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How Can a Night Guard Help You?

Sometimes people wake up in the morning with a headache, an aching jaw, and sensitive teeth. These all could be signs that you probably have trouble with clenching and grinding your teeth. Bruxism (also known as teeth grinding) and TMJ are the two main conditions that often warrant the use of a night guard. However, it’s important to get an specialist’s expertise before you decide whether or not to use an oral night guard. You may not know whether you grind your teeth or not, since many times it happens overnight, but your dentist will be able to see any damage to your teeth caused by your grinding habits. It’s a very common problem across the nation, and many people can benefit largely from using a night guard. They’re very simple to use, and most people will have a small adjustment period before they get used to them.

What Is The Cost of Night Guard in Houston, TX?

The average cost of a night guard is $500. Prices may vary on the material of the nightguard used and how often you will need to replace your night guard.

Does Dental Insurance cover Night Guards?

Most dental insurances will pay a portion of your night guard. Plans may vary, but in most instances, they will cover a percentage of the cost. The rest of the cost will need to be paid out of pocket.

Your Dental Night Guard

After your exam with your dentist, if it is determined that you are a good candidate for a night guard, your next step is to discuss your options regarding what kind of night guard is best for you. Most dental night guards are made for the upper teeth since this tends to provide the most benefit to patients. However, there are some special circumstances that can make a lower guard is constructed instead. This usually is seen when a person has many missing teeth in their top jaw. Your guard will be fitted and molded to your own teeth for your comfort and to prevent changes in your bite. It is very important to use a high-quality night guard, as a low-quality substitute can cause more harm to your teeth. Your dentist will be able to advise you and help you make the right decision for your situation.

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Can a night guard fit any mouth?

They definitely can’t. Night guards can be uncomfortable and ineffective unless they are custom made for your teeth. Bulky over-the-counter night guards and boil guards are not typically recommended as they do not offer the same benefits as a high-quality night guard and some cheaper versions may actually cause more harm than good. They can not only harm your teeth, but many can cause TMJ issues as well.

How long can night guards last?

There are several factors that can determine the longevity of your dental night guard. First and foremost, is how strongly you grind your teeth at night. The stronger your clenching habits, the sooner your night guard will need to be replaced. Second will be the type of material that your night guard is made of. Soft night guards tend to be replaced more often due to the material that they are composed of.

Can children use oral night guards?

Some children, like adults, actually grind their teeth. Some outgrow the habit before they become teenagers, while others do not. Night guards are not often prescribed for children, but your dentist may recommend one depending on the situation. They are usually not constructed because children’s jaw continues to develop over time, and they quickly outgrow their night guard. It is also helpful to reduce stress and anxiety as much as possible to help prevent children from grinding and clenching at night.

If I have dental implants, could I benefit from a night guard?

Yes! Once you’ve invested in expensive dental work like implants, you’ll want to protect both your investment and your smile. Using a night guard can help prevent damage to dental work like dental implants, fillings, and crowns.

Are there any risks to a night guard?

Low-quality or poorly-fitted night guards can affect bite and even cause problems like TMJ to worsen. However, working with a skilled dentist and getting a properly fitted nightguard should not cause any problems or discomfort.

Should I wear night guards on my upper or lower teeth?

Between both upper or lower night guards, the best results come from using a night guard on your bottom teeth. However, some patients may have a specific preference or need to protect veneers or other dental work on the top arch. In these cases, an upper guard might be a better option. If unsure, you can discuss with your dental professional the benefits better suited for you and night guards for your top or bottom teeth.

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How long will I need to use my night guard?

The answer depends on the person and the cause of the clenching and grinding. If you grind your teeth, it may have to do with stress and anxiety in your life. If these problems subside, you may not need to use the night guard as much. However, it’s impossible to tell on your own, and unless your dentist says otherwise, it is usually better to continue wearing a night guard to protect your teeth.

How can I keep my night guard clean?

Every day, you should rinse and brush your night guard thoroughly, allowing it to dry completely. It should be stored in a case to prevent warping. On a weekly basis, you should deep clean the guard with a denture cleaner or other acrylic cleaners to ensure that it stays sanitary and lasts as long as possible.

Can I wear my night guard during the day?

Some people do grind their teeth during the day and might benefit from wearing a guard during the day. Your dentist will be able to advise you on whether this is a good idea for you.

Do I really need a night guard?

Many people are resistant to getting a night guard. They think they don’t need it or that it won’t really help protect their teeth. The problem is that bruxism is gradual, and you won’t notice the problems until they are very advanced and usually irreversible. Preventing damage today will ensure you have strong, healthy teeth for years to come. We can go over many options and help you choose the best night guard for clenching and teeth grinding.

At Best Dental we customize a unique treatment plan to determine what type of night guard is right for you. We hope this article gave you a better understanding on how night guards work. If you find yourself in need of a nightguard specialist in Houston, contact our team today.