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It’s no secret that “finding a female dentist near me” is at the top of many people’s minds, and we’re seeing more people embracing the idea than they ever have before. Both men and women have found that a female dentist can provide them with the level of care that they expect.

Known as one of the top dentists in Houston, Dr. Jasmine is known for providing the best dental care without charging her patients an arm and a leg. Everyone can say that they run a leading dental office, but we base our opinion on what our patients say about us. Look on Google and Facebook, and you will see that we have maintained a 5-star rating from those we serve.

Best Dental is a dream that Dr. Naderi has had since she entered the field of dentistry. Inspired and guided into her career as a dental professional by her dentist, Dr. Fulton, she has continued to refine her approach to dentistry to ensure that her patients get the best dental care possible. She treats each patient as if they were one of her family members; it’s a level of care that has been forgotten in many dental practices today, but not at hers.

With over 20 years of experience, she knows what it takes for the best results.

Dentistry wasn’t the first major for Dr. Jasmine Naderi, as she leaped from being a pre-med student to becoming a dentist after discovering this was the route that she truly wanted to take. In 2002, she graduated from the University of Texas Dental Branch (a dental program that ranks in the top 25 nationally).

After graduating, she spent over 16 years fulfilling her mission to provide the best dental care in Houston everywhere she worked. This is where she was also able to refine her signature approach to dentistry—one where compassion is shown, and everyone is treated like family and friends. Unfortunately, too many dental offices have lost this approach to care, and she wanted to deliver it every day to those who trusted her for their dental services.

Even though Dr. Naderi went on to start Best Dental in 2019, this didn’t mean that she lost her loyal following of patients that followed her to every dental clinic she worked at. On the contrary, Best Dental brought most of her patients in over the years with open arms and provided them with the opportunity to work with the female dentist they have continued to trust.

After countless dental procedures ranging in various complexities, you can rest assured that she knows what it takes to embrace a beautiful smile and deliver the most comfortable dental experience possible. In addition, as a female surgical dentist, she can provide her patients with dental services ranging from sedation dentist to oral surgery without having to refer them to another dentist.

Female Dentist | Houston, TX

Dr. Jasmine Naderi is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and skills as a dentist.

When it comes to dental technology, there is always something that can be learned or improved. For this reason, Dr. Naderi has dedicated her career to embracing the latest in technology and implementing the best opportunities in her practice.

It’s not just a job for Dr. Naderi; it’s something that has become her main hobby as the world of dentistry challenges not only her but also one that has grabbed her interest for many years. In fact, during her spare time, when she’s not raising her two children or attending to her patients in the office, you will find her studying dentistry to make sure that nothing passes her by.

Learning is something that Dr. Naderi loves to do, and this is also why she embraces continuing education on top of the many hours that she has already completed. It ensures that she stays on top of her dental knowledge while giving her patients some of the best treatment they can receive from any female dentist in the Houston area. After all, it’s her ultimate goal to do so.

A top female dentist in Houston performs all your dental procedures under one roof.

You could choose a dentist who will send you to another provider when you have complex dental needs such as wisdom tooth extraction or any other type of oral surgery. Then again, you could choose someone that has continued to be regarded as one of Houston’s finest dentists.

We’re a full-service dental office that is capable of providing sedation dentistry, and other dental procedures such as:



Dental Bridges

Dental Crowns


Emergency Dental Services


Full Mouth Reconstruction

Holistic Dentistry

Invisalign Treatment

Night Guard

Root Canals

– And much more…

If you don’t see something listed that you need to be taken care of, feel free to reach out to us as we are a full-service family dentist able to provide many more services than what’s listed. We want to ensure that every patient can have us take care of every aspect of their dental care, no matter how simple or complex their needs may be.

We aim to provide honest and reputable dental care day in and day out.

From the rates that we charge to our service, our primary goal is to provide the best dental care while being honest and maintaining a solid reputation as a dental provider. This attitude has led Dr. Jasmine Naderi to be the recipient of an award for “Top Doctor” not only in 2020 but in previous years as well.

