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Do you have a painful tooth, swelling that seems excessive, or trouble opening/closing your mouth? If so, Best Dental in Houston will be happy to provide you with a solution to your urgent dental care needs. Call our office today so that we can get you in at the soonest available time. New patients welcome!

Emergency Dental Services Defined: Any dental procedure required to prevent potentially life-threatening situations, reducing the chance of an oral infection spreading to other parts of the body or affecting vital organs, stop any ongoing bleeding coming from oral tissues, the trauma that damaged one’s facial bones,  and mitigates any pain that other methods of pain suppression failed to help with.

What is classified as urgent dental care?

When it comes to a matter of urgency, this is left up to your dentist to decide what can and can’t wait for an appointment or visit at their office the next day. However, most dental practices stay aligned with the American Dental Association as to what’s considered urgent dental care at the end of the day.

You will find that the most commonly accepted types of urgent dental care are:

Toothaches Loose Teeth Broken Teeth Knocked-Out Teeth
Broken Teeth Broken Dentures Periodontal Pain (Gum Pain) Oral Infections
Abscessed Tooth Cracked Fillings Cosmetic Dentistry Emergencies Trauma to Oral Tissue


At any time, your dentist can classify an issue that you are having as a dental emergency and see to it that the appropriate treatment is provided immediately. Before we go any further, you must keep in mind that urgent medical treatment of any kind, including dental treatments, come at higher costs than what would be billed as treatment during regular hours with regular conditions.

The first step to urgent dental care is to pick up the phone and call your dentist.

Whether you just knocked a tooth out, or you just can’t take the pain anymore, reach out to your primary dentist immediately to share your concerns. That way you know that you have pursued the right solution that can provide lasting results than temporary solutions home remedies are known for.

Most dentists will provide you with contact information to use in case you ever need an emergency dentist if they aren’t set up to do so. One more thing, at most dental clinics they have an after-hours answering service so that even if you don’t know of an emergency dental provider, you can still reach out to someone to see what steps you need to take next to eliminate your dental nightmare.

No primary dentist? It’s time to find where to go for a dental emergency.

You can either reach out to a Google search for urgent dental care reviews left by patients of dentists in your area that provide select services outside of their regular office hours. This 1 trick has helped many prevent what could have been a disappointing dental experience, but know they chose correctly.

If you’re in the Houston area, just call our office and set up an appointment. We assure you that you will receive the best dental treatment at the best cost within the Houston Metro area (and even beyond).

Make sure that you don’t have to have someone drive you home when you go in.

Sometimes you will be required to embrace laughing gas and/or IV sedation, which are the strongest forms of sedatives used for dental procedures. These can both have lingering effects which could hinder your ability to drive after your dentist appointment. Make sure that you don’t need to bring an escort with you to ensure that you have a safe trip home without the risk of getting into an accident.

If a local sedative is used, you will not experience these types of aftereffects. It’s only when the more intense forms of sedation dentistry become embraced.

Urgent Dental Care

Know what your financial arrangements are for urgent dentistry services.

Some insurance will help cover a certain amount of the cost of emergency dentistry, but there are others where they will refuse to cover urgent dental care. Knowing whether your insurance is going to help is critical when it comes to finding out how much of an expense this dental trip will be.

If insurance is an issue, or you need someone to work with you on paying out the visit in regular installments, bring this up when you call your dentist. Just let them know you would prefer to know whether you will be able to pay for the treatment that you need urgently. They usually have resources at their disposal that they can point you to or provide you with.

Understand that you may have to see the urgent care dentist for follow-ups.

Just like with any other type of procedure administered by a dentist or doctor, it depends on the extent that it went to and your current state of oral health. If your emergency dental provider sees a need to schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure a good outcome, they will do so and it will normally be during their normal office operating hours.

While it may be tempting to save a few bucks and not make it back for that 2nd appointment after your trip to an emergency dental care clinic, the results could cost you more in the long run. We have even seen patients lose their teeth completely because of failing to make their follow-up appointment.

What makes us different from other urgent dental care practitioners?

Anyone can say that they’re not like everyone else, but only a select few can truly prove it. Being different means approaching methods and situations in ways that are unique to oneself or the entire business as a whole. At Best Dental, we always look for dental breakthroughs and other opportunities.

We can sum up 3 facts about how we have stood out as a leading dental practice in Houston as determined by our 5-star ratings on leading social networks and the awards we have received. They are:

  • Affordability – The cost of dental care use to be enough to make you cringe, but thankfully dentistry has understood how to defeat this with a new way of doing things. A way that has cut the cost for certain procedures significantly and provided dentists with other options that can be presented to their patients, even those who might have a tight budget to work with. We believe in serving our patients the right way, and that is to look out for them in every way that we can without sacrificing the quality that they embrace via patient experience. One of the ways we do this is by keeping our eye on the local costs of dental work constantly, to ensure that we remain the most affordable urgent care provider and dental office in Houston.
  • Experience – Nearing almost 2 decades in life as a dental professional, Dr. Jasmine Naderi has remained dedicated to providing her unique style of care to the Houston area. Without limitations, as she is a capable surgical dentist that is responsible for our “one-stop dental shop.” This means that complex dental issues and exposure to the most intensive dental situations have always prepared her to deliver an exceptional level of care to her patients. Judging by what others have said, it seems to be working rather well, to say the least.
  • Many Possibilities – No matter if you need a simple urgent care visit, or you have an even more complex dental need that you need help with, we’re a full-service dental practice able to provide all types of dental treatments as well as various forms of sedation. Instead of making you go to 100 places like a general dentist would have done in the past, you can just come here.

Urgent Dental Care in Houston, TX | Best Dental

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