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Tooth extraction can cost as little as $150 and as much as $500+ (common with more complex dental extractions). This depends upon what your dentist charges for their services, and what must be done to fulfill your specific needs. In this guide, we not only help you find out how much it costs for certain types of tooth extractions but right off the bat we answer one of the most popular questions of all…

Why does tooth extraction cost so much?

It’s not an easy question to answer, but you can keep a few things in mind to see why it costs so much to have a dental extraction done. Aside from the experience of your dentist, extracting a tooth comes with cost influencers such as:

·         Sedation for a Comfortable Experience

For some extractions, a local anesthetic is used. However, some extractions require stronger dental anesthetic such as those embraced in sedation dentistry. This requires a separate license and additional training, which is where surgical dentists come in. Overall, the cost of sedation for dental extractions is affected most by the amount of sedation that is needed and how long the procedure is.

·         X-Rays to Tell All When It Comes to Your Needs

Having a clear view of everything is critical for a successful tooth extraction. This will help see if the problematic tooth is affecting other teeth and if a deeper level of care needs to be provided during the extraction procedure. Costs of x-rays depend upon the type of x-ray being performed and how many are needed.

·         Your Comprehensive Dental Exam

This will help you uncover any other dental problems that need to be treated as well and help your dentist know what is ahead of them when it comes to the extraction. You can also discuss dental sedation that is to be used during this exam.

Tooth Extraction Cost | Best Dental in Houston

What are the different types of tooth extractions?

When it comes to the costs of tooth extractions, they do tend to get specific which is why the different types of dental extractions have been laid out below. From what they are to what they cost.

·         Baby Tooth Extraction

In most cases, this is a simple procedure done using a local dental anesthetic. Where a child might have serious dental problems or even dental anxiety, a different sedative can be used if deemed to be necessary by a dentist. Most of the time, extracting a baby tooth only costs around $100 but it has also been known to cost a few hundred at times.

·         Broken Tooth Removal

Removing a broken tooth could go straightforward or it could pose the need for your dentist to cut your gums to remove it completely. What steps must be taken will influence the cost that you’ll have to pay for broken tooth extraction. An average ballpark figure for how much removing a broken tooth costs sits at around $300-$400.

·         Impacted Tooth Extraction

An impacted tooth requires more work than basic types of teeth extraction, and it also requires a level of skill possessed only by surgical dentists. Mainly due to the level of complexity and the possible need for higher levels of sedation that general dentists are unable to administer. The term ‘impacted teeth’ implies that the tooth or teeth are inside the bone tissue of your jaws. Most impacted teeth that are removed are wisdom teeth, and they tend to be more expensive to extract.

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Your dentist will most likely make a cut into your gums, which means that you will have to have stitches when it’s all over with. Everyone’s case is different so, during the initial visit for impacted tooth extraction, your dentist will go over the best options specifically for you.

How much impacted tooth extraction costs depend on a lot of things, but it is safe to say that in our office the cost is $400-$600 for impacted tooth extractions. Whereas we have known dentist offices to charge upwards of over a thousand dollars for this procedure.

·         Simple Dental Extractions

Your tooth that needs to be extracted must be fully visible in your mouth to be classified as simple. It can also not be broken or pushing against other teeth. For most simple dental extractions that don’t require any special treatment, the price is usually around $125. Keep in mind that simple extractions have the potential to be as high as $500 at some dental practices.

As for the follow-up visit, your dentist will usually already have included this in the overall cost for your simple dental extraction. If unsure, be sure to ask when you go in to see them.

·         Surgical Dental Extraction

There are times when tissue may need to be cut and lifted to allow for the removal of a tooth. If this is the case, or the roots themselves are hard to reach, you might have to embrace what is known as a surgical dental extraction.

Higher levels of sedation may also need to be administered depending on the depth of the procedure. On average, $250 is a safe number in terms of average cost for surgical tooth removals, but they can get to be as much as $900.

Will insurance help me pay for a dental extraction?

We have seen that with a lot of insurance companies, they would only cover half (50%) of the cost of tooth extraction. However, there are a select few that will cover the entire cost. Keep in mind that they may limit how much they will pay each year, and this could count towards it.

Other requirements may need to be met, such as the procedure needing to be proven as a medical necessity. Your dentist can help you navigate these waters and advise you on what else can be done in terms of making it financially feasible. Just ask them and let them know what your situation is when you go in to see them for tooth removal (or any other types of dental care).

There are some solid options available when it comes to dental financing, even for those needing help to pay for a dental extraction. Here are some dental financing options available to patients in our Houston dental office.

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