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If you are needing a tooth extraction, you may be wondering how much they cost. Teeth need to be removed when they are either not restorable, have surrounding bone loss around the tooth, or are infected. No matter the reason for a tooth extraction, the cost should not scare you.

In fact, it’s quite an affordable procedure and Best Dental offers a range of financing options to keep tooth extraction costs manageable, even for those in need of a more surgical extraction.

Whatever your needs, your team at Best Dental can help navigate which type of extraction is most appropriate for you, help you understand the cost of tooth extraction in your specific case and provide you with a guide to your oral health care plan, post-extraction.

The average cost of a tooth extraction ranges between $150-$750.
  • Regular tooth extraction: $200
  • Surgical Tooth Extraction: $350
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction: $750
  • IV Sedation (anesthesia): $500

Additional costs that you may encounter at specific dental offices are the consultation fees and any charges for dental x-rays.

The price of a tooth extraction varies depending on a few factors:

  • The treating provider
  • Whether the tooth needs to be surgically removed (surgical extraction)
  • Your region
  • If you have dental insurance or not
  • If dental anesthesia is needed

Treating provider

Oral surgeons will typically charge more for a tooth extraction that your family dentist. Oral surgeons will normally charge you double what your dentist charges you; on average around $400 for each tooth that needs to be removed.

There are other specialists that will also perform tooth extractions across your city known as Periodontists. Since they are also considered to be specialists, they too will charge more for a tooth extraction than a general dentist.

Remember that certain extractions (wisdom teeth, surgical extractions) need to be performed by either a very experienced general dentist or a specialist. Make sure you do your homework in choosing who ultimately removes your tooth.

Tooth Extraction Cost | Best Dental
Tooth Extraction Cost | Best Dental

Surgical extractions

Some teeth are broken down beneath the gum line, and need to be surgically removed. This means that the price of the tooth extraction will go up. Surgical extractions will normally cost you around $350 for their removal at a family dentist. Remember that impacted wisdom teeth also need to be surgically removed, and their price normally runs on the higher end of the range ($750).

Your region

If you’re in New York or Los Angeles, expect to pay more for a tooth extraction versus people located in other regions of the country. People in Los Angeles can expect to pay $100 more on average for their dental extraction(s).

Regions that are more rural around America tend to charge less for tooth extractions than major cities.

Tooth Extraction Cost
Tooth Extraction Cost - Best Dental in Houston, TX

Dental Insurance

If you have dental insurance, your tooth extraction will typically cost less than paying out of pocket. Most PPO insurance will cover at least 50% of the tooth removal procedure. If you are needing to be sedated for your treatment, your carrier may also help burden some of those costs as well.

HMO plans help reduce the cost of tooth extractions as well, but you will need to find a dental team that accepts that form of insurance.

Medicaid also covers certain tooth extractions at 100% leaving you with no out-of-pocket costs.

Other FAQ about tooth extraction costs

What is the cost of a tooth extraction without dental insurance?

The average cost of a tooth extraction without dental insurance ranges from $200-$750 depending on the type of extraction. Remember surgical extractions and wisdom teeth removal will be more expensive than regular tooth extractions

What is the cost to remove a rotten tooth?

Since rotten teeth are normally broken down below the gum line, expect to pay what you would for a surgical extraction; around $350. Prices may change if you have dental insurance.

What is the average cost of a tooth extraction in Texas?

The average cost to remove a tooth in the state of Texas is around $300. The Dallas Fort-Worth area is generally slightly more expensive than cities such as El Paso or San Antonio.