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If you are in need of teeth replacement needs in Katy, TX contact our team of experts at Best Dental for high quality and affordable teeth replacement options.

Being able to chew and and function is a major factor in our daily lives. Cosmetics also becomes a major factor as having missing teeth can lead to personal and professional embarrassments that can lead to low self confidence and depression. What are some teeth replacement options that we offer to our Katy residents?

Dental Implants

Dental implants can dramatically improve your smile! With them, people all over the Katy, TX area are rediscovering the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life. Patients come to us from Katy, Richmond, and other neighboring areas for all their dental implant needs. Dental implants are an ideal solution for missing teeth. But how do they work? Dr. Naderi here to answer all your questions regarding this life changing procedure.

Your natural tooth consists of a root hidden below the gum line and your tooth that sits on top of the root. A dental implant consists of the same components but with a slight difference. The root of the implant is made of state-of-the-art titanium, a bio compatible material that naturally bonds with your jaw bone. Once the implant is placed, then a custom-made crown is placed on top to restore your chewing and speaking capabilities.

Dr. Jasmine Naderi has enjoyed advanced training, allowing them to perform the actual implant surgery, initial tooth extractions, and bone grafting if necessary. One or multiple missing teeth can have a real impact on your bite, speech, and even your whole health. It is not just your health that is affected, your appearance suffers too because a missing tooth can result in your jaw rapidly deteriorating by up to 25% in the first year alone. Dental implants are an ideal solution as they look and act just like natural teeth. There are a number of different implant options to boost your oral health and appearance.

teeth replacement katy tx

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge spans the gap that missing teeth create and attaches to your natural teeth on either side. The bridge has a pontic, or prosthetic tooth, which is seamlessly anchored to your existing teeth for proper fit and alignment. There are many types of dental bridges:

Traditional dental bridge

A traditional dental bridge is the most commonly used bridge, which relies on support from your natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth.

With a traditional bridge, Dr. Naderi files the enamel off your anchor teeth and equips them with a crown. She then attaches the bridge with the artificial tooth to these crowns, which hold your replacement tooth in place.

Cantilever bridge

The cantilever bridge works the same way as a traditional bridge, except Dr. Naderi only attaches the artificial tooth to one side when natural teeth aren’t available on both sides.

Maryland bridge

This type of bridge doesn’t rely on crowned teeth on either side of the missing tooth. Instead, Dr. Naderi uses a metal or porcelain framework to attach the replacement tooth to your existing teeth.

Implant-supported bridge

Dr. Naderi turns to an implant-supported bridge when you’re missing more than one tooth. With this method, Dr. Naderi places implants into your jawline where your teeth are missing and attaches the bridge to the implants.

teeth replacement katy

Partial Dentures

When few of your teeth are missing or need to be pulled due to bone loss, infection, or mobility, a partial denture also know as a dental flipper may be the best solution for you at the beginning. Flipper teeth will allow you to avoid the embarrassment of living without teeth. Dr. jasmine will begin the preparation for your partial dentures for Katy residents so that you can show off your beautiful smile.

Full and Partial dentures have many benefits. Partials can make it easier for you to talk properly and chew food. In addition, removable full and partial dentures can support cheek and lip and this can help you look 10 years younger.

A note to keep in mind is that partials are designed to replace missing teeth. Technological innovations have given rise to new partial dentures that are lightweight, flexible, metal-free, and look like your own teeth or better.

Dental flippers are much more secure and stay in much better than standard full dentures, and are more comfortable. Most dentures are made from a synthetic material such as acrylic resin that is smooth and look natural to enhance your smile.

teeth replacement katy

If you are looking for teeth replacement options near Katy, TX look no further than Best Dental. We look forward to meeting you!