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Over time, teeth can become stained or discolored by certain products: Foods and colored beverages, wine, tobacco products such as cigarettes, or through the normal aging process. Whitening the shade of your teeth can be one of the fastest ways to significantly improve the appearance, increase your confidence, and boost your day to day productivity. With Zoom!® teeth whitening or Venus whitening products, cosmetic dentist Jasmine Naderi, DDS can lighten the color of your teeth up to eight shades with just one in-office treatment.

At Best Dental, we are currently offering Venus and Zoom whitening systems for your teeth whitening sessions. Both products work great, but we prefer our Venus system because our patients seem to have less sensitivity in their teeth after the procedure. Both systems do a marvelous job getting your teeth whiter, so that part is a toss up. With less post-treatment pain, we have swayed our support towards Venus.

Teeth Whitening Houston

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Teeth Whitening

How much is teeth whitening in Houston?

The average cost of teeth whitening in Houston is $550. This is for an in-office professional whitening. Take home tray whitening services are also provided. Our team at Best Dental provides professional teeth whitening at the affordable price of $450.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?

Since it is a cosmetic procedure, dental insurance plans normally do not cover teeth whitening procedures. We will check with your plan to make sure whether or not it is covered.

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What are the different professional teeth whitening systems available?

  1. Venus Whitening: Venus white max is a professional chair side whitening system that rivals Zoom and Boost in its efficacy. Teeth can get up to eight shades whiter, while getting less sensitivity than Zoom in the process. It consists of 38% hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied to your teeth for four 15 minute sessions.
  2. Kor Whitening: Kor whitening is a gel like system that uses a custom tray that adheres closely to your teeth. The gel is applied to the trays and the trays are placed inside your mouth allowing for a close adhesion between the chemicals making your teeth whiter and the trays themselves. The trays are placed inside your mouth at night when you are sleeping, and users usually note how comfortable the trays were the day after. The tight seal of the trays does not allow the chemicals to penetrate outsied the trays so you don’t have to worry about the chemicals leaking into your mouth as you’re sleeping.
  3. Zoom Whitening: As the forefather of teeth whitening, Zoom has been the gold standard in professional teeth whitening treatment for decades. Zoom uses an ultraviolet blue light to help penetrate gel chemicals into your tooth structure to remove the staining particles embedded inside your teeth. The procedure takes place by placing a protective gel around your gum tissue, and then placing the whitening chemicals onto your tooth structure. The light is then applied for increments of 15 minutes for approximately 3-4 sessions. Zoom claims that their product gets teeth whiter than any other product on the market. With their success, it’s hard to deny their claims.

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Do You Offer Any Teeth Whitening Specials at Best Dental?

We offer monthly specials on our teeth whitening sessions during the year. To see if we are offering a special this month, please visit out monthly specials page. This can certainly make your teeth whitening sessions a lot more affordable, and help you get your teeth whiter at a substantially reduced cost.

What Is The DIfference Between Over-the-Counter vs. Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening?

There are so many over-the-counter teeth whitening products available on the market. From toothpastes to whitening strips, they seem to be everywhere. However, the active bleaching ingredients in these over the counter products cannot compare to the professional-strength teeth whitening system we offer at Best Dental.

The hydrogen peroxide-based gel used for Zoom!® teeth whitening (or Venus Max) is stronger than any product or ingredient you will find in a store. This gel combined with the Zoom!® activating light creates a chemical reaction that deeply penetrates the teeth and can whiten teeth up to eight shades. When you are ready to get serious about teeth whitening, professional Zoom!® treatments are the best way to achieve your goals.

Can Dental Crowns be whitened?

Unfortunately they cannot. Since they are made of Porcelain, whitening products do not work on dental crowns. Whether the crown is covering a natural tooth or a dental implant, teeth whitening will not work on dental crowns.

If you are in Houston, and wanting a profession in-office teeth whitening, contact us at Best Dental today.