On top of having high standards, Dr. Naderi maintains industry memberships such as with the American Dental Association (one of the most prestigious dental organizations in the US) and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, where she is an Associate Fellow. These memberships ensure that our dental office has to uphold the strictest standards in the industry. Still, it also lets us harness any opportunities that arise as the world of dentistry continues to advance.

As far as keeping a solid reputation, we believe that our countless reviews from our patients prove that our approach fulfills the best interests. If we weren’t able to maintain such a high rating, we would be questioning ourselves, but this isn’t the case as we continue to maintain a 5-star rating on multiple third-party websites such as Google and Facebook.

Female Dentist | Best Dental in Houston, TX

On top of providing the best dental care, Dr. Naderi is focused on helping her community.

Being from Houston, Dr. Naderi has always made sure that she is focused on the community she serves, as it’s the only way that one can ensure that everyone gets the help that they need when they need it the most. As a result, you will find her office (Best Dental) participating in food drives for local food banks (such as the Houston Food Bank) throughout the year and contributing to various non-profits.

Dr. Jasmine Naderi also embraces Smile Train as one of her favorite organizations because it provides children with the opportunity to correct cleft lip and palate. She has been one of many volunteer oral surgeons committed to this cause.

“There is nothing as beautiful and innocent as the smile on a child’s face. When a child born with a cleft lip and palate is embarrassed or ashamed to smile, it breaks my heart. By supporting Smile Train, we can restore the light to children’s faces worldwide. We can be the light of the world by sharing ours.”

– Dr. Jasmine Naderi, Source: Voyager Magazine

On top of her many involvements with non-profits, she also volunteers for numerous dental clinics throughout the year. This helps people get the beautiful smile they deserve, even if they can’t afford the cost of going to the dentist. It has been one of her ongoing commitments since she received her dental degree and will continue to be while she continues being a dentist.

For anyone wanting a dentist that is personally vested in the community they serve, look no further than Best Dental. The practice is committed to making a change with its current commitments and embracing opportunities to help with other causes as they’re discovered.

As a mother, Dr. Jasmine Naderi is committed to maintaining a family dental practice.

It’s no secret that most oral surgeons maintain an office where they perform procedures that general dentists recommend. Still, we want to be a part of every aspect of our patient’s dental care, so Dr. Naderi has maintained her focus as a female dentist in Houston that offers one of the most family-friendly dental offices in the area.

From taking care of your children’s dental needs to seeing that dental care is taken throughout adulthood, there is simply no stopping to how long we’ll be happy to provide modern dental care, regardless of age.

Not to mention, as a mother of two, Dr. Naderi understands the importance of providing children with advice on taking care of their teeth and a painless experience. Every part of our office is put together with families in mind. If you want a dentist that can take care of every member of your family, this is the place that you will want to be.

Every patient gets a customized treatment plan that they provide input on.

We know that every patient has their way of how they would like things done, especially when it comes to something as important as dental care. We could have embraced a “one size fits all solution” here at Best Dental, but that wouldn’t set us apart from everyone else.

This is why we take the time to listen to your concerns and needs, as we want our patients to have a say in how we do things and how we proceed with treatment. Every single treatment plan that we provide our clients with is completely customized.

From the initial visit to the treatment options, we work hard to ensure that each patient knows what’s in store for them and what other options may be available to them. The result is what the patient wants it to be and nothing less. Our approach is what we believe to be the most personalized experience offered among dental practices today.

Are you ready to embrace dentistry in Houston with a woman’s touch?

There are only a select number of female dentists in Houston, with Dr. Naderi of Best Dental being one that has won multiple awards, as well as had the opportunity to be featured in local media outlets as well due to the level of care that she has provided her patients with over the years.

If a woman’s touch is what you seek, this is the best place to find it as we ensure that the experience will be both memorable and beneficial for the rest of your life. So, no matter what your dental needs may be, pick up the phone and call us at (281) 762-0637. You can also send a contact request via our secure form located on this website.

Don’t worry; we accept most types of insurance, and for those who may not have insurance, we have many financing options available. We also provide patients with a dental savings plan that can save them quite a bit on any dental treatment. Remember to let the office know that you would like to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Jasmine Naderi directly if you prefer to have a female dentist.