Same Day Dentures Houston Tx

Same Day Dentures in Houston, TX

Sometimes our oral health gets to a point where are teeth just have to be removed. It’s an unfortunate reality that many people have to face at some time in their life.

Immediate Dentures, also known as “same day dentures”, may be the best solution when complete removal of your remaining teeth is unavoidable. An immediate denture will allow you to avoid the embarrassment of living without teeth. We will begin the preparation for this procedure before your teeth are extracted.

How are Immediate Dentures made?

There are a series of steps that are taken to fabricate immediate dentures:

  • Initial impressions are taken of your upper and lower jaws and your remaining teeth.
  • A wax model is made in the dental lab from these impressions. The wax models are sent back to your dentist.
  • Your back teeth are removed, and the wax model is placed to determine your biting motion.
  • Your dentist sends the adjusted wax model back to the lab where the create your immediate denture.
  • The denture is send back to your dentist, and the remaining teeth that you have on the front are removed.
  • The immediate dentures are placed and adjusted accordingly.
  • Over the course of a few months, more adjustments, and possibly a reline of your immediate dentures will be needed.

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What is cost of Same Day Dentures in Houston, TX?

The average cost of same day dentures in Houston, TX is $2,999. This is for both the upper and lower plates. Prices may vary depending on the number of teeth that need to be extracted, if any dental insurance will be used, and the prices of the treating dentist.

Does Dental Insurance help pay for my same day dentures?

Usually, dental insurance plans help with immediate denture costs. Every plan is different, but rest assured that our dental insurance specialist will help you with your costs, and we will let you know exactly how much your dental insurance will cover during your complimentary consultation visit with our team.

What are some drawbacks of immediate dentures?

The fit and aesthetics of the denture cannot be determined during a try in. Unfortunately, the denture will be made as accurate as possible with the information that your dentist will provide to his or her lab technician.

Can I get two sets of dentures made?

Some of our patients opt to get two sets of dentures fabricated. One set, the initial immediate dentures, and then another set of upper and lower dentures after their gum tissues have healed. The second set of dentures usually fit a bit a better, and are more cosmetically appealing than the same day dentures that were originally constructed.

What can I expect after my teeth are extracted?

Great care should be taken following the removal of your teeth. We tell our patients to allow your tissues to breath as much as possible so the healing process is as fast as possible. This means leaving your dentures out when you are not in public, and when you are not eating.

Our team of professionals at Best Dental are experts in Same Day Denture fabrication. We take great pride in serving Houston and Richmond residents with high quality immediate denture treatment to get your mouth back to health. We look forward to meeting you!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to get immediate dentures, or wait and get traditional dentures?

All things being equal, it is normally the better option to wait and get a traditional denture. The reason is that since your teeth are going to be extracted your immediate dentures may not fit as well in a few months.

When we have our teeth removed, our gum tissue continues to change shape over the coming months. Most immediate denture cases end up needing a hard or soft reline afterwards, and they normally don’t function as well as a traditional denture would.

How long does it take for gums to heal for dentures after an extraction?

It normally takes 8 weeks for your gum tissue to fully heal after your extractions. Expect the majority of the healing process to take place within the first few weeks, and the rest of the tissue to fully heal within a two month time-span.

How long do you wear an immediate denture until you get a permanent denture?

Since the healing process after dental extractions takes two months, that is when the process of making your permanent denture can begin. It normally takes around 3-4 months to finalize the construction of your final dentures after your immediate dentures have been delivered.

How do you know if your dentures fit right?

Dentures should have a nice suction to them when they are inserted. If you have adequate amounts of bone tissue adhesive materials may not even be necessary. Your dentures, when delivered, will normally create sore spots inside your mouth. Those will need to be adjusted by your dentist. After the initial adjustments you should have no discomfort when you chew, and the dentures should have a nice stable fit to them. Your speech will need to adjust to the acrylic (this takes around 1-2 weeks).

Will my gum tissue heal faster with the denture inside my mouth?

After your tooth extractions, your immediate denture should be inside your mouth for the first 24 hours. These dentures will act like a band-aid allowing your tissues to take shape around the dentures as they are healing. If you do not place your immediate dentures in they will not fit after a few days because of the amount of shape change that your gum tissue will undertake over the first few days post-extractions.