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Dr. Jasmine Naderi is one of Houston’s leading Cosmetic Dentists. She has dedicated her career to perfecting the art of cosmetic dentistry, from simple dental fillings to comprehensive cosmetic rehabilitation with dental veneers and crowns. As a leading adult dentist, she is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. She is up to date with all the new cutting-edge technology revolutionizing her field.

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My mission is to create smiles that people are not only happy with but also proud of.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers are cosmetic shells placed on the front of your teeth to transform your smile into that beautiful and aesthetic look you’ve always been searching for. They are composed of either porcelain or composite. Porcelain veneers are custom fabricated in a laboratory after an impression model is sent. They are custom made and are bonded onto your tooth structure using particular types of dental cement. Composite veneers are typically made chair-side by your dentist and are a more affordable option to transform your smile if finances become an issue. Whatever your choice, it’s great to have a reputable dentist for your smile makeover.

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What Are Dental Lumineers?

Dental Lumineers are a newer form of cosmetic dentistry where there is minimal or no preparation of your tooth structure before placing the porcelain shells. This way, your tooth is hardly ground down, and you can still achieve the cosmetic look you’ve been looking for all along. These porcelain shells are custom-made in a laboratory and bonded onto your tooth structure. They are sturdy, look great, and allow patients to regain confidence in their smiles.

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What is a full mouth reconstruction?

Also known as full mouth rehabilitation, this procedure involves fixing cosmetically and functionally broken teeth. It is a cosmetic procedure performed on patients who are severe bruxers or grinders who have worn down their teeth over their lifetime. This very technical procedure involves detailed planning to reorient your mouth to its natural beauty and make it functional so that the reconstructed mouth does break down.

Jacket Dental Crowns are prepared and restored in your mouth to aid in reconstruction. Initially, however, study models are articulated, and chairside studies are done to determine multiple factors, including how you bite down and the health of your gum tissue and teeth.

These study models are discussed with a master lab technician, and a wax-up of your new teeth is sent to your dentist. This waxed model will be a template of how your temporary crowns will be fabricated and placed in your mouth.

Once your teeth are prepared and the temporary crowns are placed in your mouth, you will go on for about three months, making sure your bite is stable, and the temporary crowns are not fracturing and breaking.

Once you and the dentist are satisfied with the temporary crowns, a final set of impressions will be taken and sent to the lab technician to help fabricate your final jacket crowns. These will be placed and cemented with permanent cement once you are satisfied with their appearance and function.

After the crowns are cemented in place, your dentist will more than likely recommend a form of night guard appliance to help prevent deterioration of your newly made crowns. This is usually a thermoplastic appliance that goes in your mouth before bedtime to help prevent the grinding habits discussed earlier. Dental bridges may also be incorporated in a full mouth reconstruction if teeth are missing in the jaw.

full mouth reconstruction

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Covered By Dental Insurance?

Most of the times it is not. If you suffer from broken down teeth that need treatment for health related purposes, then absolutely, your insurance will help you with your treatment costs. Most patients who come in for elective cosmetic treatment will not be helped by their insurance carriers.

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Can a cosmetic dentist fix crooked teeth?

Absolutely. Crooked teeth can be corrected by dental veneers and crowns or with Invisalign and dental veneers. Whatever your situation, no problem is too big or complicated for our team.

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Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix receding gums?

Yes it can. Whether a gum grafting procedure is needed or not will be determined at your consultation appointment. Minor cases of gum recession can easily be corrected by either bondings or full coverage dental veneers.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry fix my bite?

Yes it can. With a combination of Invisalign and dental veneers and crowns, we can not only enhance your smile, but make your whole mouth much more functional in the process. Whether you suffer from an overbite, underbite, or crossbite, there are many options that we can give you to fix your smile, so you can gain that confidence that you’ve been longing for.

Cosmetic Dentistry correcting underbite and overbite

Can a cosmetic dentist do tooth fillings?

