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Top 3 Ways to Straighten your Teeth

Having a straighter and more beautiful smile is a luxury that most of us desire. Being confident in our smiles not only improves our personal lives, but our professional lives as well. If you are in the greater Houston, TX area and are looking for ways to straighten your smile, look no further than our comprehensive experts at Best Dental.

Traditional Braces:

Traditional braces are superior at treating extreme overcrowding than other options like clear braces or Invisalign aligners, and are less expensive. They give your orthodontist or dentist the control he  or she needs to move the teeth in small increments at a time. The main disadvantage of traditional braces is the metal mouth appearance. Cosmetics is a big issue for a lot of people today, so they tend to stay away from traditional braces if they can. While less noticeable orthodontics like Invisalign may seem like a better choice for those who are conscious of their appearance, today’s braces are more visually appealing than in past years, with a range of color options for both the brackets and the elastics. Wearing these types of braces also means that you don’t have to worry about ever misplacing your aligners. Ceramic braces have been introduced on the market is an alternative to traditional braces as well, and do a wonderful job moving teeth around to their proper location.

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Some patients look for an alternative to traditional braces, mainly due to cosmetic concerns. There is where clear aligners like Invisalign come in. Invisalign has many advantages:

  1. Comfort: Treatment with Invisalign is more comfortable than treatment with traditional metal braces. Invisalign clear aligners can be removed by the wearer to eat and clean the tray. This makes eating and drinking, brushing and flossing, and cleaning the aligners much easier. Patients being treated with Invisalign also avoid any irritation that might be caused by the wires and brackets associated with traditional braces.
  2. Appearance: Traditional metal braces are often associated with teenagers. On a young person, braces may be considered charming, but braces’ visibility can be inhibiting to an adult wearer. Invisalign aligners are clear, not metal. They don’t have bands or wires attached to teeth. The aligner trays are made of a thin, clear plastic, and they are virtually invisible when being worn. All the way, Invisalign is straightening your teeth in the same manner as traditional braces.
  3. Shorter Treatment Time: The time that it will take for the teeth to move into their proper positions with Invisalign is often less than the time it might take with traditional braces. The course of treatment with Invisalign is typically one-and-a-half years. Metal braces can take up to five years to be effective.

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Another alternative to straightening your smile may be porcelain veneers. Dental veneers are a possible solution to help you achieve the look you desire. They are a popular choice for those with chipped teeth, a gap between teeth, or misshapen teeth. But they also can mask teeth that are not straight giving you that beautiful smile that you desire. One of the main advantages over traditional braces is that the treatment time with veneers is a lot less. The downside is that they can be quite expensive, and some of your natural tooth structure may need to be shaped and removed to make room for the porcelain shells.

If you find yourself in the greater Houston are and are needing a dentist who is an expert at straightening teeth, look no further than the experts over at Best Dental. We hope to meet you soon!