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Dental Emergency with Dr. Jasmine Naderi at Best Dental

Emergency Dental Care In Richmond, TX

If you are needing an emergency dentist in Richmond, TX look no further than Best Dental. Emergency dental care is one of our specialties at Best Dental, with thousands of procedures performed on the great residents of Richmond.

Dental emergencies are not any fun if you’ve ever experienced them before. Whether its a toothache, facial swelling, or some sort of trauma, dental emergencies can happen almost any time during the day or night. Our team at Best Dental works around the clock, so we can alleviate your pain immediately. We want you to trust in Best Dental with all your dental emergency care needs. If you feel that your dental emergency can be a life threatening event make sure you call your local paramedics immediately.

Emergency Dental Care at Best Dental

Emergency dental after-hour care is available at Best Dental. Sometimes it is difficult to have to wait an entire day to see a dentist. After hour emergency rooms are flooded with people with dental related problems, and unfortunately, most clinicians can only prescribe medications to these patients until they can see a dentist.

With Best Dental’s after hour emergency care that no longer is a problem. If you have a dental emergency give our office a call day or night. We will be more than happy to take care of any issues that may come up. Our after-hours staff includes emergency dentists that have had hospital-based training to tackle even the most serious dental problems.

Emergency Root Canal Treatment

If your tooth begins to throb in the middle of the night preventing you from sleeping, you may end up needing an emergency root canal procedure. Root canals are needed when a cavity has penetrated into your tooth’s nerve tissue. Unfortunately, the only way to solve this problem is to remove the infected nerve tissue from the tooth. If you have a toothache and are in need of an emergency root canal treatment, contact us today.

emergency root canal

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Sometimes a tooth is fractured, or the cavity has penetrated through so much of your tooth that it’s just not salvageable anymore. At this time, an emergency tooth extraction will be recommended by Dr. Jasmine and her team at Best Dental. We will discuss replacement options with you, but our main focus is to relieve you of your discomfort and pain.

emergency tooth extraction

A Walk-In Dentist That Cares About Your Well-Being

If you have a dental emergency feel free to walk into our dental clinic. Our team of emergency specialists will get to the bottom of your problem, and will have you on the road to recovery in no time at all. Whether its a tooth that is throbbing, or any other dental emergency, we are the emergency dental office for you and your family.

Emergency Dentist Richmond TX

Dental Emergency with Dr. Jasmine Naderi at Best Dental

What conditions are considered dental emergencies?

  • Facial Abscesses that lead to breathing problems (Ludwig’s Angina)
  • Fractured or broken teeth
  • Swallowing a tooth or a piece of a tooth
  • Severe toothaches (including wisdom teeth)
  • A tooth that has been knocked out
  • Trauma leading to a fractured jaw

How quickly should I see an emergency dentist?

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, you should see Dr. Jasmine and her emergency team immediately. Being in prolonged pain and discomfort is very bad for your long term health, and it can interfere with your personal and professional life as well. Getting professional dental care with Dr. Jasmine and her team will assure you that you will be back to normal in no time at all.

Can my knocked out tooth be saved?

In some circumstances, a tooth that has been knocked out (avulsed) may be replanted, and splinted together with your adjacent teeth. The tooth is splinted with a ligature wire and dental cement for 1-2 weeks. After that time the wire is removed to check on the status of the tooth. Most of the times a knocked out tooth that has been replanted and stabilized will require a root canal soon after the splint is removed. If a tooth has fractured, then it cannot be saved and you may require a dental implant.

The time-frame that a tooth can survive after it has been knocked out is 1-3 hours. After that, re-plantation is usually unsuccessful.

knocked out tooth dental emergency richmond tx

What do I do if my tooth is knocked out?

There are a series of steps to take if your tooth is knocked out

  1. First rinse the tooth and attempt to place it back into the tooth-socket yourself.
  2. If you are unable to place the tooth back, place the tooth in a glass of cold milk.
  3. Contact Dr. Jasmine and her team at (281) 762-0637 immediately to handle the complication.
  4. Take Tylenol Extra Strength to minimize the pain from the incident.
  5. Bite on gauze if the area is bleeding.

What ways can I reduce facial swelling if I can’t see a dentist?

If you have a difficult time finding a dentist and you’re noticing swelling in regions close to your mouth, here are some tips that might help you feel comfortable until you can see your dentist.

