Denture Repair in Houston and Richmond, TX

You have your dentures on the side of your bed. As you wake up in the morning you reach for your dentures, and all of a sudden one of them accidentally falls on the floor and breaks. The last thing any denture wearer wants is to have to go without teeth for any significant period of time. Questions such as, “can my denture be repaired?”, or “do I have to get a new denture?” pop into our head. In this article we will go through the steps of denture repair and how you can get yourself a repaired denture within a few days.

The History of Dentures

7,000 years before the modern era there was a civilization known as the Etruscans. History has shown that they were the first group to come up with the idea of dentures. They used human and animal teeth wrapped together by a gold band as partial dentures for those who had lost teeth. This concept was adapted by the Romans a few centuries later, and around the 1500’s the Japanese had come out with their own version of wooden complete dentures.

Leaders such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were actually wearers of the Etruscan form of dentures. Many of the teeth in the late 1700s and early 1800s were composed of ivory and gold. It wasn’t until 1820 when a Londoner name Samuel Stock came up with the concept of Porcelain dentures. Although Stockton was a Goldsmith by trade, ho ended up in the denture business and became a very successful entrepreneur.

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How are broken dentures repaired?

The first concept we need to consider is what part of your denture broke or fractured?

  • Did the denture break in half?
  • Did your teeth or tooth chip or break off?
  • Did a piece of the pink acrylic break off leaving the rest of the denture intact?
  • Was it a partial denture and the metal or acrylic clasp broke off?

Now that we know went over what type of break it was let’s go over the solutions to each of these questions.

My denture broke in half, how do I fix it?

There is only one solution to this problem, and that is to see a professional denture expert in your city. First and foremost, you want to see if you find a denture clinic that can take a look and see if they can repair the problem in house. If your dentures is broken in half then either the dental office will have to send the denture to their lab for repair, or you can find a dental office that has their own in-house dental laboratory. If the latter is the case, a denture technician will get your denture and repair your denture the same day.

If your dental clinic does not have an in-house lab then you may have to wait 1-2 days before your denture is repaired and sent back to you. Although that sounds like an awful proposition, it is usually the best option that most dental offices have. Most dental offices do not have the necessary lab components in their office to fix a broken denture.

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The tooth broke off my denture, how do I fix it?

If your denture tooth falls off or breaks off your denture there are a few solutions to this problem. The former will be a temporary fix so let’s get to that right now. You can use Gorilla glue or superglue to place your denture tooth back into place. Although this does not sound like a professional option, it’s not. It’s just a temporary fix until your dentist and their laboratory technicians can help you get another tooth placed in that area permanently. The steps to take to superglue a tooth back on include drying the denture completely, place a small amount of superglue on the backside of the tooth, and hold it in place for a five minutes. Slowly remove the excess superglue, and see a dental professional immediately so they can professional fix the problem in their office.

broken denture with houston dentist Dr. Jasmine Naderi

A piece of my dentures acrylic broke off, how do I fix it?

The answer to this situation is very similar to the previous question, but if the acrylic did not break off in a cosmetic area, then you do not need to superglue it back on. Make sure you put the piece of acrylic in a ziploc bag and set up a appointment with your dental practitioner so they can repair your denture either in their office, or with the laboratory.

The metal clasp of my partial denture broke off, how can I fix it?

This situation can be resolved in two way. If you do not want to go without teeth, visit the dentist that made you the initial partial denture. He can take an impression and make you a temporary partial denture until the lab fixes your broken clasp. If you do not mind going without your partial for a little bit of time, then your dentist can send the partial out to his lab technician to have to fixed for you. Usually of a clasp comes off, the partial denture will still be functional, so getting a temporary partial denture made may not be a bad idea.

Broken dentures are a real problem, and can cause a lot of headaches during your day. We hope this helps resolve some of your longstanding questions, and if your a Houston resident in need of denture repair, contact our walk-in dental office at your earliest convenience.