dentures replacement in houston tx


If you are needing to have your dentures replacement in the greater Houston, TX area look no further than our expert team at Best Dental.

Dr. Jasmine is proud to serve Houston residents with affordable dentures care. As most dentists in Houston are charging nearly $3,000 for their dentures, our affordable dentures only cost $1,999 for upper and lower plates. This is why so many people in and around Houston come to our offices for all their denture needs. Whether you are looking for a partial denture to replace a few missing teeth, or permanent all-on 4 permanent dentures, or just have questions regarding repairing your dentures, we are the dental practice for you and your family!


We really take fit and comfort into consideration when we make our dentures at Best Dental. We use the best lab in Houston to custom fit each of our dentures making our patients super happy and comfortable when using their denture. A lot of other dental clinics near Houston may have lower prices, but the quality you get with our dentures is second to none.


Another great perk for Sugar Land residents is how natural our dentures look. We work very closely with the top denture labs in Houston to provide our patients the most naturally looking dentures seen in the Houston, TX area.

How much does it cost to get my dentures replaced in Houston, TX?

The average cost for denture replacement in the greater Houston, TX area is $2,500. Prices may vary depending on the treating dentist and the complexity of your case.

dentures replacement in houston

Denture Replacement


If you are a Houston, Tx resident and are wondering if your dental insurance pays for your dentures treatment, we will answer that right now. Every dental insurance company has thousands of plans that they sell to employers and individuals. Your specific plan will be different than anyone else’s. That is why we at Best Dental need to verify your insurance to see exactly how much of your dentures treatment your specific insurance plan will cover.


We pride ourselves in helping Houston patients with their finances especially when it comes to dentures treatment. Dentures can be quite costly, which is why we work with the majority of third party dental financing companies, as well as providing our patients with a dental savings plan for those who really want dentures, but can’t afford them. We also offer payment plan options. Whatever the obstacles, we will do our best to find a way to get you the dentures that you desperately need. The price of our dentures for our Houston residents is the same as it is for everyone else; $1,999.


Dentures can cost quite a bit because the overhead of all the parts involved is quite high for your dentist. When you consider the cost of the denture supplies, and all the other parts involved for impression taking and healing, the overhead takes a toll on your dentist. At Best Dental, we have negotiated great fees with our local lab that make our dentures very affordable. Saving you money and giving you the quality treatment that you deserve is and always will be our number one goal.

Our goal with dentures is to make them look great and have them function for you for a long period of time. If you find yourself in Houston, TX and are needing denture replacement therapy come visit our expert team today. We hope to meet you very soon!