Erupted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) can come in all shapes and forms. Those that remain encases within your jawbone are called “impacted wisdom teeth”, while those that break through the gum tissue and erupt inside the mouth are affectionately called “erupted wisdom teeth.”

As the name suggests, an erupted wisdom tooth means that person had enough jaw-space for the third molar to erupt properly. Most people don’t have this amount of jawspace, and hence their third molars remain impacted.

An erupted third molar can cause a host of intraoral problems including dental caries, jaw cysts, infections, and adjacent tooth damage. They are normally the easiest teeth to be removed, and hence they are usually the least expensive wisdom tooth to extract.

Most times, an erupted wisdom tooth can be removed by your family dentist, although there are some complicated cases that needs the guidance of an oral surgeon for removal (these are erupted wisdom teeth that are near a nerve or close to a sinus inside your jaw).

Many times, the dentist can simply remove the tooth with a local anesthetic without the need of stronger measures such as IV Sedation or laughing gas.

Is wisdom tooth eruption painful?

Most times, an erupted third molar causes some minor discomfort as it breaks through the gum tissue and into your jaw. The discomfort may warrant a visit to your dentist who may recommend that your wisdom teeth be removed at this time.

Do all erupted wisdom teeth need to be removed?

This is definitely not the case, as some people have healthy third molars that functions just like their other teeth do. If your dentist or surgeon feels that your third molars are not susceptible to decay or infection, they may recommend leaving them in place, and monitoring them every 6 months. Erupted wisdom teeth have a high risk of developing a condition called pericoronitis, which is an inflammatory reaction of the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom tooth. This condition can be quite painful, and will lead you to your dentist with the intent of having the tooth removed. Your dentist may place you on a prescription based mouthrinse (Peridex) for a short period of time prior to your extraction. Some here is a list of reasons why erupted wisdom teeth need to be removed:

  • If they are susceptible to dental infection
  • If they are likely to form or have formed pericoronitis
  • They have dental decay
  • They are contributing to damage of your adjacent teeth

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How long does wisdom tooth pain last?

Wisdom tooth pain can last indefinitely, especially if it’s getting infected. Some symptoms of infection can include swelling, pain, and a difficulty opening your mouth (called trismus). If you are suffering from wisdom tooth pain, you will need to see your clinician as soon as possible.

How are erupted wisdom teeth removed?

The following is a step by step guide in how erupted wisdom teeth are extracted:

  • Local anesthetic is placed to numb your tooth
  • Instruments such as forceps and elevators are used to loosen your tooth
  • If the crown of the tooth breaks off during your surgery, your dentist will need to use a small incision blade to reflect your gum tissue back in that area for visualization.
  • A dental hand-piece may be used to remove small amounts of jawbone surrounding the tooth. This provides him or her with space needed to remove the tooth.
  • After the tooth is removed the entire area is irrigated with saline, and a suture is placed. These sutures are most times dissolvable.


How much does it cost to remove an erupted wisdom tooth?

On average, the normal cost to remove a wisdom tooth that has erupted is $250. This price will vary based on your treating dentist or surgeon, and how difficult the extraction ends of being.

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Erupted Wisdom Tooth Extraction in the greater Houston, TX area

Erupted wisdom teeth that are the source of dental infections or prone to getting dental caries are recommended to be extracted. At Best Dental, we have the expert surgical team to help you remove these teeth at an affordable price. Call our team today to setup your complimentary wisdom teeth consultation.