  1. Salt water rinses: Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water is a great option for temporary relief of your abscessed tooth. It’s not only affordable, but it can also promote wound healing and healthy gums until your dental visit.
  2. Cold compresses: Apply a cold compress or an ice pack multiple times per day: Place ice cubes in a dry towel. Hold the towel against your skin near abscessed area. The compress can be used for 15-20 minute intervals. This can be repeated until you see your dentist.
  3. Antibiotics: If you end up heading to your local emergency room, the physicians at the ED will probably prescribe you antibiotics to help with your swelling. Remember that antibiotics are not the cure to the problem, it’s only a temporary fix. The root cause of the problem, whether it’s an abscessed tooth or otherwise, must be dealt with or the problem will never go away.
Emergency Dentist Richmond TX

Ice Pack treatment at Best Dental with Dr. Jasmine Naderi


Ways to Handle Toothache until you can see your dentist

If you have a toothache in Richmond, TX, here are some common home remedies you can take:

  1. Salt Water Rinses in affected area
  2. Ibuprofen 600-800mg three to four times a day
  3. Cold Compresses with Ice Packs
  4. Peppermint Tea Bags

What are the main causes of facial swelling?

  1. Dental Caries: If a tooth has a cavity, the cavity may cause an infection. How does it do this? The cavity can penetrate into the nerve area of the tooth called the pulp chamber. From there, bacteria enters the tooth structure and exits from the bottom of the tooth and spreads into other tissues like your bone and gums causing the swelling that you notice
  2. Gum disease: Gum disease can also lead to swelling and oral infections. Plaque and tartar buildup not only lead to gum disease, but they can also lead to gum infections that cause facial swellings and other oral health related problems.
  3. Fungal Infections: Certain fungi can accumulate and spread in our mouths, especially if our immune system has recently been weakened. The fungi can also lead to systemic infections if they are not treated swiftly and aggressively.
  4. Trauma: Incidents like when a tooth is knocked out of place when also lead to infections if the tooth and surrounding areas are not treated accordingly. If you have had facial trauma, be sure to visit you dentist.
  5. Viral Infections: The most common of these are Herpes infections. Oral herpes is caused by HSV (herpes simplex virus), and the majority of adults carry this particular virus in their bodies. The first infection can cause symptoms like the flu, and ulcerating on the gums and tongue, or there may be no symptoms at all. Once initially infected, the virus has a permanent presence in the body, but the infection itself can remain dormant with good overall care. Recurring virus outbreaks are usually milder and last around 1-2 weeks. In these cases, blisters appear around the mouth and quickly rupture into a scab that cause no further discomfort.
  6. HSV may also be present in younger children aged 1-4. It’s outbreak can be serious and its a condition called herpetic gingivostomatitis. Mouth ulcers and fever are usually commonly seen, and a dentist or clinician should immediately be seen for treatment.

What do I do if I have facial trauma?

The first thing you need to do is go to the emergency room in a hospital with a trained Oral Surgery team on staff. The reason for this is a possible jaw fracture that may go unnoticed without a proper diagnosis from a trained resident of attending physician. Jaw fractures are usually diagnosed after a medical grade CT scan is taken of your jaws. If you have suffered from a traumatic incident that involves your oral cavity, or jawbones, please seek immediate help from a local ED trained to deal with such matters.

If you live near Richmond, TX, and you have a dental emergency, Call our office to see how Dr. Jasmine Naderi can help you.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as emergency dental care?

The following oral health conditions are considered to be a dental emergency. If you are suffering from any one of these, please seek the nearest dental emergency center that you can trust.

  • Oral infection
  • Facial swelling
  • Jaw fracture
  • Unbearable toothache
  • Knocked out (avulsed) tooth
  • Displaced tooth from trauma

What is considered the best painkiller for a toothache?

The following medicines are normally given for a toothache:

  • Ibuprofen
  • Advil
  • Tylenol
  • Aleve (Naproxen)

If these over the counter medications are not helping with your toothache, a clinician may have to write you a prescription for a narcotic that can further help alleviate your discomfort. Some narcotics that are commonly prescribed include:

  • Tylenol with codeine
  • Norco
  • Vicodin
  • Percodan
  • Percocet
  • Tramadol

These narcotics tend to help patients with severe toothache problems if the over-the-counter brands don’t seem to help.

Should you go to a hospital for a dental emergency?

Only if the hospital has an oral surgery team on staff that can help with your dental needs. Most times, hospitals do not have trained dentists on board, and only give you medications until you can see your dentist.

Will the emergency room pull a tooth that is causing pain?

No they won’t. As mentioned, dentists are not normally staffed at most emergency rooms. You will need to seek a highly trained dentist to either remove your tooth, or perform an emergency root canal if that is what your tooth needs.

Does salt water help with a toothache?

It certainly can, especially if there is an infection associated with the tooth. Rinse with warm salt-water at-least twice a day to help with your toothache needs. Eventually, you will need to seek out a reputable dentist to eliminate the source of your toothache.