When do you need a root canal? | Article by Dr. Jasmine Naderi | Houston dentist

It’s expected to want to know whether you need a root canal or not, any type of dental procedure is enough to have a person second-guessing it. Not like it’s something that we look forward to when we wake up every day, but it’s become necessary for us to not ignore a healthy dental regime.

For almost 20 years, I have been providing root canals and other types of advanced dentistry procedures in the Houston area. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago I branched out onto my own to deliver a different kind of dental experience for patients who share this awesome city we live in. However, hard work seems to have paid off as we have received awards and maintained a 5-star among our patients.

If you’re in the Houston area, reach out to our team directly for the best dental care, whether it’s a root canal or something as extensive as dental implants. Need to know a little bit more about determining if a root canal is needed or not? Continue reading, I’ve got you covered.

A Quick Look at the Root Canal Procedure

We’re not going to get too deep into the ins and outs of a root canal procedure or even how much a root canal costs, as we’ve done that here in this article. It’s time to stay simple and get straight to it.

The purpose of a root canal is to get rid of bacteria that has found itself inside your tooth at the center (which is called the pulp). It is also meant to help prevent any future infections as well so that your tooth does not get put at greater risk that may force an extraction to be necessary.

Usually, this can be done in a single visit to the dentist’s office, but in some cases, it could require more than 1 appointment dependent on your situation. It can be thought of as something like going in to have a filling done where you had a cavity. It is one of the less extensive dental procedures we do but it does play an important part when it comes to good oral health.

When does someone need a root canal? | Best Dental

Signs of Needing a Root Canal Done

To help you decide whether this is something you should be aware of or not, I featured my hand-picked selection of top root canal symptoms below.

A Gum Boil Develops

This often occurs near the infected tooth that may need a root canal. The infection could even be coming from the pimple on your gums. Possibly even leading to a nasty taste in your mouth that can be hard to get rid of. This isn’t something that will go away without dental treatment, even if it seems like it does.

Any Pain You Feel Consistently

Deep tooth pain is a common sign that patients see before going to the dentist only to find out that they must undergo a root canal immediately. However, it could also be signs of other things which is why any toothache should be enough to warrant a visit to your local dentist. If the pain is bad enough, you might consider an emergency dentist for your toothache.

Bad Breath Even After Brushing Teeth

This is caused by a tooth infection, and the ones inside of teeth seem to be the worst as they can quickly spiral out of control if left untreated. You will only get a clear picture of the cause when your dentist sees you and/or you see an x-ray of the infected tooth.

Chipped/Cracked Teeth Increase the Risk of Infection

They also increase the chance that one might need to have a root canal done, as they allow teeth (especially the inner parts) to become infected even easier. It’s something that bacteria loves to see as it’s thrived on so to speak. Not to mention, when you chip or crack your tooth you could have also damaged the nerve inside your tooth which can require root canal therapy.

Discoloration Appears on a Single Tooth

A tooth could turn grayish-black or even black in some cases when the pulp of a tooth has died or when an infection has started to spread on the inner part of your tooth. This is a clear-cut sign that a root canal must be done to try to save the tooth’s root as well as the tooth itself. Not doing so has been known to losing the tooth for good.

Feeling Sick & Not Knowing the Reason Why

A tooth infection could cause you to run a fever and even feel physically ill, it is far from being an uncommon root canal symptom as we see it more times than not with our root canal patients here in our Houston dental office. Should you think that your tooth is the reason you feel sick, call a dentist immediately. Especially is you notice any of the other signs of needing a root canal that we covered here today. Remember, the sooner the better.

Increased Sensitivity & Swelling of the Gums

When a tooth becomes infected, it starts to affect other parts of your body as well. Swelling is a good way that it does this and often one of the first signs that one comes to experience. You can alleviate the swelling with an ice pack for 15 minutes, then taking it off for 15 minutes and repeating as needed. However, this is not a long-term solution since only a dental professional can make sure all dental problems are addressed at once.

Tooth Feels Higher Than Other Teeth Surrounding It

Or maybe it’s even easy to move. Either way, it is a strong sign that you might want to get into your dentist to determine whether a root canal is necessary or not. It is the result of body acids softening the bone around your tooth that are meant to support it. Most of the time this is seen when the pulp of the tooth has died.

When do you need a root canal? | Best Dental

Find a Knowledgeable Root Canal Specialist Near You

Finding the best dentist isn’t something that’s done by not evaluating the options out there. It’s done by making sure the chosen dentist aims to remain a pivotal part of dentistry while networking with other dental professionals to deliver the best and most modern dental experience to their patients.

For example, as an award-winning root canal expert, I have active membership in dental associations such as the American Dental Association and American Academy of Implant Dentistry. This provides me with the opportunity to share strategies with other leading surgical dentists to improve ours. It’s an opportunity in itself that has contributed to a great approach that our patients continue to talk about.

Here at Best Dental, we’re always trying to embrace the best dental technology of today and deliver the most comfortable experience possible. As a full-service dental office in Houston, we aim to provide the best results at the friendliest cost possible as we are in it for the long haul. Questions? Call us!