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When it comes to taking care of your health many people think about things like eating right and exercising (whether we do those things or not is another story entirely). What many people don’t think about is their teeth. But your oral hygiene is extremely important and it actually plays a very big role in how you’re going to feel overall. That’s because your teeth and your mouth are interconnected with other parts of your body. If one isn’t doing well you’re going to struggle in other areas. Which is why you need a Sugar Land Dentist that can help you improve your health.

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The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene includes more than just your teeth. It’s actually about the teeth, the gums and the rest of the mouth as well, all areas that you should be brushing every day. If you’re taking care of your oral hygiene you’re going to have a number of great benefits right off the bat. Some of these include prevention of bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. But you’re also going to have other aspects of your health that are greatly improved by taking care of your mouth.

Those with poor oral hygiene can actually be at higher risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and even preterm labor. And all of this because you’re not doing things like brushing your teeth and flossing! Could you imagine what it could mean for your body if you were just taking these few simple steps and reducing your risk for extremely serious diseases? When it comes down to it, the right Sugar Land dentist is only going to need a few minutes (or less) looking at you to see whether you’re doing a good job or a bad job caring for your overall health, not just your mouth.

Your doctor would be able to take a look at your mouth and swab just a little saliva and tell a whole lot about you as well. They would be able to predict serious diseases and medical conditions just by looking at your saliva because it can actually show them a whole lot about the rest of your body. Things like HIV and AIDS, diabetes and other systemic diseases often have symptoms that will affect your mouth. Potentially over 90% of systemic diseases will give you some type of oral signs and that’s definitely a good reason to be taking care of your mouth.

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How it All Works

Your mouth is one of your first lines of defense when it comes to things like bacteria and even different types of viruses that can wreak havoc on your body. The way it works is first with your saliva. Yes, your saliva is actually a way that your body fights these things because many of them are actually going to come directly through the mouth. So, just how does your saliva do it? Well, the first step is the antibodies that it contains.

Antibodies in your saliva are able to attack what are called viral pathogens. Those are things like HIV and even the common cold. Then there are histatins in there that fight off fungus that can otherwise grow naturally within your body. Finally, your saliva also contains enzymes that are able to fight off and eliminate different types of bacteria (the kind that your body doesn’t want). They’re able to stop the bacteria from growing and they can inhibit the way that your body allows it to produce. All of that is super important to keeping you healthier, but if you’re not taking care of your mouth you end up with trouble.

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What You Should Be Doing

Let’s take a look at what you should actually be doing routinely to make sure that you have the best smile possible. After all, you want to make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your mouth healthy (we’ll get into more of just why in a minute). It’s going to involve a simple enough process of brushing, flossing, mouthwash and visiting your dentist. By doing all four of these things you’re going to set yourself up for better oral health and you’re definitely going to be better prepared in case something does go wrong.

First up, brushing your teeth. You should be brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day. Once should be in the morning and the second should be in the evening after you’ve finished eating for the day. Each of those times should also last at least 2 minutes and you should make sure that you’re going over all parts of your teeth, front to back, top to bottom and forward and back. Make sure you’re getting in between the teeth and under the gum line as well. Plus, you should be brushing your tongue as well. Keeping your toothbrush at approximately a 45 degree angle will help you with this.

When it comes to flossing you should be doing it at least once per day. You want to make sure you work the floss in between each of your teeth and that you’re using it alongside the curve of your teeth. You want to be gentle because you could end up hurting your gums if you’re not careful. That floss can definitely be abrasive if you’re rubbing it too hard against the gums. Make sure also that you choose a floss that you like. Most will do the same job, so you want something that you feel comfortable using.

Next up, use a good mouthwash. An ADA approved one is going to be your best option because it’s designed to be healthier and safer for your mouth. Make sure this is the last step in your routine and that you’re using only a small amount of mouthwash. You don’t want to swallow it, so keep the amount low and just swish it around your mouth well, getting into all of the areas of your mouth. When you’re done swishing it around (this should take about 30 seconds) spit it out and you can rinse with plain water (though you don’t have to).

Finally, you should be checking in with the best dentist in Sugar Land, TX at least once every 6 months. They’re going to help you get your teeth and mouth in the best possible shape. They’re also going to make sure that you are doing the right things and the right way to keep yourself healthy. A dental checkup is definitely going to be worth the time and the expense because, while you can do a lot for your oral health, a dentist is going to be able to do even more.

