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Emergency Dental Care – Katy, TX

If there’s something wrong with our bodies we call a doctor or visit the emergency room and yet when something is wrong in our mouths or with our teeth we tend to grin and bear it rather than seeking emergency dental care. Putting off emergency dental care if you are experiencing a severe dental issue can often make things a lot worse but how do you know when it’s time to make the call? 

Non-urgent dental issues

To ensure that dental emergency appointments are free for those that need them it’s important to decide what constitutes a dental emergency and what can wait until morning for you to book an ordinary dental appointment. Some examples of non-urgent dental issues include:

  • Toothache
    When it comes to toothache you will need to be the judge your own level of pain, how serious is the toothache, have you tried tacking some pain killers to tide you over until morning? If your toothache is mild-moderate then rinse your mouth out with salt water, take some painkillers and make an appointment as soon as possible the following day. Only call the emergency dentist if the pain is severe.
  • A loose crown
    A loose crown, bridge or brace may be annoying and uncomfortable but can often wait until morning. Try not to disturb the crown or bridge any further by eating hard or chewy foods and make an appointment as soon as possible. You may also want to take some pain medication to make yourself more comfortable.
  • A mouth ulcer
    If you’ve bitten the side of your mouth or tongue or have developed a mouth ulcer that is giving you grief, then try to stop the bleeding and then rinse your mouth out with salt water to help sterilize it. Finally, take some pain medication and apply a cold compress to the area and make an appointment with your dentist for the following day if you feel it is needed.

emergency dentist katy tx

When to seek emergency dental care

When it comes to deciding what is serious enough to seek emergency mental care it’s important to listen to your body, you know best when something is dramatically wrong and it’s always best to be safe than sorry so don’t put off seeing the emergency dentist if you are unsure. Some examples of symptoms for a true dental emergency include: 

  1. Severe dental painSevere dental pain especially when changing temperature from hot to cold or vice versa can be a sign of a number of dental issues and you should seek help as soon as possible to ease your symptoms and correct the problem.
  2. Facial swelling
    Facial swelling usually signifies a serious underlying problem and you should seek help immediately. On route to the dentist, you may wish to apply a cold compress to the area to help reduce the swelling.
  3. A broken tooth
    A broken, cracked or chipped tooth can sometimes be fixed by an emergency dentist. Rinse your mouth out following the incident and keep hold of the tooth fragment, bringing it with you to the emergency dentist in a wet paper towel so that they can see about a reattachment.
  4. A broken jaw
    Some broken jaws can be treated by an emergency dentist but others will need the treatment of a doctor in a hospital. If you suspect your jaw may be broken then head to an emergency room immediately.
  5. A knocked-out tooth
    A knocked-out that has come away cleanly from its socket can be reattached into the jaw. If you are able to, try and put the lost tooth back into its socket and then go straight to the emergency dentist. If the tooth is dirty, i.e it has fallen on the floor, then give it a rinse but do not scrub off any flesh that may be on it.  If you are unable to reinsert the tooth yourself or your socket is too painful then place the tooth under your tongue to keep it alive and head straight to the emergency dentist where they will be able to give you an anesthetic and attempt the reinsertion.  

emergency dental care katy tx

How much are your consultation for dental emergencies?

We have free dental exams and x-rays for all our dental emergency patients.

Will Dental Insurance help pay for any dental related procedures I will need for my emergency?

Yes it will. Most dental insurances help pay for a portion of your dental treatment. We take all PPO Dental Insurances.

Do you perform Emergency Oral Surgery procedures?

Yes we do. If you need an extraction, a wisdom tooth extraction, or any other oral surgery related procedure, we perform them all in our own office.

Do you perform emergency root canal?

Yes we do. We perform dental root canal therapy for a lot of emergency patients that we see at Best Dental.


In conclusion 

There are a number of reasons why you may need to seek emergency dental care and some are more urgent than others. At the end of the day, so long as you do not need a tooth reinserting, you are not struggling to breathe and you are not bleeding excessively, then you know your body best and can make the call as to whether you seek emergency help immediately or whether you can hold off and make the earliest possible appointment the next morning. Remember, emergency dentists are there to help, so if in doubt, get it checked out.