Not only can they, perfecting the art of tooth colored fillings is one of Dr. Jasmine specialties. This is why we feel she can provide you with the highest level of care. Her passion for dentistry is second to none.

What are the costs of cosmetic dentistry, and can I afford it?

Whatever your budget, we will create a custom plan just for you so that you can benefit from a healthy mouth. Our goal is not only to provide you with the best care possible but also to work within your finances to achieve your goals.

Affordable Dental Veneers in Houston, TX

I’m sure you have seen how much dental veneers normally cost. The price has certainly made your jaw drop, especially if you are looking at multiple units. Maybe you also wonder if your dentist is trying to rip you off. We will investigate the average costs of dental veneers and why they cost as much as they do. At the end of this article, we will explain how easy it is to get the dental veneers you want without breaking your bank account.

Can you afford dental veneers?

The majority of us do not like spending a lot of our savings, especially on procedures like general dentistry. Let’s face it; dentistry is not enjoyable. The majority of dentists in and around the Houston area are charging over $1,000 for a single dental veneer. This includes the preparation, impression, and cementation appointments. At Best Dental, we have tried to let the public know our price for a traditional dental veneer. We charge a flat fee of $850, which means you will easily save thousands of dollars if you’re looking for a smile makeover with our team.

Sometimes, this price is still very steep for most people, especially if third-party finance companies like Care Credit® and Lending Club do not help you with your financing.

But there are many solutions that our office can give you so that you do not break the bank trying to fix your broken teeth and regain your confidence.

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How much does cosmetic dentistry usually cost?

Dental veneers can cost between $1,000-and $2,500 depending on the dentist you visit and your city. The high end of these costs is usually seen for patients that visit boutique dental offices. Please note that this is an estimate, and it may vary based on individual patient circumstances and may require additional costs.

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Single tooth dental veneer cost

At Best Dental, with healthy gum tissue, the cost to replace one tooth with a dental veneer is $850. This does not include any additional procedures like gum grafting or lip repositioning. The cost of these procedures varies from person to person and will be given to you during your consultation appointment. But if your tissue and lip levels are adequate and healthy, our flat fee is $850. There is no bait and switch with that price.

A cosmetic dentist’s average dental veneer cost is north of $1,000. Be careful when you see ads for dental veneers priced for less than that amount. That is often a bait and switch tactic where additional costs are added to the procedure.

Most dental insurances do not cover the cost of dental veneers since it is considered cosmetic, but a few carriers do help cover a portion of it. Plans vary, and we will determine if your dental plan covers any part of your cosmetic treatment.

  • DENTAL SAVINGS PLANAt Best Dental, we offer a dental savings plan. For $200 a year, you can get on our program and save yourself 15% off all dental treatment. So for a single tooth veneer, that cost can be under $700 for the veneer!

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Multiple teeth dental veneer costs

As mentioned earlier, the cost of a single dental veneer without any additional procedures is $850. The same can be said about needing multiple dental veneers. Each extra veneer will cost precisely the same amount. The number of dental veneers you will need will vary depending on how many teeth you have lost. During your consultation appointment, Dr. Jasmine Naderi will break down a custom treatment plan for you and tell you precisely what is needed and how much it will cost.

The Dental Savings Plan can also help you save up to 15% off your treatment.

What does a single tooth veneer cost in Houston, TX?

Our team reached out to several dental offices in and around the greater Houston, TX area. We asked a straightforward question: How much does a dental veneer cost? This was without any of the additional procedures that we mentioned earlier. Here is what our team found:

Average Cost of Veneers In Houston

These results are not scientific, but they can give you a ballpark figure of what you can expect to pay for a dental veneer at most dental offices in and around the Houston area.

Why do dental veneers cost so much?

Here we will break down why dental veneers can cost so much so that you know the amount of work involved and why your dentist is more than likely not trying to pull one over you.

