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Learn all about emergency wisdom tooth extractions, when and why you need it, as well as what to expect in terms of emergency tooth removal cost for patients with dental insurance and for those without dental insurance.

There are several dental issues that constitute true dental emergencies — calling for emergency dental care, and emergency wisdom tooth extraction is one of them. By its very nature, a dental emergency means that the patient needs to receive emergency, same-day treatment. When a patient has a badly damaged wisdom tooth that cannot be saved or an impacted wisdom tooth, then the necessary emergency dental treatment consists of emergency wisdom tooth removal by a dental specialist.

Same-Day Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, erupt when a person enters adulthood ( typically around 17-25 years) and are known for being more susceptible to various issues than other permanent teeth. For instance, they can only partially erupt (a fact which makes it easier for bacteria to collect not only around the partially erupted wisdom tooth but also under the gums) or be improperly aligned (e.g. their positioning doesn’t allow them to breach the gumline completely). Generally, wisdom teeth are a lot more prone to caries ( or tooth decay/cavities), tooth abscess/infection, and other problems.

When a wisdom tooth is affected by caries, infection, etc. due to improper eruption, positioning, or poor oral hygiene, the pain that you’re experiencing is typically severe, throbbing, and oftentimes downright unbearable. Keep in mind that pain associated with a damaged or impacted wisdom tooth cannot be managed with OTC painkillers, and it tends to worsen within just a few hours. This is when you need a same-day wisdom tooth extraction. It’s worth noting that both general/emergency dentists and oral maxillofacial surgeons are qualified to perform emergency wisdom tooth extractions.

The most common issues that signal the need for same-day wisdom tooth removal include:

  • Wisdom Tooth Abscess/Infection

When you have an abscessed wisdom tooth, you can experience excruciating pain that radiates to your jawbone, neck, and ears, a foul taste in your mouth, fever, inflamed gums, and even facial swelling. Whether the cause of the infection is a periapical abscess ( located at the top of the root), periodontal abscess ( on the gum next to the root), or a gingival abscess ( on the gums), the affected wisdom tooth. most often than not, cannot be saved. Because an abscessed third molar is a severe and potentially life-threatening dental problem, you need same-day wisdom tooth removal.

  • Badly Damaged Wisdom Tooth Due to Tooth Decay

It’s a well-known fact that untreated dental plaque, coupled with tartar buildup, eventually leads to tooth decay which affects wisdom teeth too. If the damage is not severe, your dentist may be able to save your wisdom tooth with a restorative procedure ( a white filling, root canal treatment, a crown etc). If it’s badly damaged, your dentist will typically recommend same-day wisdom tooth extraction, especially if you’re experiencing severe pain.

  • Impacted Wisdom Tooth

There is little you can do to prevent impacted wisdom teeth, which are trapped/stuck between the jawbone and gum tissue, because they are unable to fully erupt and grow normally in your mouth. Severe pain is a symptom of an impacted wisdom tooth; other symptoms include jaw tenderness, red and swollen gums around the tooth, bad taste, and bad breath.

Impacted wisdom teeth can only be extracted surgically. Depending on their positioning, the extraction can be more or less complicated. Full-bony impacted wisdom tooth removal is the most complicated procedure because the tooth is completely trapped in the jaw. Partly-bony impacted ( partly stuck in the jaw) and soft-tissue impacted ( stuck under the gum) wisdom tooth extractions are less complicated.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal | Best Dental in Houston, TX

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost

When in need of emergency wisdom tooth extraction in your area, you should know that the cost of having your wisdom tooth removed is influenced by whether you have a partially erupted/impacted wisdom tooth or a fully erupted but badly damaged tooth. This is because an impacted wisdom tooth involves a surgical procedure to properly remove the tooth from the socket in the alveolar bone. The oral surgeon may administer general anesthesia if needed, and this adds up to the cost of the extraction.

Generally, the cost of emergency wisdom tooth removal services is affordable to most patients, ranging from $75 to $200 per wisdom tooth. The actual cost depends on several factors, including the difficulty of the procedure, whether you have a wisdom tooth abscess that needs to be drained, your region, the expertise, and the experience of the oral surgeon/emergency dentist,

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth that is causing you severe pain, then the cost of the emergency wisdom tooth extraction services is typically $800 or more, because this procedure is more complicated. Dental insurance plans cover the cost of emergency wisdom tooth extraction ( partly, e.g. 80% or in full), if the procedure is deemed medically necessary — this is oftentimes the case.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Services For Patients Without Dental Insurance

If you have a badly damaged but fully erupted wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled on an emergency basis but you have no dental insurance, chances are that you’ll be able to afford this out-of-pocket expense with ease. If you can’t afford to pay for emergency wisdom tooth removal services right away, or in case you have a painful impacted wisdom tooth that needs emergency extraction ( a more costly procedure), then it’s in your best interest to find a trusted oral surgeon or oral surgeon near you who offers affordable payment plans or discount dental plans ( dental savings plan).

These dental treatment plans are a sensible option if you don’t have dental insurance because you will be able to pay off the cost of the extraction over several months. You can also consider a dental savings plan, which consists of paying a low annual fee ( around $200) and allows you to save on emergency extractions and additional dental care you may need. A discount dental plan could save you even more than dental insurance.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

Find a Top-Rated Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal Specialist Near You

If you or your family members are experiencing moderate to severe pain, inflammation/infection, or discomfort due to a badly damaged or impacted wisdom tooth, be sure to find and see immediately a reputable and experienced oral maxillofacial surgeon or emergency dentist near you who specializes in emergency wisdom tooth removal. If you don’t want to suffer and compromise your oral health, then you cannot afford to wait to see a dental specialist in your area. So do yourself a favor and call a caring, trusted, and savvy emergency wisdom tooth extraction specialist right away.