teeth whitening katy tx

If you are in the Katy, TX area and are in need of teeth whitening services, Best Dental offers it at an affordable price.

For years teeth whitening was seen as a bit of a luxury. Something for the rich and famous and those that were striving for physical perfection. But, times have changed, and teeth whitening is no longer something for the elite. In fact, it’s no longer even a luxury. Teeth whitening is something that more and more of us are interested in as the options become both more available and affordable. 

But, it’s still something that many of us know little about. You might be keen for whiter teeth, let’s face it, most of us are. But, you may have some questions, such as, will teeth whitening hurt? Will teeth whitening last? Or will I end up with brilliant white teeth after they’ve been whitened? So, let’s take a look at some of the answers, as well as some of the other things that you might want to know about teeth whitening. 

Different Teeth Whitening Options

Put basically, teeth whitening is the process of bleaching your teeth to make them appear whiter, brighter, and cleaner. Many of us are self-conscious about our smiles, and we often wish that we’d taken better care of our teeth when we were younger, before it was too late. Teeth whitening is like your second chance. 

You can buy home teeth whitening kits, some beauty salons offer teeth whitening treatments, and you can get your teeth whitening by your dentist. But, bleaching your teeth does carry some risks, is considered dentistry, and should always be performed by a dentist, to minimize risks and improve the results. 

At the dentist, the two main types of teeth whitening use either a laser or a gel. 

For gel teeth lightening, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth to build a mouthguard, which they will use to apply a gel to your teeth. They may give you the mouthguard to take home so that you can apply the gel there. You’ll have to leave it on for a given time, up to eight hours, over a specific period. 

For laser tooth whitening, your dentist will paint a bleaching product on to your teeth before shining a laser on them. It takes up to an hour and is sometimes called power whitening. 

teeth whitening katy tx

Teeth Whitening is Perfectly Safe

There are risks to teeth whitening, which is why it should always be performed by a qualified dentist. It’s also why it will take several trips to your dentist, and can’t be rushed. 

Carried out by a professional dentist, however, and bearing your individual situation in mind, it should be perfectly safe. 

Not All Teeth Are the Same

Your teeth are a bit like a sponge. They have pores, which soak everything up. That’s why they stain if we drink too much coffee or red wine. It’s also why we are able to whiten them. But, not all teeth are the same. They don’t start the same, and they won’t all end up the same shade. Don’t expect the same results as anyone else. 

You Should Do Your Research

Don’t rush into teeth whitening. Take your time to talk through your options with your dentist. If you’ve got sensitive gums, for example, your dentist might recommend shorter treatments over a more extended period. 

Teeth Whitening Prices Vary

Home teeth whitening kits can significantly cheaper than getting treatment from your dentist. But is it worth it? The risks are higher, and the results are rarely as good. Yes, teeth whitening is an expense, but it is certainly worth paying for professional care and treatment. 

teeth whitening katy tx

It Won’t Be Perfect

We hear teeth whitening, and we often imagine bright white teeth that you can’t look directly at. In truth, teeth whitening is unlikely to give you perfectly white teeth. It will brighten your teeth by a few shades, so it very much depends on what color they were in the first place. But, the results will always be noticeable. 

If You Want Lasting Results, You Need to Make a Commitment

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent. Your teeth will be a few shades whiter, for anywhere between a few months and three years. After this time, you’ll need a repeat treatment if you want to maintain the results. 

But, you can improve their appearance and help the results to last longer by caring for your teeth and avoiding food and drinks, such as red wine and coffee. Smoking could also negate your treatment. Speak to your dentist on the best ways to preserve your newly whitened teeth, and how long you can expect them to look whiter. 

What are the costs of Teeth Whitening in Katy, TX?

The average cost of professional teeth whitening services in Katy, TX is $450. Prices may vary depending in the treating dentist, and how many shades whiter you want your teeth to get.

Type of Professional Teeth WhiteningAverage Cost in Katy, TXPrice RangeOur Price
Zoom Whitening$450$400-600$400
Kor Whitening$400$425-550$400
Venus Whitening$500$450-550$250

Does dental insurance cover teeth whitening services?

No they do not. Since teeth whitening is a cosmetic service, most dental insurance carriers will not help pay for it.

What is the best teeth whitening system that you offer?

Our team uses Zoom and Venus products for teeth whitening. Both work fantastic, but the latter tends to have a lesser sensitivity with your teeth after your whitening sessions.

How often do I need teeth whitening services?

The better you take care of your teeth as far as brushing, flossing, and preventing staining with colored foods and drinks, the longer you will be able to go without another whitening procedure.

If you are a resident in Katy, TX, and are looking for affordable teeth bleaching options, come see Dr. Jasmine Naderi and her team at Best Dental today!