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Affordable Tooth Extraction – Houston, TX

As dentists we are trained to preserve teeth whenever we can. Unfortunately, in some instances, a tooth cannot be saved and a tooth extraction is your best option. At Best Dental, our office provides pain free tooth extraction services in Houston at an affordable price.

Below is a chart showing common prices for tooth removal in the greater Houston, TX area.

Tooth TypeAverage CostPrice RangeOur Price
Front Tooth$250$200-$350$175
Wisdom Tooth$400$350-$500$250

When is a Tooth Extraction Needed?

In general, the best option is to save teeth your teeth. Procedures like tooth colored fillings, and root canals are there to help save our teeth from extractions and further breakdown.  But when a cavity extends deep under your gum tissue, or when the tooth is fractured, or has severe gum disease, a tooth extraction may be recommended as the best option.

Will Dental Insurance Help Pay for my Tooth Extractions?

Most dental insurances will help pay for dental extractions. Every plan will vary in what percentage they will pay for your dental extractions. Rest assured, our dental insurance specialist will find out exactly how much of your treatment will be covered, and what your out of pocket portion will be for your tooth extraction procedure. We also provide our patents with a dental savings plan, and other payment plan options to help pay for your tooth extractions.

What determines the cost of a dental extraction?

Usually the difficulty of a tooth extraction determines cost. If a tooth is a broken down, your gum tissue may need to be reflected back to gain access to a tooth. This is called a surgical extraction, and it usually costs a bit more than your regular dental extraction. Other forms of dental extractions include full bony dental extractions, soft tissue tooth extractions, and wisdom teeth extractions that can be slightly more complicated than the removal of other teeth inside your mouth.

Another determining factor will be how many teeth you are needing to have removed. Some patients, due to the condition of their teeth, will require them to have all of their teeth removed. This is an unfortunate reality that some people face, but with the progress of modern dentures and dental implants, they are once again able to regain their smile and their chewing ability.

Your treating dentist may also determine the cost of a tooth extraction. Dental clinics may cost you slightly less than a private practitioner. Oral surgeons usually charge the most for dental extractions.

Tooth Extraction | Houston Tx

Does your dental office perform tooth root removal?

Sometimes with larger tooth cavities, the entire crown of the the tooth breaks off leaving only the root embedded under the gum tissue. The great news is our surgical dentist can easily remove these roots in a matter of minutes making the procedure not only simple, but affordable as well.

How are tooth extractions performed?

There are a number of steps involved in removing a tooth. Let’s go through them:

  • The tooth is numbed with local anesthetic. The most common anesthetic given these days is no longer Novocaine. It is 2% Lidocaine.
  • Instruments like forceps and elevators are used to remove the whole tooth.
  • If the crown of the tooth breaks off, a surgical blade is used to reflect your gum tissue back to gain access to the tooth.
  • Once the entire tooth including its roots are removed, the socket is irrigated with normal saline.
  • If needed, sutures are used to bring your gum tissue back together. Sutures and membrane are also used if a bone graft is placed in the socket for future dental implant placement.

How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

It normally takes 1-2 weeks for the majority of the healing to occur from a tooth extraction. Remember, surgical tooth extractions that require gum reflection and bone removal will take a longer time to recover from, and will more than likely require stitching after the procedure is completed. Complete healing after a tooth extraction takes between 6-8 weeks.

Is a tooth extraction painful?

If your dental clinician properly numbs the tooth there should be no pain during your procedure. Infected teeth will be more difficult to numb, and your dentist may want to to start a course of antibiotic therapy before your tooth extraction to lessen the infection in the area. The reason why this is done is because infected teeth are a lot harder to anesthetize than teeth that are not infected.

Tooth Extraction | Dentist in Houston, TX

Can you pull an infected tooth?

This question is very subjective, and it will all depend on your dentist. Some dentists have the ability and the skill to completely numb an infected tooth, while others prefer a patient be placed on antibiotics prior to their tooth extraction surgery. Most oral surgeons will remove an infected tooth that same day to prevent any further complications orally or systemically.

What happens if I get an infection after my tooth is extracted?

If you find yourself suffering from an infection after your tooth has been removed, you will need to see your dentist immediately. In most cases, this is due to a portion of the tooth remaining after your procedure, and your doctor will need to remove it to rid your body of the infection.

Can you drive yourself home after a tooth extraction?

Yes you can, unless you decide to undergo IV sedation or oral conscious sedation. Both of these sedation options requires you to stay away from operating a vehicle for at least 24 hours after the procedure. If normal local anesthetic is used then you can certainly drive yourself home after the treatment is completed.

How long after a tooth extraction can you eat normally?

We usually tell our patients to stick with soft foods for the first 24 hours after your dental extraction. After the first day, stay away from spicy foods and carbonated beverages for a period of 1 week. After the one week period, you can resume your regular diet.

When can you brush your teeth after a tooth extraction?

We usually recommend brushing that same day to keep the area as clean as possible while the site is healing. Remember, soft brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush is recommended for the first week. Regular brushing habits can begin after the one week mark.

Can you go to work after a tooth extraction?

This is a great question, and it really depends. If you are going to be sedated for your tooth extraction procedure, you will need to take that day off to rest when you get home. If you have a tooth removed under regular local anesthetic then you can go back to work the same day. Remember that everybody heals differently, so make sure that you take the medications that are prescribed to you to accelerate the healing process as fast as possible.

What should I avoid doing after a tooth extraction?

The following is a recommended list of things to avoid after tooth removal:

  1. Avoid smoking for at least 1 week to prevent dry socket formation
  2. Do not use a straw for 1 week
  3. No carbonated beverages for 1 week
  4. No spicy foods for 1 week
  5. Do not use alcohol based mouth rinses for a period of 2 weeks
  6. Avoid spitting when rinsing your mouth to prevent a dry socket. This should be avoided for a period of a week.
  7. Avoid lifting heavy machinery for 72 hours after your tooth extraction

If you are looking for dental extraction services in Houston, TX, come see our team at Best Dental for affordable dental extractions. We treat each of our patients like family members. Come be a part of our patient family. We hope to see you very soon!