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You could have aesthetic issues with your teeth that are impacting your smile and the general appearance of your mouth. Problems like this can impact confidence and many people will want to explore options on getting minor and major issues repaired. This could be true if you have a tooth or multiple teeth that are cracked, chipped, damaged or discolored. 

There are numerous treatment options available for those who are keen to restore teeth that have been damaged and ensure that they have a beautiful smile once more. One of the best possibilities is dental veneers, and our Houston and Richmond office delivers them at an affordable price

What Is A Veneer?

A veneer is a thin, precisely made material that is designed to fit over your natural teeth. The material is usually incredibly thin and the idea is that your teeth will look beautiful and natural while also enhancing your smile. As such, they can be used for all the issues that are mentioned above. In some cases, veneers may also be used for areas where there is a gap in your teeth or there is a tooth that is slightly out of place. They are absolutely ideal for issues that are having a minor impact on the cosmetic appearance of your smile. 

You can also use multiple veneers to complete a smile makeover and radically transform the appearance of your smile. In some cases, they may be used with other treatment options too. 

How Do They Work?

Veneers work similar to a fake nail that is fitted onto the natural nail. First, it is important that the tooth in question is prepared the right way. This often includes creating a rough edge. The aim here is to ensure that the tooth will match the appearance of the other surrounding teeth and that adding the veneer does not make it look larger or out of place. As such, it may be necessary to ensure that a thin layer of enamel is removed from the natural tooth. This is a minor change and the patient will feel little to no discomfort during this process. 

Once the tooth has been prepared a second appointment will be used to add the veneer. In some cases, a temporary veneer will be fitted in the time between this process. However, in most cases, this will not be necessary. The patient will also get to view how the veneer appears before it is permanently attached to the tooth.

Once the veneer is secure, minor adjustments can be made to ensure that it looks like a natural part of the tooth and fits well with the rest of the mouth. However, usually, this will not be needed. This is due to the fact that the veneer is carefully prepared to ensure it provides the perfect fit. 

Veneer Specials in Houston, TX 

It is important to be aware that veneers can be made of a variety of different materials. However, custom veneers will be made from wafer-thin porcelain. The aim here is to ensure that you have a beautiful veneer that perfectly resembles both the color of the tooth underneath and the teeth surrounding the area. In other words, there will be absolutely no noticeable difference between the tooth that has been corrected and the natural teeth in your mouth. 

It is worth noting that the porcelain material also feels wonderful and before long you will forget it is there completely. It doesn’t just look great, it provides the right sensory benefits too. You won’t notice it when you are chewing food or speaking. 

Our veneers specials vary from month to month, but as of this month we are taking off $1,000 off your smile makeover. This is for 6 dental veneers.

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Benefits Of Veneers

There are numerous benefits of opting for veneer specials that you may want to consider. We have already mentioned the aesthetic benefits. You won’t have to worry about your teeth looking odd or out of place when you opt for this treatment. 

However, there are practical benefits too. With veneer, specials you can ensure that the tooth in question does not get damaged further. This is a possibility due to the level of wear and tear sustained through the typical lifestyle. It is possible for a chip or issue with the tooth to grow. Veneer, specials can protect you from this problem. 

It is also a far more simple process compared with other possibilities. As such, it can be completed at a lower level of time compared with a crown or even a filling. 

How Much Will A Veneer Special Cost?

It is important to note that veneer specials that are made of porcelain will be considerably more expensive than the typical composite veneers. Composite veneers are available at prices between $250 and $1,500. In contrast, porcelain veneer specials begin at $925 and can be as much as $2,500. This is for each tooth that needs to be corrected. If you need multiple veneers then it can cost considerably more. 

However, there is a benefit to this option. Porcelain veneers will lose longer compared to the alternatives available. Veneers typically last 15-20 years, and we our proud to be your dental affordable options in the greater Houston, TX area. We offer veneer specials at $1,000 off the traditional for 6 dental veneers.

Type of VeneerAverage Cost per Unit in Houston, TXPrice RangeOur Price
Composite Veneer$650$500-$700$500
Porcelain Veneer$1,000$750-$1,400$800

Similar to natural teeth veneers may get damaged over time. They can crack or chip. However, in cases like this, it is possible to repair veneers. In some cases, it may also be necessary to replace a veneer that has become damaged. You will need to discuss this option with your dentist once you notice a change to your veneer. They will be able to recommend the best option available to you. 

Contrary to belief, there is no evidence to suggest that fitted veneer specials will damage or negatively impact your teeth. Instead, they provide a strong and natural service that may actually offer a certain level of protection. 

If you are in the greater Houston area and are looking for Veneer Specials call our expert team today!