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Best Dental offers Houston, TX residents with affordable wisdom teeth extractions, including third molars that are impacted. These teeth tend to cause oral infections that can lead to sepsis and spread to other areas of the body.

Your initial consultation is complimentary, including your x-rays. Our expert team here at Best Dental have removed over 25,000+ teeth and performed over 5,000 sedations. 

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last teeth to develop inside your jawbone. The either erupt or remain embedded within the jaw where they become affectionately known as “impacted wisdom teeth.” The reason they remain impacted in the jaw is because most people do not have the jaw space for these teeth to properly erupt. Because of this wisdom teeth can cause a myriad of problems inside the mouth including infections, cysts, adjacent tooth damage,  and some times even jaw tumors. In some cases, the soft tissue overlying the wisdom tooth can get inflamed and infected leading to a condition called Pericoronitis.

Once your wisdom teeth are removed, a blood clot forms in the holes or sockets which stimulates bone formation in the area. Complete healing after wisdom teeth extractions is around 6-8 weeks for most people.

Most wisdom teeth removal procedures require the oral surgeon to remove bone surrounding the teeth making these surgical extractions. After the tooth is removed, normally a dissolvable stitch is placed to bring the gum tissues back together.

Most people end up getting these wisdom teeth removed at an early age to prevent oral health issues down the road. At Best Dental, we make an emphasis to get these teeth removed to prevent any of these issues from occurring. Ultimately, you want your wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgery expert who has successfully removed over 20,000 wisdom teeth in his career.

Can Houston Residents Afford Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The majority of Houston residents simply cannot afford wisdom teeth removal because of the high costs. This is why our team at Best Dental have lowered our prices (without sacrificing our quality); so that Houston residents get the treatment that they need at an affordable price. Currently, to remove all four wisdom teeth with sedation will cost you $3,000 in the greater Houston area. At Best Dental, Dr. Jasmine and her team have lowered this cost to just $1,400. This price includes IV Sedation as well.

For patients who prefer not to be sedated, local anesthesia is an option as well (the surgical dentist in this case just numbs the teeth). We will extract all four of your wisdom teeth for $999 if you do not mind being awake for your procedure. That’s $250 per wisdom tooth.

A lot of times even these prices can still be cumbersome for our patients. This is why our team offers multiple finance options to Houston residents who are in need to get their wisdom teeth extracted. We work closely with third party finance companies like CareCredit® and Lending Club to allow our patients to pay small monthly payments at 0% interest for up to 24 months. What better way than to get affordable wisdom teeth removal!

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Houston Tx | Best Dental

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost in Houston?

As previously mentioned, the average cost to remove all four wisdom teeth in Houston, Tx is $3,000. This includes IV Sedation (sleep dentistry) as well.

Most patients do not require general anesthesia for their extractions unless they are suffering from certain medical conditions.

At Best Dental, our price to extract all four of your wisdom teeth with sedation is only $1,400. You will have a difficult time finding a better deal in and around the Houston area while maintaining the high quality and standards that our office has for our patients. The great news is the exam and x-rays are completely complimentary at our office.

What is even better is that most dental insurance plans cover wisdom teeth extractions as well as sedation. This will likely lower your costs even more, making the whole process extremely affordable for your family. Each plan will cover the wisdom teeth removal procedure at a different rate and percentage, but rest assured that our team will break down your exact prices at your complimentary examination appointment.

Saving money on your procedure with our Dental Savings Plan

If you are in need of other dental work, our dental savings plan can be really useful. For $200 a year, you are able to save 10% on all your dental treatment including wisdom teeth removal. Even though this may not save you money on the procedure itself, it will sharply cut costs on any other dental treatment that you may need. Just ask our team to go over the specifics with you during your examination.

How much do you charge if I only need one wisdom tooth removed?

If you are only in need to remove a single wisdom tooth, our office charges a flat fee of $250. This is whether your wisdom tooth is impacted or erupted. If you are needing sedation, we charge an additional $400 to put you to sleep. There is no bait and switch with our team at Best Dental. You will not be charged one penny more than what we advertise here on our website. Also remember that our consultation and examinations are complimentary to all our patients.

Why is the wisdom tooth removal process so expensive?

Even though we have drastically reduced our prices to help residents of Houston find affordable wisdom teeth removal care, our prices can still be cumbersome for some people. We need to go over why this particular procedure can be so pricey so that you have a better understanding of the risks involved with your dental team.

  • Supply and material costs: The cost of supplies ranging from IV bags, blades, to surgical instruments can be quite expensive for your surgery team
  • Risks involved: It takes great skill and precision to remove wisdom teeth (especially if they are impacted). The difficulty of the procedure makes the treatment more expensive
  • Chair time: A lot of your dental teams chair time will be occupied by a sedation procedure, making it less profitable for them if they don’t charge enough

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What finance options are there for wisdom teeth removal?

At Best Dental, we offer multiple finance options for our patients who are needing their wisdom teeth removed. We want to make getting your wisdom teeth removed as affordable as we can. We also understand that getting your wisdom teeth extracted is not a cheap endeavor even with the discounts that we offer. Let’s go over some finance options that you have:

  • Third party financing that allows for small monthly payments at 0% interest for up to 24 months. For those who qualify, costs can be as low as $59 a month.
  • Dental Savings Plan: Allowing our patients to save 15% off all their dental treatment
  • Cash payment: Our cash patients save 5% off their wisdom teeth removal care

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is not anyone’s idea of fun. It’s a process that most of us have to go through. Let our team at Best Dental give you the quality care you deserve and an affordable price. If you are in the greater Houston area, come say hello to our team.

We hope to meet you soon!