At Best Dental, we are proud to serve residents in and around Houston, Tx with Holistic dentistry options. Our office is free of silver filling material, and we use the highest standards of BPA-free Resin Composites to help heal and soothe your teeth if they are in need of dental fillings or buildups.

Although there is no concrete evidence of BPA causing harmful effects on the human body, Dr. Jasmine and her team like to stay on the safe side to make sure no long lasting harmful effects are seen on their patients. At Best, we treat our patients like our own family members. We want to make sure what we do has a lasting benefit for every person that we treat. Below are some commonly asked questions about biological dentistry. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further inquiries.

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is the belief that your oral cavity is connected to the rest of your body’s general health. It’s focus is on using toxic-free restorative materials, eliminating sources of intraoral infections, and promoting optimal teeth and jaw structural relationships.

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How do we treat dental cavities?

Our use of BPA-free composite dental fillings along with the lack of use of silver fillings is what makes our private office different from many other offices in and around the greater Houston area.

With the use of Hazmat suits, and dual valve gas masks, we also help our patients remove old silver fillings that could end up harming their overall health. We know different people have different beliefs which is why Dr. Jasmine and her team have decided to only use holistic approaches for her patients.

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Does Best Dental Perform Root Canals As Part Of Their Holistic Approach?

If one of our patients requests a root canal, we do provide that service for them. We also understand that their are different stances where a lot of biological dentists and patients taking a holistic approach to dentistry absolutely avoid them at all costs.

Due to internal anatomy of teeth, it is impossible for modern dentistry to completely sterilize a tooth, and we do inform our patients of this if they do decide on getting root canal therapy on one or more of their teeth.

The studies that were held in the 1990s did show some negative implications of root canal treatment, but many dentists to this day consider them to be perfectly safe. Below are some articles to read and inform yourself if root canal therapy is something that you want performed on you or your family members. We completely understand if its not a procedure you want to move forward with.

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Dr. Howenstein

Whole Body Dentistry in Houston, TX

If you are looking for a dentist that cares about your overall well-being come see Dr. Jasmine at Best Dental. Her whole body approach to dentistry allows patients to make the best decisions for themselves regarding their oral health. With fillings that don’t contain preservatives to complete isolation treatment, let us be the whole body dentist for you and your family!

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At Best Dental, we take a holistic approach for our patients who want a more natural fix to their dental concerns. We will evaluate, give our professional expertise on any problems you may have, and decide together what is the best course of action for your oral and general health. Come visit our Houston office today!

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a holistic dentist's alternative to a root canal?

Most holistic dentists prefer the extraction of a broken down tooth and a replacement with a dental implant. As a necrotic or dead tooth can lead to oral infections, dental implants are becoming a more popular option to restore teeth that are wearing down.

Why do so many dentist's push root canal on their patients?

Most of the time this is well-intentioned as dentists are trained to keep as many teeth as they can for their patients. But as some studies are showing the long-term negative effects of root canals, more and more dentists are understanding that other methods are more appropriate in restoring your oral health.

How much does a holistic dentist cost?

Most holistic dentists charge for their examinations and x-rays. They are also more costly than your traditional family dentist as the materials they purchase is also more expensive. In general, expect to pay twice as much per procedure with a holistic dentist versus your regular local dentist.

Why do I need a root canal, and not a dental filling?

If a cavity has penetrated into your nerve tissue, the a root canal may be deemed necessary. As we previously mentioned, a lot of patients are moving towards dental implant therapy over root canals these days. However, root canals that are performed correctly can have a lasting positive impact inside your mouth, with the mere fact that you are able to keep your natural tooth for a longer period of time.

Are holistic dentists covered by dental insurance?

Most holistic dentists are not covered by dental insurance. You have to talk to a specific provider to see if he or she will accept your plan. Currently, we are accepting PPO insurance plans for all our holistic patients. So if you are in need of an affordable option to your oral health needs, contact our team today.

What would happen if I do not get a root canal?

If your tooth is in need of a root canal, it should either be performed or the tooth should be removed. Prolonging the tooth without any treatment can lead to a dental infection which can lead to swelling and other systemic health issues. Take the advice of a reputable holistic dentist and get your tooth treated one way or another.

Are white fillings superior to silver fillings?

Not all tooth fillings are created equal. With the fear of mercury toxicity inside silver fillings, there has been a slow progress towards white fillings to restore your cavities. Over time we realized that BPA inside of white fillings can also lead to systemic health issues. This is why at Best Dental we are using BPA-free fillings to help restore your teeth back to health.

Why are my teeth rotting?

Tooth breakdown due to dental caries is primarily due to bacteria inside your mouth that release acids that break your teeth down. This is why it is so important to brush and floss twice a day to prevent any further wearing of your teeth.

Can I get a tooth filling instead of a root canal?

If your tooth has a cavity that is in or near the nerve chamber of a tooth, a dental filling will not solve your problem. What will happen is the tooth will get infected, and can lead to serious health issues such as a severe toothache, or even a tooth abscess. A root canal needs to be performed properly on these teeth to restore them back to health. If you are wary of a root canal, then a tooth extraction and a dental implant may be an alternative option you and your clinician can look into.

Is it better to get a root canal or a tooth extraction?

This is a great question, and the answer will depend on how well your dentist or endodontist perform your root canal. At Best Dental we believe in a conservative approach to dentistry. We always tell our patients if a procedure is performed properly then that tooth can help you function for a long time.

The problem has become that a lot of clinicians are not able to perform root canal therapy properly, and sometimes teeth have a dynamic internal anatomy that does not allow dentists to complete the root canal with a high degree of success.

The short answer is that each case is dependent on the tooth that is being treated. If a reputable holistic dentist can perform a root canal with a high degree of accuracy, it is always better to preserve your natural tooth structure. If he or she cannot for whatever reason, a tooth extraction with a dental implant should be your alternative option.