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If you are looking for routine dental care options in the Sugar Land, TX area look no further than Dr. Jasmine and her team at Best Dental.

For many, going to the dentist is a terrifying experience with a real prospect of pain. Having a dentist who you trust and respect, therefore, can make all the difference in the world. If you HAVE to have treatment, you might as well have it done by somebody you actually like. 

Being a great dentist, though, is more complicated than you might think. It’s not just about clinical hygiene or proper technique – it’s also about being able to communicate affably with your patients. Unapproachable dentists don’t succeed. 

Local Dentists Gain The Trust Of Their Clients

The personality factor is one of the reasons why local dentists are so much better than the competition. They might have small practices, but the connection they have with their patients makes up for all that. It doesn’t matter if they have a single treatment room or one member of staff on reception. What matters is the quality of the connection between patient and practitioner. That’s what keeps the business alive. 

At root, dentistry is a people-centric business. While knowing how to perform a filling or extract a tooth is important, these aspects of the work are, in many cases, the easy part. The difficulty is in helping patients, relax, feel at home, and be happy to be at the dentist having work done on their teeth. Dentists must smooth over some of the rougher aspects of their work and convince the people in their care that they are on-side. 

Doing this, though, is easier said than done. People are naturally and skeptical of professionals who make a habit of yanking bits of their bodies out of their mouths. Dentistry seems more akin to medieval torture than to modern medicine. Whoever would have thought that the practice of dental care was so brutal? For many patients, it is a shocking revelation. 

Local dentists know this. They understand that they are as much butchers in the minds of their patients as they are people with advanced qualifications from prestigious institutions. Their job of drilling and slicing their patients to better health uses tools you could just as easily find at a car repair shop. The trick is to smooth over all the nastiness with a gentle personality and deep mutual trust.

And here’s where local dentists really shine. Patients have the opportunity to get to know them on a personal level, building both rapport and faith in their skills at the same time. Over time, they learn that their local dentist is a master of even the most terrifying of procedures, such as drilling new posts for implants or extracting impacted wisdom teeth. Local practitioners have a history with their patients that immediately puts them at ease. They’ve earned the right to perform brutal procedures without the patient having to fear agonizing pain. 

Dentists that operate regional centers, however, don’t have this kind of rapport. Unlike their local counterparts, they can’t rely on years of reliable, pain-free service to put their patients at ease. They must start from scratch every time. 

This aspect of regional centers immediately puts a strain on relationships. The patient doesn’t know the dentist, and yet the medical practitioner wants them to approach treatment in the same frame of mind. That’s highly unlikely to happen. Instead, the patient feels vulnerable, insecure, and fearful without the friendly service of their local dentist. For many, it can be a distressing experience. 

routine dental care sugar land

Local Dentists Have In-Depth Patient Knowledge

There’s another reason local dentists win out over the competition: their knowledge of their patients. Dental school only prepares you so much for life as a practicing clinician. You learn about anatomy and techniques, but nobody ever schools you on how to take care of individual patients – that’s something you’re expected to learn on the job. 

Local dentists, therefore, take time to get to know their patients in detail. They understand that everyone’s oral health needs are different, and people have varying needs. A particular treatment works for one person in one situation might not be suitable for another. Knowledge of the patient’s medical history is vital. 

Dentists who understand their patients inside out are at a massive advantage over their rivals. Knowing their history allows them to solve problems more quickly than they could if they were meeting a patient for the first time during the procedure. 

Local Dentists Are Easy To Access 

Then there are practical factors that make local dentists better than their regional counterparts. Being close by makes life easier for patients. Members of the practice can fit appointments around their schedule, without having to factor in long travel times. Dentists can offer “out-of-hours” appointments to busy people, letting them organize dental work around their working day. There’s no need to make separate travel plans – or anything else of the sort. 

routine dental care sugar land

Wrapping Up

Patients put a lot of trust in their dentists – far more than in practically any other profession. They expect them to pull out teeth painlessly, use hygienic equipment, and provide personalized service. Those aspects of an ideal experience at the dentist are virtually impossible when there’s no pre-existing relationship. The dentist might be confident in their ability to provide an excellent service, but that doesn’t mean that the patient feels the same way. 

Local dentists, therefore, offer a host of benefits over and above regional rivals who treat patients from a wide geographic area. The best dentists know that the only way to provide a pleasant service is to invest time getting to know their patients, well in advance of any extreme procedures. Dentists that do not operate in the local area can’t provide this level of care, almost by definition. There’s a limit to the level of trust they can build with a patient they might only see once or twice in their entire career. 

For those looking to go to a dentist, the choice is clear: go local. With the right professional, you can get the dental care you need without every session in the dentist’s chair needing to be an ordeal.