Family Dentist in Pecan Grove

Dr. Jasmine Naderi

At Best Dental, we have seen and helped more patients in Pecan Grove than we can count over the past year. Many of these patients might have a local dentist that’s closer to them or one that they’ve previously been to that they left, but most of them end up choosing us and sticking with us. Why is that the case?

Simply put, our team, from the dentists and specialists carrying out the treatments to the front-of-house staff that helps organize the whole business while welcoming customers, all understand what it is that matters to you. To that end, here are the priorities we focus on to ensure that we’re always the right choice in Pecan Grove.

Communication is key to our treatments

We want to ensure the very best treatments possible and, to do that, we need to know your specific needs and ensure that you understand the options as best as possible. As such, we speak with honesty and integrity about every diagnosis and what we can do to treat it. Only when you understand your treatment options and the benefits and drawbacks of each will we recommend it. Moreover, we’re glad to answer any questions to help you be confident in your treatment decisions.

Affordable and reliable pricing

Having affordable access to good care is a major concern of ours and we will gladly welcome patients from a range of insurers, and file any claims you make in a way that offers the best deal possible for you. Please ask us anything you need to know about our prices and how to pay us, including what credit arrangements we might be able to put together. Our number one priority is offering top of the line care to more people, not lining our pockets.

A dentist for the whole family in Pecan Grove

Whether you are coming with a young child heading towards their first dentist’s appointment or an older patient, or anything else between the two, we are here to help you. We’re sensitive to sometimes complex needs of patients of various ages, and will do what we can to ensure the best standards of care for all involved. Many of our patients appreciate the fact that the whole family can come to the same dentist.

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Prevention is our number one priority

We offer all kinds of dental services, including restorative and cosmetic dentistry. However, our key focus is on preventative care. We will work with you to make your preventative care schedule, including checkups and cleanings, as convenient as possible. As such, we can avoid problems that are not only more serious when it comes to your health, but also more likely to cost you when it comes to the bill.

We focus on building long-term patient relationships

It is not our aim to simply welcome anyone who comes through our door, treat them, and never see them again. It’s better for our business, and for you as a patient, that we establish a long-term relationship based on trust and high standards of care. Our practice is successful because we are able to focus on integrity, customer service, and the best results above all else. If you’ve had a bad experience due to a dentist who’s always chasing the bottom line, we can assure you that won’t happen here.

We keep services in house as best as possible

Most dentists do refer their services elsewhere when necessary. If there are any treatments we can’t offer, we will refer you to a specialist we trust because they have offered excellent results to our patients before. However, wherever possible, we opt to make your treatment as convenient as possible by making sure that we do as much as we can in-house. That way, you get to know the team that’s offering you dental care.

Weekend opening times

Do you work during the week? Or perhaps you have children and other responsibilities that mean that weekday appointments simply don’t make sense for you? We aim to be as convenient as possible and, for that reason, we will be open on the weekend days that most practices are closed. Check our opening times and see if we can’t fit you in at a time that suits you best.

If you’re looking to switch dentist or you’re new to Houston, TX, and trying to find a practice near you, we recommend that you don’t immediately go to the nearest one. Do your research and see if Best Dental isn’t the most widely recommended and trusted dentist in the area.

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How Much are your Dental Implants?

At Best Dental, we charge $1,999 for our dental implants. This includes the implant, abutment, and the crown. We want to make sure to provide Pecan Grove residents not only with high quality, but affordable tooth replacement options.

Does Best Dental offer dental financing and payment plan options?

Yes we do. We offer financing as well as a dental savings plan that has helped countless numbers of our family of patients with their dental care. Your oral health is our main priority, and we have been able to help those with financial difficulties with affordable dental treatment.

How much are your exams?

We offer complimentary X-rays and Exams for all our patients. So if you are interested in getting a check up, come see our team and see what makes us so different.

We love serving the great people of Pecan Grove. We hope you take a moment and come say hi to our team at Best Dental. We look forward to meeting you and your family!