  • CT Scan or X-ray: An scan may be required before your dental veneer treatment and placement. Some dentists will charge you for the scan as it takes time to look at and determine a proper treatment plan for each patient. The scan or the x-ray will serve as a foundation or blueprint for how your teeth are positioned, if any additional procedures will be required, and determine your teeth’ current health. At Best Dental, your scan will be read for free.
  • Supplies: There are countless supplies and tools that a dentist uses to make sure your smile makeover with veneers is appropriately done. Bite records, initial impressions with alginate material, stone models, and lab guides are all part of the expenses included in their overhead.
  • Cost of Materials: The cost of acquiring all the materials necessary to complete your work can be pretty steep. The dental veneer and its parts can cost quite a bit, mainly if the porcelain is fabricated in the United States. At Best Dental, we use all U.S.-made porcelain, and all our equipment and supplies are constructed here.
  • Lab Costs: The lab that will process your dental veneers will charge your dentist quite a bit of money to construct your dental veneers.
dental veneers cost
These are the major expenses that your dentist accrues during your dental veneer treatment. Each phase of the treatment has its costs, so that dental veneers can be quite expensive.

Dental veneers financing at Best Dental

At Best Dental, we know that financing is an issue for most people. We offer payment plan options to make dental veneers even more affordable for you and your family. With third-party finance companies, costs can be as low as $99/month for those who qualify. Regaining your ability to smile is priceless, but we also want to make sure you do not break your bank.

Please call our office to schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Jasmine Naderi if you need a smile makeover with dental veneers. You can also request an appointment by filling out your information, and one of our patient care coordinators will contact you within 24 hours. You may also schedule online. We hope to meet you at our cosmetic dental clinic soon!

We hope to see you soon!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a full mouth of veneers cost?

The answer to this question will depend on how many veneers you need. Your clinician will determine this during your treatment planning appointment based on your smile line and biting forces. A final cost can be determined once the number of veneers is determined. In most cases, a dental veneer costs $1,000 a unit. So for a case of 8 dental veneers, you can expect to pay around $8,000.

Can veneers ruin your teeth?

If dental veneers are not constructed properly, recurrent decay can begin to erode your teeth beneath the veneer. Ensure that the cosmetic dentist you choose for your dental veneers has plenty of experience. Not doing so may lead to oral health problems, including needing additional dental treatment such as root canals.

How do I choose a cosmetic dentist?

Choosing a reliable and reputable cosmetic dentist can be a time-consuming process. Here is a list of options to look into when choosing someone who will be fixing your smile.

  • Ask friends and family who have had experience with the dentist
  • Look at their online reviews and make sure they are genuine
  • Meet with the dentist to make sure you are comfortable with them
  • Have them present you with a treatment plan that you also agree with
  • See if they can show you before and after results on some of their previous cases

Once these requirements have been met, you can rest easy knowing that you have probably chosen the right dentist for your case.

Are porcelain veneers better than lumineers?

In our opinion, dental veneers look more natural than lumineers do. However, there is a downside to veneers in comparison to lumineers. More of your tooth structure has to be removed to make space for veneers. The same cannot be said for lumineers, as many of these cases are prep-less, allowing your dentist to preserve more tooth structure. Both veneers are lumineers constructed from lithium disilicate (Emax), giving them durability and a natural look.

Why are dental veneers so expensive?

The overhead costs of veneers can be very high for your cosmetic dentist. Supplies, assistant and office costs, and lab fees can be very high. This makes the profit margin very low for your dentist in many of these cases. Patient satisfaction is hard to judge before the case is delivered, making the process very stressful. This is why so many dentists charge so much for a smile makeover.

Are there any disadvantages to dental veneers?

There are a few disadvantages of Porcelain veneers. Let’s list them now:

  • Your natural tooth structure must be removed to make space for the Porcelain shells.
  • The high costs can be very high depending on your cosmetic dentist
  • They will eventually need to be replaced (normally after 10-15 years)
  • They can chip and break off if you have grinding habits.
  • They are not suitable in patients with a deep overbite or crossbite.