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Dentist Open Saturday | Serving All Of Houston, TX

If you are in Houston or Richmond, TX, and are needing a dentist open on Saturday, look no further than Dr. Jasmine and her team at Best Dental. We know how busy life can get. Kids, work, school are all top priorities during our work week. That’s why we have opened our doors to the public for Saturday appointments; so that we can accommodate you through your busy schedule.

As a top dental office in Houston, Dr. Jasmine and her team offer high quality cosmetic and emergency dental procedures that are also affordable. Our office also provides walk-ins appointments, as well as say day dental procedures in our office. The great thing that really sets us apart is that you know exactly which dentist will be treating you. As an award winning dentist, Dr. Jasmine’s ethics and quality of service are really second to none. Her immaculate dental skills have served Houston residents for nearly two decades.

Our team offers a variety of dental procedures, so that you do not need to be referred out of our office for various dental procedures. Some of these services include:

A Family Dental Office Open On Saturday

Our family office sees both children and adults. So whether you or your children need a simple teeth cleaning, or are need for more extensive dental work, we are the dental practice that will take care of all your needs. Our conservative approach to dentistry is also something we are fond of because we will never diagnose any procedures that you do not absolutely need. Honesty and integrity are the virtues that Dr. Jasmine stands behind, which is why she has been published on Dental Economics and Up-close magazines.

Family Dentist Open Saturday in Houston and Richmond, TX

Emergency Dental Office Open on Saturdays

Dental emergencies can pop up at anytime, and even sometimes on Saturdays. If you find yourself with a toothache, or any kind of dental emergency, remember that our dental office does accept walk ins. So please feel free to come on in so we can diagnose and fix any dental problem that you may have. Some other dental emergencies can include broken teeth, dental infections, teeth that are knocked out or displaced, and jaw fractures. These should be addressed as quickly as possible by a top-tier dentist near you. Remember our team also offers emergency oral surgery, and emergency root canals if this is what you are looking for when looking for a Saturday dentist in Houston.

Dentist Open Saturday

Dental Financing Options

Our team at Best Dental offers payment plan options and dental financing for patients in need of financial assistance. Our dental savings plan has helped numerous patients in and around the greater Houston, TX area receive the dental care that they desperately need. Our team also offers an amazing dental savings plan that can help you save up to 15% on all dental treatment for an annual year. Whatever the obstacles, our financial specialists will help you get the dental care that you need. We are also accept all PPO dental insurances (in-network), so that your dental benefits can help you with the costs of your dental procedures.

We also work closely with third party finance companies like Care Credit, and Lending Club to help our patients with financial burdens that some of the more expensive dental procedures brings.

Your local Weekend Dentist

If you are looking for a local weekend dentist, let Dr. Jasmine and her expert team be your top choice. With a plethora of dental treatments under one roof and affordable pricing, Dr. Jasmine really is your go-to weekend dentist in Houston and Richmond, TX

weekend dentist houston and richmond tx

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How much do you charge for dental implants?

Our dental implants cost $1,999 for the implant, abutment, and crown making your tooth replacement options extremely affordable.

Where is your dental office located?

We are located off of Grand Parkway 99 and Bellaire Blvd. So if you are near Houston, Richmond, or Belliare, TX we are a short distance away.

Do you currently accept DHMO insurances?

Our dental office does not take DHMO insurances currently. If we change our policy we will update the public as soon as we can.

How much are your dental crowns?

We charge $700 for our Porcelain crowns. These crowns are all fabricated right here in the United States making us your lost cost option to fix broken or worn down teeth.

Do you offer walk-in appointment on Saturdays?

Yes we do. If your dentist is closed on the weekends, and a dental emergency pops up, we offer free consultations to all our new patient walk ins. Whatever your oral health concern may be, let our expert team help solve your problem.

I have an abscessed tooth, can a local ER help me?

Most emergency rooms are not staffed with trained dentists or oral surgeons who can help resolve your dental infection. Most times, they will only prescribe you an antibiotic, and inform you to follow-up with your dentist at the earliest available time. Unfortunately, these clinicians are not able to extract teeth at the hospital.

Can you drain an abscessed tooth yourself?

This is certainly not recommended. Only a trained and licensed clinician should attempt to cure your dental infection ailment. Attempting to resolve this matter on your own can lead to your infection worsening, and possibly even spreading to other regions of your body.

What are some measures I can take to resolve unbearable tooth pain?

