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The thought of going to the dentist is certainly not a pleasant one, especially if you are needing dental work performed inside your mouth. The #1 cause of hesitation for most of these patients is the fear of pain during their treatment, whether it be a dental filling or a dental implant that they are getting. At Best Dental, we have found a variety of new methods that have made our dental procedures essentially pain free. In this article we will go over why dental treatment can be painful, and what methods our team has come up with to make you experience a more pleasant one.

How Can You Stop Pain At The Dentist?

Reducing and eliminating pain is a combination of new technology and technique. No matter what advances we see in dentistry, if your dentist does not properly numb the area, you will feel discomfort during your procedure.

Reducing Pain From The Local Anesthetic

The majority of the discomfort that patients have at their dentists’ office is the needle injection with a local anesthetic. The reason why the injection hurts so much is not only because a sharp needle is being inserted; it is the chemistry of the local anesthetic. By buffering our local anesthetics we are able to reduce the pain of our injections by as much as 95%. This is a huge comfort for all patients, especially children. Your normal local anesthetic is acidic in nature. With our new buffering solutions, we neutralize the acidic component making the numbing medicine essentially pain free, and much more tolerable for our patients.

Faster Onset Of Anesthesia

Another huge benefit of buffering is the onset of local anesthesia is cut down significantly. No longer do you have to wait 15-30 for your dentist to begin the procedure on you. After the injections are given with the buffered local agent, your dentist can begin working on you immediately. This makes the treatment time for our patients a lot faster, allowing them to get back to their daily activities in less time.

Pain Free Dentistry | Best Dental in Houston, TX

Implementing Sleep Dentistry (IV Sedation)

Some patients hate the idea of just using a local anesthetic at the dental office. They need a form of sedation, and the majority of them end up choosing IV Sedation for their dental needs. IV sedation is the insertion of a plastic catheter inside of your vein. This allows medicines to be directed straight into your blood stream to help you sleep through your dental procedure. IV sedation is a very safe alternative for patients who have a high level of dental phobia. The agent that provides a reduction of pain inside your system during sedation is a drug known as Fentanyl. It is part of the opioid family of drugs, and does a great job reducing pain during your procedure. Your dentist may inject you with a drug called Ketoralac after your treatment to reduce pain after you wake back up. This latter drug is normally given after wisdom teeth extractions.

The Use Of Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is another sedation method to reduce pain during your dental treatment. By inhaling a combination of nitrous gas and oxygen, your body ends up feeling more relaxed. This leads to less dental anxiety and ultimately less pain during your dental procedure. Although it is not as popular as IV Sedation, it is still used frequently inside dental offices due to the fact that it is a more affordable option relative to other sedation techniques.

Oral Sedation

Another form of sedation that can help lessen pain during a dental procedure is the use of oral sedatives. Two of the more commonly used agents are Halcyon and Valium, and both do a great job lessening anxiety and pain levels during your dental procedure. Both of the drugs can be used in combination with laughing gas, giving you a more relaxed feel during your dental visit.

Painless dentistry | Best Dental

Painless Dentistry in Houston, TX

With our combination of sedative and buffering techniques, we have essentially eliminated dental pain for our patients. Whether you have a hot tooth, dental infection, or even if your family dentist could not properly numb you, we can help. Come see our expert team at Best Dental to get the pain free dental care that you have been longing for.