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A dental emergency can be extremely distressing. When you damage your tooth in an injury at work or on the sports pitch, when you crack a tooth when eating or when you simply get a pain in your tooth that you can’t explain, it can be a source of enormous stress. And when this results in the complete and partial loss of a tooth, you may worry that you’ll never get your smile back again. What’s more, if your regular dentist isn’t available or if you don’t have a healthcare plan that covers dental you may feel anxiety at the prospect of spiralling costs.

Thus, no matter what the pain, discomfort or anxiety caused you may be put off receiving the dental care you need and wondering…

Can’t I just wait it out?

You may be tempted to wait out dental pain or tooth damage and see if it gets better on its own. But rarely does this ever happen. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something’s wrong. And your teeth, gums and mouth are an extremely complicated ecosystem of nerves and tissues. Every time you eat or drink anything, or make the slightest movement with your mouth you can risk causing further damage or exacerbating your pain. In the case of tooth loss, the longer you wait, the less chance there is of saving the tooth.

Whatever the nature of your pain, accident or injury you should see a Walk-In Dentist as soon as possible. 

What is a Walk-In Dentist?

A Walk-In Dentist specializes in providing emergency appointments to those experiencing tooth pain or dental injury. They are fully equipped to offer on-the-spot relief and treatment which will either cure the issue in its entirety or provide a temporary solution after which you can follow up with your regular dentist later.  

Essentially, a Walk-In Dentist can provide you with everything you need to rectify dental issues as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your usual quality of life without pain, discomfort or anxiety.

They give you the fast, effective care you need quickly and efficiently.

walk in dentist houston, tx

What sort of people does a Walk-In Dentist see?

A Walk-In Dentist is qualified to see all kinds of patients and attend to all their dental needs regardless of their history or the nature of the accident or emergency. While anyone can see a Walk-In Dentist for emergency treatments, they are often used by;

  • Busy parents who can’t slow down for a minute
  • Seniors who need comprehensive dental care on a fixed income 
  • People who need immediate care but can’t afford to take time off work
  • Those who are between dental care providers but who need care immediately
  • People who have recently moved to the area and do not yet have a family dentist

Do I need an appointment to see a Walk-In Dentist?

In most cases, you’ll be able to see a Walk-In Dentist without the need to make an appointment. A Walk-In Dentist’s practice is designed to provide emergency care to those who need it most, so they’ll usually be able to see you quickly with minimal waiting times. A Walk-In Dentist understands the importance of getting fast on-the-spot care so that’s exactly what you can expect to get. 

Can I take my son or daughter to see a Walk-In Dentist?

Yes, absolutely. A Walk-In Dentist is trained to handle all kinds of dental care emergencies especially those pertaining to children’s teeth. They know how distressing dental pain can be for little ones and their parents and will work quickly to resolve the issue. 

What services does a Walk-In Dentist offer?

A Walk-In Dentist provides a comprehensive range of treatment services to get patients who are in pain and distress up and running (or up and chomping) again. Even if a tooth has been chipped, cracked, broken or lost they’ll be able to provide a temporary solution to restore your smile and allow you to eat with confidence. 

Their services include;

  • Abscessed Tooth Treatment- An abscessed tooth occurs when an infection causes a pocket of pus to form around the root of the tooth. These painful infections can spread to other parts of the body, which is why it’s so important to see a Walk-In Dentist quickly. They can use antibiotics to clear the infection before performing a root canal on the infected tooth. Depending on the damage caused, they may recommend putting a crown in place to protect the tooth or extracting it completely. 
  • Root Canals- These treatments are necessary when an infection in the pulp of the tooth causes pain and damage. This is an essential preventative treatment to stop the infection from spreading through the body or requiring the tooth to be extracted. a painful abscess could develop and the tooth may have to be extracted. The infected tissue is removed under anesthesia and the tooth is filled and sealed. In most cases a protective cap is also applied.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal-  When wisdom teeth have no room to grow in the mouth they can become impacted. This can cause severe pain and discomfort. A Walk-In Dentist can remove the wisdom tooth to prevent this from happening. 
  • Dental Bridges and Crowns- Where tooth extraction is required, a Walk-In Dentist will be able to provide temporary dental bridges and crowns so you can go back to living your life as usual. 

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What if my insurance doesn’t cover dental care?

A Walk-In Dentist will allow you an affordable range of treatment options to suit all budgets. They will work with you to find the treatment plan that gives you the relief you need without breaking the bank. So, even if you don’t currently have dental insurance, you won’t need to worry about your treatment costing the Earth. Many even have flexible repayment options to spread the cost of treatment. Also we want you know that we offer a dental savings plan to help with any costs that you may incur.

If, however, your current insurance plan does include dental care, your Walk-In Dentist will provide you with the receipt which you will need to claim for expenses incurred. They will also be able to check with you which treatments are covered under your current plan so you’ll never need to worry about unpleasant surprises.