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IV Sedation, also known as intravenous sedation, is when a small catheter is placed inside of a vein that allows your dentist to administer sedatives to put you to sleep. Most times, IV Sedation in dentistry is used in conjunction with local anesthetics such as Lidocaine and Septocaine.

What are the different types of anesthesia used in dentistry?

  1. Local Anesthesia: This is the use of injections that help numb different areas of the mouth. Lidocaine is the most commonly used local anesthetic in dentistry and it helps numb your teeth during procedures such as fillings, root canals, and dental implants.
  2. IV Sedation: As previously mentioned, this is when a catheter is used inside of your vein where medicament’s are inserted. Most patients are able to speak and breath on their own during IV Sedation dentistry.
  3. General Anesthesia: GA (or general anesthesia) is administered either through a mask on the face or intravenous until the patient loses consciousness. Breathing is controlled with an endotracheal tube that has been inserted into the windpipe. General anesthesia is used for patients having major surgery, such as knee or hip replacement or open-heart surgery. It is very rarely used in surgery except during long procedures, and usually only performed by oral surgeons.

IV Sedation Houston

What are some benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry?

  • The amount of medicine administered can be titrated and closely monitored.
  • Eliminates dental anxiety during a dental procedure.
  • There is a higher level of safety compared to oral conscious sedation.
  • Less risk of embolism during surgery as compared to general anesthesia.
  • Amnesic effect that helps people forget their dental experience. This is especially helpful for those who have great fear of the dentist.
  • Works great for procedures such as wisdom teeth removal and dental implant placement.

What are the risks of IV Sedation Dentistry?

The major risk of IV Sedation is the suppression of your breathing pattern during surgery. This is commonly seen when too much medicine is injected, especially when IV medications are mixed together. Some cases may end up requiring airway assistance if the form of intubation.

How should you prepare for your IV Sedation experience?

There are a few protocols that must be met before IV Sedation is undertaken.

  • Your dentist should go through your medical history to make sure there are no contraindications to being sedated.
  • You need to be NPO for 8 hours prior to your procedure. This means no food and water for eight hours prior to your dental treatment.
  • You will need a driver to take you back home after your IV sedation procedure as you will not be able to operate a vehicle for the rest of the day.

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What can you expect after your IV Sedation procedure?

There are a few tips we can give as to what to expect after your IV Sedation dental procedure.

  • You will feel tired and groggy for the rest of the day.
  • You will not be able to operate a vehicle for the rest of the day.
  • You will be recommended to stay on a soft diet for the rest of the day.
  • You should drink plenty of fluids for a faster recovery time.

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