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Why You Need the Best Dentist in Sugar Land, TX

So, if you know all about the ways your mouth protects your body for diseases, the different problems that can occur as a result of not having good oral hygiene and what you should be doing personally to take care of your oral health, why would you need to see a Sugar Land dentist? You’re going to need that dentist because there are some things that you just can’t take care of yourself, no matter how good you are at brushing and flossing and mouthwash and everything else, you’re going to need someone with the right tools to help you out.


General Checkups and Cleaning

A dentist and dental hygienist takes care of removing the really stuck-on plaque and tartar buildup. They’re going to check for tooth decay. They’re going to check for any signs of health problems or diseases and they’re going to make sure that you’re doing a good job of taking care of your mouth and your oral health for yourself. Not to mention they’re going to give you advice and updates on what you could be doing better, what you should be starting and more. They’ll also give your teeth a really good cleaning and polishing. Plus, you usually get a new toothbrush (which is an added bonus).

More comprehensive dental checkups include things like examining your face and neck as well as the lymph nodes and lower jaw joints. It also includes checking fillings, dental appliances, and tissue inside the mouth. Not to mention you’ll have x-rays done periodically to make sure that your teeth are in good shape not only on the outside but on the inside as well. All of this is important to the general well-being of your teeth and if your dentist finds something wrong they’ll be able to set up appointments to take care of those things as well.

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Extensive Dental Procedures

When it comes down to the more extensive work, your Sugar Land dentist is in charge of things like bridge work, dental implants, teeth whitening, filling cavities and veneers among other things. They’ll take care of root canals, crowns, dentures and a great deal more as well. All of these things are extremely important if you find yourself in need of them because, left untreated, problems with your teeth will only continue to get worse.

The sooner you get these things taken care of, such as getting a filling or the root canal that you need the better you’re going to feel overall as well. After all, it can be extremely painful to have problems with your teeth and gums. A dentist will make sure that you’re on the right track to getting these problems resolved or to keeping yourself from needing them in the first place. After all, you really don’t want to spend the time and the money to fix them if you don’t have to right? Not to mention you don’t want to go through the pain and discomfort.


Finding The Right Sugar Land Dentist

Okay, so you know all about why you’re going to need a dentist and what they’re going to be able to do for you. You know what it’s going to entail when you walk into that dentists office for the first time. And you’re prepared for all of it, but how are you going to find the best dentist in Sugar Land? You’re going to need to do a bit of research, but it’s definitely not going to be as bad as you might think. There are plenty of options out there.

The first thing you want to do is look at the dentists that are available in your area. What options do you have? If you live in a larger area (like the downtown Houston area) you’re going to have a whole lot of options. If you live in a more rural area you may have slightly fewer options (depending on just how far you’re willing to drive to get to that appointment). Finding out everyone that’s available is going to give you a good foundation to start whittling things down a bit.

Next, you want to talk with your family and friends. Do you know someone who has gone to a specific dentist in your area? Do they have an idea of who the best dentist in Sugar Land actually is? Other people’s opinions and experiences are definitely going to be an important part of the process in choosing your dentist. The closer those people are to you the more important their opinions are going to be as well, so make sure you’re looking closely at the ones that they tell you are the best. But don’t use that as your only foundation for picking someone.

You want to look at experience in the specific areas you need as well. Now, if you’re only looking for a general dentist who can do cleanings, and routine dental care every six months you will likely be able to find a number of dentists in your area. If you’re looking for someone who can take care of the more extensive procedures, however, you might need to do a little more searching to find the best dentist in Sugar Land. Not every dentist is going to be skilled in root canals, sedation dentistry, oral surgery or dental cosmetic procedures, for example. So make sure you’re looking at where they have the most experience and what they’ve been doing (and for how long).

Finally, make sure that you feel comfortable with them. If you’re going to be getting a major procedure done you should schedule a cleaning first or at least schedule a consultation where you can go in and talk to them. Just like any other professional that you’re going to hire, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your dentist. They’re going to be taking care of you and you should definitely feel like you can talk to them about any problems you might be having or any concerns that you might have.

No matter what you need done, having the best dentist in Sugar Land is going to be extremely important. You want someone that you will like working with and someone that is going to provide the best possible care. You want someone who knows what they’re doing and you definitely want to make sure that you’re getting the advice you need to take care of yourself. Keeping your teeth and your whole mouth clean is extremely important, so make sure you have the help you’re going to need from your Sugar Land dentist every step of the way.

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Our prices are very competitive in and around the Sugar Land area. We charge $700 for a Porcelain dental crown, and only $1,999 for our dental implants (including the crown).

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Yes we do. We provide Sugar Land residents with amazing finance options so you can afford the dental treatment you desperately need.

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