Affordable Cosmetic Dentist in Houston

Dr. Jasmine Naderi is one of Houston’s leading Cosmetic Dentists. She has dedicated her career to perfecting the art of cosmetic dentistry from simple dental fillings to comprehensive cosmetic rehabilitation with dental veneers and crowns. She is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and is up to date with all the new cutting edge technology that is revolutionizing her field.

Houston Cosmetic Dentist

Houston Cosmetic Dentist

My mission is to create smiles that people are not only happy with, but also proud of.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Covered By Dental Insurance?

Most of the times it is not. If you suffer from broken down teeth that need treatment for health related purposes, then absolutely, your insurance will help you with your treatment costs.

Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Insurance

Can a cosmetic dentist fix crooked teeth?

Absolutely. Crooked teeth can be corrected by dental veneers and crowns, or with a combination of Invisalign and dental veneers. Whatever your situation, no problem is too big or complicated for our team.

Cosmetic Dentistry fixing crooked teeth

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix receding gums?

Yes it can. Whether a gum grafting procedure is needed or not will be determined at your consultation appointment. Minor cases of gum recession can easily be corrected by either bondings or full coverage dental veneers.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry fix my bite?

Yes it can. With a combination of Invisalign and dental veneers and crowns, we can not only enhance your smile, but make your whole mouth much more functional in the process.

Cosmetic Dentistry correcting underbite and overbite

Can a cosmetic dentist do tooth fillings?

Not only can they, perfecting the art of tooth colored fillings is one of Dr. Jasmine specialties. This is why we feel she can provide you with the highest level of care. Her passion for dentistry is second to none.

What are the costs of cosmetic dentistry and can I afford it?

Whatever your budget, we will create a custom plan just for you so that you can benefit from a healthy mouth. Our goal is not only to provide you with the best care possible, but to also work within your finances to achieve your goals.

We do have in house dental financing and payment plan options, and these will be thoroughly explained to you at your examination appointment.

cosmetic dentistry costs

What options do I have in correcting my smile?

There are many forms of cosmetic dentistry options that we have for our patients. Some of these include:

Your custom treatment plan options will be discussed and you and Dr. Jasmine can choose a plan that is right for you.

Finding the best cosmetic dentist in Houston can be difficult. There are a lot of great choices. If you are looking for quality and honesty, Dr. Jasmine should definitely be on your short-list. We hope to see you soon.