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A soft tissue wisdom tooth (also known as third molars) is considered to be an impacted wisdom tooth. It can be seen in the mouth, but is covered partially or completely with gum tissue. Similar to erupted wisdom teeth, these third molars can cause a myriad of intraoral problems. One of the major concerns is the prevalence of pericoronitis with these teeth. Pericoronitis is an inflammatory condition that can cause swelling and irritation to the soft tissue that is overlying these teeth.

What is a soft tissue wisdom tooth extraction?

This is almost exactly the same as a traditional extraction of an erupted wisdom tooth, but with the soft tissue either removed first or reflected back. This allows the clinician to observe the third molar inside the mouth. These teeth tend to be slightly more difficult to remove in comparison with erupted wisdom teeth, and hence they are more expensive to remove. The fact that the soft tissue needs to be reflected can make these extractions slightly complicated, so make sure your dentist or oral surgeon has plenty of experience removing these types of teeth.

What does it cost to remove a soft tissue impacted wisdom tooth?

The cost to remove a soft tissue wisdom tooth is $500. The price can vary based on the complexity of the procedure, how long it takes, and the treating clinician that is handling your treatment.

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Is it necessary to remove these teeth?

At Best Dental, we normally always recommend to remove these soft tissue impacted wisdom teeth. The reason is that they have a high tendency to cause infection inside the mouth that can potentially spread to other areas of the body. The soft tissue becomes a nidus for bacteria to accumulate, and is a very difficult area to keep clean. It is always best to remove these teeth while you are young as we can heal a lot faster in our youth.

Will removing these soft tissue wisdom teeth alter the shape of my face?

Removing wisdom teeth will not change the shape of your face, as it is your musculature and jawbones that dictate facial shape and recognition. Once your teeth are removed, there will be slight swelling in the area for a period of one week. Afterwards, your facial shape will return back to normal.

How are soft tissue impacted wisdom teeth removed?

Similarly to erupted wisdom teeth, these teeth are removed in a step by step process:

  • Local anesthesia is used to numb the area
  • An incision blade (called a 15 blade) is used to reflect the soft tissue overlying the tooth
  • Bone may be removed to expose the tooth further with a dental hand-piece
  • Elevators and forceps are used to remove the tooth
  • The area is cleansed with saline
  • A dis-solvable stitch is placed (these dissolve within 10 days)

If you have a soft tissue impacted wisdom tooth that is bothering you, come see our team at Best Dental. We have the surgery experts to help you with any issue that you may have.

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