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If your are suffering from unbearable tooth pain your tooth may end up needing a root canal. In this article we discuss what a root canal is, and how you can go about finding an emergency dentist that can help solve your aches and pains.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a specific type of dental procedure that requires the removal of the roots of infected teeth. What starts as a cavity can quickly infect the entire root of a tooth. When this happens, the amount of throbbing pain is often unbearable. The first step begins with targeted injections toward the outer roots of an infected tooth. This is so the dentist can numb the existing pain and begin the root canal.

After that, they must reach the root by drilling through the top of a tooth down to the root itself. Long spiral rods are inserted into the root cavity that will be yanked out. This is repeated until there is no more root nerve and pulp tissue to be removed. After that, the dentist will use a cleansing solution to disinfect the inner root area. A material called gutta-percha is added inside the empty root area and the tooth is then capped-off.

Using materials that create a crown, a tooth can be repaired to look and work just like it did before.

Will an emergency root canal alleviate my pain?

Not only does an emergency root canal take away the pain, but the modern root canal is also typically painless anyway. Many of the stories that people have embellished over the last few decades are simply not true. A qualified dentist knows the right nerve endings that are sensitive to tooth pain. When these nerve endings are numbed, the ability to feel any pain from a root canal is next to impossible.

Much of the so-called pain and sensation are usually from the sights and sounds of the dental tools. The high pitch buzzing from the drill has more of a mental impact than it does for feeling physical pain. Even while there is no pain as your tooth is being drilled down to the root pulp, vibrations are mistaken. Those who feel these drill vibrations mistake them for some type of pain sensation.

In reality, once the roots are removed from inside teeth, the ability to feel pain in that tooth is gone. Even those who had hot or cold problems with a sensitive tooth discover that it doesn’t bother them anymore. An infected tooth that is causing overwhelming pain will never be felt in that tooth ever again. This is because a root canal removes the tooth nerve that is being attacked by infection and tooth decay.

Emergency Root Canal | Best Dental in Houston Tx

Finding a dentist to perform my emergency root canal

This is often a task that sounds harder than it really should be. With so many dentists who all advertise their services, one common emergency service is the emergency root canal. But finding a dentist that will take care of your root canal immediately is harder when you’re in pain. It’s not so common that there will be an emergency dentist available at night, and if they are it’s rare. Often the best scenario is to choose a dentist that is listed through online customer satisfaction.

It makes searching for a dentist easier seeing the reviews and ratings from internet sites like Yelp. If you work for a company, you can check what your dental coverage plan is recommending for dentists. You should also ask around from friends and family members, someone always hears or knows a good dentist. Yet aside from these facts, you should check their website and look at their About Us page.

A good dentist will belong to all the associations and have credentials, but more importantly, they should be convenient. Not so far away from your home or residence and in a part of town that isn’t considered scary.

Choosing our dental office for all your emergency root canal needs

You can end your search for finding the right dentist by choosing out expert root canal services. We understand that an emergency root canal is a painful thought, but relieving your pain matters to us too. The sooner that your pain goes away, the sooner you can change your mind about how painless a root canal really is. We have years of experience and stay informed on the latest advances for root canal procedures.

If you’re worried about pain, we only use the best numbing pain killers that are injected at the right spots. From that point, you won’t feel the slightest discomfort with a procedure that usually takes a few minutes. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to fix your aching tooth forever.