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Prices in Houston are changing. As life continues to get more expensive, costs for dental services continues to go up. Many Houstonians wonder what the costs for implant overdentures in Houston are going to be for the upcoming year. In this article we will go over this question along with what implant overdentures are, and how they are different from permanent dentures. At Best Dental, we are experts in the field of implant overdentures. Dr. Jasmine and her surgical team will help you get fit with dentures that are stable and functional. Let us help you chew properly again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Implant overdentures

What are Implant Overdentures?

Simply put, implant overdentures are dentures that snap into implants that were previously placed in your jawbones. These dentures help you mainly with function as they are a lot more firm and sturdy than your traditional complete dentures. What makes them great is the feeling traditional denture wearers have when they have these new set of stable overdentures. They feel a difference to the point that it really changes their lives. The implants that are placed require 3-4 months to heal before the dentures can be constructed. That’s because dental implants need to fuse with your bone tissue, and that time-frame is usually a few months.

What are the steps in making an Implant Overdenture?

Let’s go over the treatment of how a overdenture is made (step by step).

  1. First a CT scan is taken to get a three dimensional image of your jaws. This will determine implant position and placement in the jaws.
  2. The Implants are carefully placed, and healing for approximately 3-4 months is needed for chemical fusion of the implants to your jawbones.
  3. After healing a complete denture is fabricated, and will be used to convert into an implant overdenture.
  4. After implant healing abutment are placed on top of the implants for a period of 3-4 weeks
  5. After the 3-4 week mark, the healing abutments are removed and locator abutments are placed. These locators are what will help connect your dental implants with your denture.
  6. After the locators are tightened to their recommended value,
  7. Block out rings and retentive housing caps are placed on top of the locators. The block out rings will prevent any liner material from getting trapped under the housing caps.
  8. Drill slots into the intaglio (inside surface) of the denture to make room for implant-denture connection. The denture should seat passively on top of the housing caps.
  9. Using a pick up material the denture is placed in the mouth and the patients bites down. After the pick up material sets, the denture is removed from the mouth.
  10. The housings will be inside the denture after the denture is removed from the mouth. Remove the block out spacers from around the locators.
  11. Trim and smooth any extra pick up material from inside the denture
  12. Place inserts inside the housings that will best fit the overdenture inside the patients mouth.

How much do implant overdentures cost?

The average cost of an implant overdenture in Houston, TX is $13,500. This is for one jaw (upper or lower). Prices may vary depending on how many dental implants are placed, the complexity of your case, and if any dental insurance will be used to pay for the overdenture. Fortunately at Best Dental, we charge a flat rate for our implant overdentures. For four dental implants and your overdenture we charge $9,999. That includes both the implants and the overdenture itself. You will really be hard pressed to find a better deal in and around the greater Houston area.

Will dental insurance help pay for implant overdentures?

Dental insurance plans can vary for carrier to carrier. Our team of dental insurance specialists will very your benefits your your individual plan, and we will let you know exactly what is covered under your insurance. Most of the times, your insurance will help you with the costs of your implant overdentures. If not, Best Dental offers a dental savings plan that will help you tremendously save cost towards your implant overdentures. Call us and ask how our savings plan can help you!

At Best Dental, we are experts in implant denture fabrication. With the use to the best labs in Houston, we will customize overdentures that are right for you so you can have a stable and function bite without having to worry about dentures being loose inside your mouth. Come be a part of our dental family, and meet Dr. Jasmine and her overdenture team today. We look forward to seeing you.