Invisalign Teen Harris County, TX

When it comes to guiding your teeth into the right place, and have a straighter smile, metal braces are thought to put a damper on things. Over the years, the popularity of Invisalign for teens in Harris County, Texas has surpassed traditional options. As dentistry evolves, it continues to be a top contender.

Probably because it just works and will continue to see a continued increase in demand.

Schedule Your Initial Invisalign Appointment in Harris County, TX

This is the most important appointment of all since without a solid foundation you can’t have anything to build on. Your dentist will look at your teeth, have the initial x-rays done, and do a digital scan for Invisalign so that a custom dental aligner can be made specifically for you.

Going this route over traditional braces for teens in Harris County, TX allows you to:

  • Account for extra space that is needed for your teeth to properly grow in place: The truth of the matter is that older options to straighten one’s teeth while they’re a teenager is that it was extremely hard to grasp changing conditions. This is where Invisalign simplified the game, by offering an option to provide the extra space your teeth need.
  • Have a solution that is built around your growing needs specifically: One of the best things about Invisalign for teens is that Invisalign is designed to grow with you and leave you with straighter teeth for a lifetime. Without all of the hassles that come with getting traditional metal braces. It allows your dental treatment to evolve as you grow.
  • When your wisdom teeth decide to come in, appropriate placement is critical: Another cool thing about Invisalign for Teens in Harris County, Texas is that they can guide not only the teeth but the roots of them as well. This ensures that the approach is one that has a long-range vision so to speak. As your wisdom teeth surface, they will be guided to their natural placement to prevent wisdom tooth problems among teens.
Invisalign Teen Harris County
Invisalign Teen Harris County, TX

See Your Dentist to Ensure Everything Is in Place for Success

Within about 3-4 weeks the Invisalign retainers will come in. Dependent upon your specific dental needs, an appointment could be scheduled to make sure everything is on track with your treatment plan as expected or if any other corrective measures need to be taken.

Ensure Valuable Over the Long-Term with Regular Check-Ups

The general recommendation is a quick visit with your Harris County, TX Invisalign dentist every 4-6 weeks to make sure things are progressing well. This also provides your dentist with the opportunity to adjust your Invisalign aligners if the need presents itself.

Why has Invisalign Teen become so popular recently?

It wasn’t long after Invisalign proved its value among adults, that it was quickly seen as a great option for teenagers who didn’t like having clunky metal braces hindering their smile. Over the years, we have seen tons of success in Harris County, TX Invisalign Teen options.

The straightforward approach and less discomfort are two of the biggest attributes that help it stand out from our teeth straightening options for teenagers. Adaptability to changing conditions is critical for successful dental treatment, and Invisalign has proven to deliver exactly that, nothing less.

Invisalign Teen Harris County Tx

Invisalign for Teens: What is the Cost of it?

Give or take, the average cost for Invisalign teen nationally is about $5,000. As of 2020, and going into 2021, here at Best Dental the cost for Invisalign Teen runs on average about $3,500. Keep in mind that over the years insurance companies have embraced adaptability with Invisalign and start to cover it.

They would wind up treating it the same way that they would if you were to get those clunky metal braces that no teenager wants into a more comfortable and visually aesthetic option. They may cover up to a certain amount and have you pay the remaining balance, but it depends on your insurance.

You can still get Invisalign Teen financing here in Harris County, TX if you need help covering what the insurance company left you to pay. Just give our office a call right quick at (281) 762-0637.


Invisalign VS Braces for Teens: Who Comes Out on Top?

When it comes to keeping up with an active lifestyle, and not limiting what a teen can and can’t do, Invisalign Teen is the clear winner over traditional metal braces. Keep in mind, that for complex dental needs where finer precision is required, traditional metal braces may be the only option available.

A Common Mistake Easily Identified

The coolest part about Invisalign is that everyone has a chance to see if a teenager is wearing their Invisalign long enough throughout the day. With a built-in indicator, it will tell you exactly that at all times. If this is indicated on a persistent basis, an action plan can be discussed with the teen.

Among our many Harris County, TX Invisalign Teen visits, we find that this is the most common issue that is encountered during treatment. Easily identified and corrected before it has the slightest chance to cause further dental issues in the long run.

Plan for Success with Invisalign for Teens: Have a Routine

The best thing about this method of teeth straightening solution is that unlike traditional metal braces, you don’t have to limit yourself to what you can eat. The reason for this is that they’re removable, so just take them out while you’re eating, and enjoy the meal so you can get along with your day.

Now it is recommended that you keep your Invisalign retainer in for 22 hours per day. This allows them to be out for up to 2 hours every day for eating and cleaning. As long as you keep this top of mind and embrace a solid dental hygiene routine as a teen, you’ll have a smile that everyone will be jealous of.

Invisalign Teen
Invisalign Teen in Harris County
Invisalign Teen Harris County

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