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Dr. Jasmine Naderi is your go to Houston Dentist when it comes to high quality Porcelain Veneers. Her team works with some of the best labs in the country to provide you with a smile that you can be proud of. With over 17 years of dental experience as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jasmine prides herself on perfect the art of dental veneer restorations.

Dental Porcelain Veneers have become the cornerstone of modern cosmetic dentistry. The buzz is our about the restorations that give patients the glowing and radiant smile tat they are looking for. You want to make sure that your cosmetic dentist is skilled and crafted to handle any complications that dental veneer treatment can bring.

While this dental restoration and fixation is often done for cosmetic reasons, dental veneers are also very helpful in restoring discolored teeth due to the aging process, chemical damages to your teeth, as well as wine and coffee stains. Teeth discoloration is a common problem that happens when teeth enamel (the outside layer of your tooth) is stained or damaged through time.

How Do Dental Veneers Work?

During a cosmetic veneer restoration, composite or porcelain shells are placed over the teeth to change its color and shape. In addition to solving discoloration problems, the treatment is also ideal for fixing disproportionate teeth sizes allowing that person to restore a beautiful smile.

Having dental veneers placed over teeth that are too small or too big, are unevenly shaped, crooked, chipped, or have small holes in them, fixes these irregularities and gives you the beautiful and lasting Hollywood smile that you desire. If your severely discolored, misshapen tooth is bringing you down and preventing you from showing a toothy grin, maybe it’s time to consider having cosmetic veneers installed.

This dental restoration is often offered as an alternative to dental crowns. Veneers offer a few advantages over dental crowns: Less tooth structure is removed in preparation for the restoration, and instead of being cemented on, these thin porcelain shells are bonded on adhering to the front side of your teeth.

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Are Dental Veneers for me?

Not only do veneers cost less than dental crowns, their installation also require less work, in turn preventing the risk of trauma that causes sensitivity and other tooth problems. Porcelain veneers are patterned from tooth impressions and fabricated in a dental laboratory. These types of veneers are made from a thin porcelain material.

When the Veneers are fabricated and ready, they are then glued over the front of the teeth, usually with little to no local anesthesia required. While Porcelain Dental Veneers require at least two visits to your dentist, composite veneers require only a single visit, as the application and bonding of the composite veneer is done directly on the surface of the tooth.

Having composite veneers installed gives you an instant solution to your stained or crooked teeth. However, porcelain veneers are more resistant to staining and are very durable, and can last you a longer time.

Dental Veneers Houston

Are Dental Veneers Permanent?

Yes they are. As mentioned they are thin porcelain shells that are bonded onto your own tooth structure permanently. These porcelain shells are bonded on using a special cement that holds them into place. A series of techniques are used to prepare the tooth for this bonding procedure. This includes etching, using a tooth based primer, and preparing the porcelain veneers itself with a yellow colored etchant, and a silane based agent. The cement is normally light cured into place to harden the cement, and making your restoration permanent.

Dental Veneers Cementation

Are Dental Veneers covered by insurance?

Since they are mostly an elective procedure, most insurance carriers do not cover dental veneers. However, if your teeth are suffering from severe wear, there are cases where your insurance plan can cover the procedure at a percentage. We will let you know exactly what your procedure covers at your consultation appointment.

Dental Insurance for Veneers

What Are the Cost Of Dental Veneers in Houston, TX?

The costs of dental veneers can vary from office to office. The average cost of a single unit Veneer in Houston, TX is $1,000. This price may vary based on your treating dentist, the type of material used for your veneer, and the complexity of your individual case. At Best Dental, our dental veneers are $800 a unit. That is the price for one dental veneer This is our flat rate granted you do not need any other dental procedures such as root canals, and gum surgery.

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Why are Dental Veneers So Expensive?

The overhead costs that cosmetic dentists have to endure when making and placing dental veneers can be quite high. Assistant costs, supply costs, lab costs, and chair time all add up forcing dentists to charge expensive prices for their smile makeover cases. At Best Dental, we are very upfront about our costs, and how we can match and beat almost any competitors price, while maintaining the quality and durability of our dental veneers that you deserve.

What are some benefits of dental veneers?

Unlike orthodontic treatment or Invisalign (clear braces), you do not have to wait months to regain your beautiful smile with porcelain veneers. In as little as 2-3 visits, you can have that Hollywood smile you’ve been dreaming of. Dental veneers can also reestablish the integrity of your teeth, and prevent them from breaking down in the future. What’s also remarkable about Porcelain Veneers is that they are very resistant to staining. This means that you can keep your radiant smile for many years to come.

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Do you offer Payment Plan Options for Veneers in Houston, TX?

You sure can. We offer many forms of payment plans include our in house dental savings plan, and other third party finance lenders. Some of the third party lenders that we work with include Care Credit, Lending Club, and Greensky, as well as many others.

We also offer an in-office Dental Savings Plan that allows you to save thousands on your dental veneer treatment. Call us today to see how the dental savings plan can help you.

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How many Dental Veneers will Dr. Jasmine recommend for my case?

This will vary from case to case. Your smile line will really determine how many dental veneers will be recommended for your case. The wider your smile, the more veneers you may end up needing to make your smile look more natural.

You may end up needing only a few or even one veneer if you decide to concentrate on a single tooth. These cases are more difficult because a shade match against your adjacent teeth will be a difficult task for you and your dentist.

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What is a composite veneer?

A composite veneer is also known as a veneer bonding, and its the use of composite that your dentist places chair-side that can reform your smile. Composite veneers don’t last as long, and typical don’t look as good as porcelain veneers.

An Experienced Porcelain Veneer Specialist

As a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Jasmine Naderi creates custom smiles based on what you are looking for. At Best Dental, we know that every patient has their own wants and goals, which is why we first sit down and form a clear treatment plan that fits your individualized needs.

Your Dental Veneers are custom made to allow you to hide any gaps or crowding problems that you may have. Veneers will not only transform your smile, but they will change your life as well.

If you are embarrassed about your smile, and looking to fix cracks, gaps, or any other teeth imperfections, come see Dr. Jasmine at Best Dental. Our team will formulate a custom treatment plan just for, and we will get to know what your needs actually are. Dr. Jasmine will create a smile that you will finally be proud of, and that you can show off to your friends.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do veneers ruin your teeth?

If your dental veneers are not constructed properly, then they can leak leading to subsequent dental caries under the veneers themselves. This can lead to a myriad of dental health problems and may lead to additional procedures like root canals and even tooth extractions.

Do you have to brush veneers?

Veneers need to be treated just like your normal teeth. Brushing and flossing will be mandatory in order for these veneers to last you an extensive period of time. If you do not take care of your veneers they will fail on your in a matter of a few years.

Do veneers give you bad breath?

If they are properly constructed and sealed all the way around your tooth structure, then dental veneers to not contribute to halitosis (bad breath). If they are not made correctly, the food can get trapped underneath them which can contribute to bad breath that you can definitely notice.

What are some disadvantages of dental veneers?

As wonderful as Porcelain veneers are in changing your smile, the do have their downsides as well. Let’s list them here:

  • Your natural tooth will need to be grinded down to make space for the veneers
  • The costs can be astronomically high depending on your cosmetic dentist
  • They can fail if they are not made properly
  • They can break or fracture if you have biting problems
  • They will need to be replaced eventually (they last around 15 years)