out if your dental insurance plan covers dental implants.

At Best Dental, we offer our special Dental Savings Plan. For only $200 a year, you can save 15% on all your dental treatment including dental implants. This is a huge money saver that can allow you to afford the dental implant treatment that you’re wanting. This can bring your dental implant price to as low as $1,799. You will be hard pressed to find a better deal in Sugar Land.

Affordable Dental Implants Sugar Land Tx

What are the costs of receiving multiple dental implants?

As mentioned earlier in the article, our costs for a dental implant is $1,999. The same principle applies if you are needing multiple dental implants. Each additional implant that you need will cost you exactly the same. The number of dental implant replacements that you will need all depends on how many teeth you have lost. During your treatment planning session, our team at Best Dental will break down your costs if you are needing multiple dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

What are full mouth dental implant costs?

In the modern day, people are leaning towards full mouth dental implant treatment to replace their missing teeth. These help our patients tremendously, especially if they have been dealing with traditional dentures for a long period of time. These implants give them stability and allow to function and chew their foods a lot better. At Best Dental we charge between $6,000-$20,000 for our full mouth implants depending on your individual case.

As mentioned earlier, additional costs may include bone grafting or sinus lifting if your particular case needs them. These All-On-4 and Implant supported dentures are becoming more popular across the Sugar Land area, as more people are wanting a more stable denture to chew and function with.

What does one single dental implant cost in Sugar Land, TX?

At Best Dental we reached out to several dentists in and around the Sugar Land, TX area and we came up with the average price of a single dental implant in Sugar Land. The average cost of dental implants in Sugar Land, TX is $3,250. This price varies based on the treating doctor, the complexity of your individual case, and if any additional procedures are needed prior to your dental implant placement. Additional procedures can include bone grafting, sinus lifting, and creating space for your implant with Invisalign therapy.

dental implant cost sugar land tx

Why Are Dental Implants so costly?

Here we are going to cite the reasons why dental implants can be so expensive for your dentist. This shows you that many times, your dentist is not trying to price gouge you. It’s just cost him/her in overhead costs to place a single tooth implant.

  • Radiographs and CT Scan: The scan itself can cost your dentist a lot of money if they do not possess a 3-D scanner at their own office. This scan allows for a three dimensional image to make sure your jaws have adequate amounts of bone to place the dental implant(s). Fortunately, at Best Dental, we do not charge for our scans as they are free.
  • Teeth Removal Procedures: Your teeth may have to be extracted prior to your dental implant placement. This is an additional charge that may also require you to wait some time before your implant is place. This is often seen if the extracted area was severely infected.
  • Bone Graft: Your exaction site or the site where the implant is being placed may require additional bone to be added. This is called a bone grafting procedure. Either artificial bone is placed, or your own bone tissue is grafted from one site to another. The costs of bone grafting will vary, and will be explained to you at your consultation visit with Dr. Jasmine.
  • Cost of Materials: The cost of dental materials can really add up fast. This places quite a high cost towards your dentist as they have to calculate how quickly their overhead is stacking up. These supply costs are very high, especially if your dentist is using parts made in the United States. At Best Dental, we only use U.S. made dental parts.
  • Laboratory costs: Your dentist lab costs are very high. For them to make your implant crown will raise the overhead on your dentist even more, especially if a custom abutment is to be fabricated.

These are the prices and costs that are accrued towards your dentist. Now you have a better understanding of why Dental Implants can be so costly. Each part of the dental implant procedure has its own costs, and they can add up relatively quickly.

Dental Implant Cost Saving Sugar Land Tx

Dental Financing Options For Your Dental Implants

At Best Dental we know that high costs are an issue for the majority of people out there. That’s why we offer payment plan options to make the burden of price as low as possible. With the use of financing companies, costs can be as low as $89/month for those who qualify. Regaining your ability to chew is priceless, but we also want to make sure that your saving every dollar that you can. Remember that our Dental Savings Plan is there if you need it, and it can save you additional costs if you need it.

Our team at Best Dental will always be here for you if you need us for your Dental Implant treatment. We want to make sure that serving our Sugar Land residents is something we take pride in.

We hope to see you soon!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How painful is a dental implant?

Most dental implant procedures are not painful at all. We always tell our patients to expect soreness in the area of implant placement for approximately 2-3 days. We also prescribe antibiotics and pain medications to help accelerate the healing process. Most times, the recovery is a lot faster than a tooth extraction.

Do I need anesthesia to get a dental implant?

Most of our patients undergo local anesthesia for dental implant placement. If you have severe dental phobia, then IV Sedation may be an option for you. Some patients hate the sound of the drill, so it is a safe and affordable option to help you get through your dental implant procedure.

How long do dental implants last?

Most dental implants last around 10-15 years. At that time, they will more than likely need to be replaced. If you take good care of your implants (regular check ups, brushing, and flossing), some may last even longer than that.

Are there any negatives about dental implants?

Dental implants are susceptible to failure meaning that they may not integrate with your bone tissue. Uncontrolled diabetics and others with health problems may not be good candidates for dental implants. Smokers also have a lower success rate with implants as well. Some other health conditions that prevent successful implant osseointegration include:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Patients with bone cancer
  • Patients on bisphosphonate medications

Can Implants be done in one day?

Implants can be completed in one day for denture patients, but at Best Dental it’s not a common practice that we perform. Our surgery team likes to let them implant heal for a period of time before restoring them. This gives the implants sufficient time to fuse with your own bone tissue.