If you are not able to see a dentist for whatever reason, the following is a list of short-term remedies that may help lessen tooth discomfort:

  • Ibuprofen: Taking 600mg of Ibuprofen every six hours can help with tooth pain
  • Salt water rinses: If you are suffering from a tooth abscess then salt water rinses can help alleviate some of the discomfort you are feeling temporarily.
  • Warm compresses: A warm towel can help lessen any swelling you may have around an infected tooth. Apply 2-3 times daily.
  • Tooth Extraction: One of the cures to tooth pain is to remove the tooth entirely. This is usually seen with hopeless teeth that your dentist deems non-restorable.
  • Root Canal Treatment: If you are able to see your dentist on Saturday, he or she may recommend a root canal to resolve any tooth related pain issues that you may have.

My denture broke, do you offer denture repair services?

If you denture has broken or fractured, our dental office does offer denture repair services at a low cost. So, if the weekend has rolled around and you are unable to see your dentist, come visit our team to see how we can help you.

Do you offer Invisalign services?

If you are looking into getting clear braces, but have not had the time to see an orthodontist during your busy work-week, our team can offer you Invisalign services at a reasonable price. We have had so many residents from in and around Houston visit Dr. Jasmine as she is one of the leading Invisalign-Certified-Dentists in the area.

Do you offer teeth whitening procedures?

We certainly do. Our Professional In-Office Venus Whitening System is quick, efficient, and relatively painless. It will allow you to regain your beautiful smile at a much shorter time-frame that Zoom, or some other systems that are currently being used.

Can I get a deep cleaning performed?

If you are needing a deep cleaning, and have not had time during the weekday, come see our team for the highest quality deep teeth cleaning services. We will make sure that your experience is relatively painless, and is of the highest quality removing every piece of tartar and debris that has accumulated on your teeth.

Can I have my teeth cavities fixed?

If you are suffering from dental decay, our team can definitely help. Depending on the extent of the caries, we may recommend a myriad of dental options to help resolve your issues. Dental fillings, crowns, and even teeth replacement options are available to you. A custom treatment plan will be made just for you during your complimentary office visit with our team.

  • Teeth Fillings: A tooth filling requires the use of a dental drill to remove caries from your teeth. Once all of your cavity has been removed, a tooth colored filling is used to replace the space, allowing your to function with that tooth just like before. Our dental office is proud to use BPA-free tooth colored fillings, and we have stopped using dental amalgams to restore teeth.
  • Dental Crowns: If the extent of your cavity is large, or if you have worn down teeth, Dr. Jasmine may recommend that you get a dental crown placed on that tooth. A crown or “cap” as some people know it, helps cover your entire tooth structure to prevent any further breakdown moving forward.
  • Root Canal Therapy: If the extent of the cavity has penetrated into your tooth’s nerve tissue, most times a root canal will need to be performed. This entails the removal and cleaning of the canals within your tooth, along with a dental cap to help support the tooth after the endodontic procedure is completed.
  • Tooth Extraction: Unfortunately, if the extent of the cavity is too deep, some times teeth need to be removed. If this is your case we will definitely provide you with tooth replacement options, so that your mouth can continue to function normally throughout the day.

Does your team offer braces?

As an orthodontics expert, Dr. Jasmine has successfully helped thousands of Houston residents with straightening spacing and crowding problems that they may have with braces therapy. We offer fastbraces, as well as traditional braces if your bite has to be corrected. What’s best is that we offer our braces treatment at some of the best prices that you will find in the greater Houston area!

Are Dental Implants preferable over a tooth bridge?

At Best Dental, we typically prefer implants over bridges for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that we don’t like to grind down adjacent healthy teeth to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants, as great as they are, are not always the recommend tooth replacement option. Some scenarios where we tend to sway towards tooth bridges include:

  • Patients with osteoporosis or bone cancer: Patient with bone density issues are often on bisphosphonate medications, which can affect and hinder the healing process once a dental implant is placed. For these patients, we often times recommend a dental bridge.
  • Patients without adequate bone tissue: Some patients have lost their teeth for a long period of time, and their bone tissue has eroded away. If the area of the missing tooth is missing adequate structure of bone, then an implant often times cannot be placed. A tooth bridge is usually recommended as a fixed replacement option in these cases.
  • Patients with uncontrolled health issues: Patients who have uncontrolled diabetes, or who are avid smokers tend to not heal well once a dental implant is placed. For this reason, it’s advisable to have your missing teeth replaced with bridges instead of dental implants.


If you find yourself in Houston or Richmond, TX and are looking for a dental office open on Saturday’s come see us at Best Dental and see what makes us so different. We hope to see you and your family very soon.