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If you are in the Katy, TX area, and are looking up dentist reviews in the area, look no further than our expert team at Best Dental.

Finding a good, qualified dentist for yourself and/or family in Katy, TX can often be very stressful, much like searching for a needle in a haystack. Aside from recommendations given to you by people you trust, the best way to find a dentist in Katy is through unbiased patient reviews of dentists. Many dentists advertise through channels like yellowpages and 1-800-dentist – you should bypass recommendations from those channels, since they are not real.

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If you’re looking for the top dentist serving Katy, TX, come in and see us for an appointment today! We always provide our service with you, our customer, in mind. We honor your time, so we never double or triple book. Every visit you make to our office, we make sure to schedule adequate time for procedures, so waiting is very rare. We always take the time to see each patient and will take special care to hear about any problems you are having so that we at Best Dental can meet your dental care needs. Located near Katy, TX, Best Dental’s long standing tradition of top quality service has been making Katy residents throughout the county smile for years. We serve patients from all across Katy, TX giving them a rejuvenated smile that they have been looking for.

dentist reviews katy tx

Top Dental Cleaning Reviews serving Katy, TX

Dental cleanings at Best Dental involve removing plaque and tartar deposits that have built up over time on your teeth. Teeth are continually awash in saliva, which contains calcium and other substances which help strengthen and protect the teeth. While it’s good that that your mouth already takes care of itself, to a degree, it also means that this natural process eventually leads to a build-up of calcium deposits on the teeth. This chalky, sometimes white substance eventually builds up over time.

We recommend that you have your teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months, for the average patient. You may need to come in more often for cleaning and examination during the treatment of many of the dental/oral disorders. Routine examinations of your teeth are recommended at least every year. This may include yearly, select dental X-rays and plaque identification procedure and removal.

Top Restorative Dentist Reviews Serving Katy, TX

Restorative dentistry deals with the replacement of natural tooth structure destroyed by decay or lost due to trauma. In recent years, the materials used in tooth restoration have become much more aesthetic. Many of these materials have replaced more traditional silver amalgams and gold restorations. These materials, especially gold, still have a place in dentistry.

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Why is Preventive Dentistry Important?

Prevention is the most important thing a dental practice can provide the patient. Regular check ups and cleanings can maintain natural teeth and their supporting structures (gum tissue & bone) in their optimal state of health. Regular cleaning and periodic dental x-rays can ensure that if problems do arise they can be treated in the most economical and painless way. We will also perform an oral cancer screening at each recall appointment. The value of this exam cannot be over stated.

Dr. Jasmine Naderi’s goal is to build long-term relationships, while creating a custom and personal lifetime plan for your health and smile. Dr. Naderi and her experienced, professional team serving Katy, TX are genuinely interested in you, and are committed to taking the time to get to know you, including discussing your concerns, expectations and fears. We want to become a trusted partner in your care and enable you to make excellent choices for your individual needs and desires.