Helen Salgado is one of our lead dental assistants here at Best Dental. She and Dr. Naderi have been working together for over 5 years now. With her sweet personality, and her care for her patients, Mrs. Salgado is truly unique in the compassion she shows her patients.

When she is not working as a registered dental assistant, Helen is the mother of two wonderful children; Grace and Jeremiah. She adores her children, and is a wonderful mother.

Come visit Helen today and see what makes her so different.

Helen Salgado

Stephanie Pedraza is one of our lead dental assistants. Ms. Pedraza shows exemplary work ethic, and has been serving the great residents of Houston for over five years now. Her seriousness to do her job with skill and precision makes her unique, and is what has allowed her to climb the ranks with our team.

When she is not working as a dental assistant, Ms. Pedraza loves hanging out with her friends, and exercising on a regular basis. She is also an expert in Mexican dishes making some of the best Tex-Mex in Houston.

Come by and say hello to Ms. Pedraza today!

Stephanie Pedraza

Sandee Herradon is our insurance coordinator, and office manager here at Best Dental. Her intelligence and organization skills are second to none, and combined with her amazing personality, she currently holds a top position with our team.

When she is not working, Sandee is a professional artist and crafts-woman, creating some of the best art seen in and around the Houston area. She is truly gifted.

If you have any questions in regards to dental insurance, pricing, or any other dental matter, she will be more than glad to help. Come say hello to Sandee today!

Sandee Herradon

Martha Guerra is our front desk and insurance coordinator at Best Dental. She is our newest member on the team, and she has shown great promise in moving up the ranks quickly. She is intelligent, honest, and truly cares about doing her job to the utmost of her abilities. She is great at what she does, and will answer any dental related question you may have.

When Martha is not working, she loves exercising and hanging out with her friends and family members. She loves frequenting new restaurants in the greater Houston area, and has a great taste in woman’s fashion.

Come by and say hello to Martha today!

Martha Guerra

Pricilla Rodriguez is our newest dental assistant, and a great asset to our team. Coming from a small town, Pricilla is new to the Houston area. She brings great work ethic and attitude to our dental office, and has worked wonders in how far she has come as a dental assistant.

When Pricilla is not working, she loves spending time with her family, and trying out some of the best restaurants in the greater Houston area. She is a soon to be mom, and our team is very excited for her as she delves into a new chapter in her life.

Come say hello to Pricilla today!

pricilla rodriguez