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Root Canal Therapy with Dr. Jasmine at Best Dental

If you’re looking for painless root canal in the greater Houston, Texas area look no further than Best dental. We get so many patients from in and around Houston come to our office because of our affordable dental care. We also see a lot of our patients who are afraid of the dentist because of bad experiences they have had in the past. Whether it was a dentist that was rude to them or a dentist they could not properly numb their tooth our experience team has really seen it all. In this article we will tackle common questions about painless root canals, and address other concerns that you may have.

Can a root canal really be painless?

If a skilled dentist or root canal specialist is performing your procedure, a root canal can be completely painless. The problem becomes that many times an inexperienced dentist will try to tackle difficult root canals that they have not been properly trained for. Fortunately, at Best dental our doctors have a combined 33 years of dental experience behind them. This allows us to tackle even the most difficult of cases.

Painless Root Canal in Houston - Best Dental

How do you do a painless root canal treatment?

The key to a painless root canal begins with a proper injection of local anesthetic. The root canaled tooth will never fully numb if the anesthetic is not placed correctly inside the mouth; the syringe of the local anesthetic has to be properly angled inside the mouth to fully numb the tooth. This requires proper training and experience that many dentists simply don’t have. Many times an inexperienced dentist will not know the proper insertion points to properly anesthetize the tooth.

Another option that our dental team provides for our root canal patients is sedation dentistry. Some patients have high levels of dental anxiety leading them to avoid the dentist altogether. With IV Sedation (sleep dentistry) we are able to put you comfortable to sleep during the course of your root canal procedure.

With almost 20 years of dental training behind her Dr. Jasmine Naderi is an expert in the technique of proper local anesthesia insertion providing painless dentist for all of her patients.

Can you remove a tooth instead of getting a root canal?

This is a question that is often asked by a lot of our patients. Our answer simply is that if you are able to save your natural tooth, it’s always preferable to get a root canal instead of getting your tooth removed. Not only will the root canal allow you to function with the tooth indefinitely, but it will also save you a lot of money in the long run. Once a tooth is removed the adjacent teeth next to the space will start the shift causing all sorts of biting problems inside the mouth. Over time this will lead to additional dental treatment to fix these issues costing you more of your hard earned money.

Painless Root Canal in Houston

What percentage of root canals are successful?

Over 90% of root canals end up being successful. Root canals that fail ultimately will need re-treatment therapy. This means that the dentist or endodontist will re-enter the tooth and perform the root canal one more time. if the root canaled tooth has fractured then ultimately it will need to be extracted. Your dentist will let you know what the recommended treatment is during your consultation appointment.

Root canal therapy does not have to be a painful experience. If you find yourself in the greater Houston area and are needing a painless root canal come see our experienced team today. We look forward to meeting you and your whole family.