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If you are looking for a holistic approach to your dental fillings, look no further than our team at Best Dental. We use only mercury free tooth colored fillings to prevent any potential of mercury poisoning that silver fillings may cause. With the help of VOCO, our BPA-free dental fillings allow our patients to handle their cavities with the peace of mind that they are receiving the healthiest tooth restorations currently on the market. Although the American Dental Association (ADA) has noted that silver fillings do not increase the risk of mercury poisoning, our team does not want to take the chance with our family of patients in case they are wrong.

Do they still use mercury in dental fillings?

Although amalgam fillings (silver) are outlawed in Europe, they are still used quite a bit here in the United States. Mercury is still an ingredient in these fillings, so the chance of systemic health problems occurring over time is still there. Fortunately, Dr. Jasmine and her team are experts are replacing these fillings, and removing any potential mercury hazards that could enter your system. With the use of a rubber dam, we prevent any remnants of old amalgam from going into your GI tract, eliminating any chance of acute mercury poisoning during your filling replacement procedure.

What is the safest dental filling material?

Currently, the safest material used for dental fillings are BPA-free dental composites. This is the filling material we are currently using at our clinic, and it is the standard of choice that Dr. Jasmine gives to her patients. Your long term systemic health is very important to us. Let’s take care of it together.

Can you get mercury poisoning from silver fillings?

Although many sources state that you cannot get mercury poisoning from amalgam, our team does not want to take any chances when it comes to our patients health. Some studies have come back inconclusive showing a small risk of mercury poisoning is still a possibility.

Are white fillings better than silver?

Composite fillings have become the standard choice among dentists across the country for small tooth restorations. The lack of mercury inside of tooth colored fillings have swayed more dentists into using them, and now with the introduction of BPA free tooth colored fillings, we can look out for the long term systemic health of our patients.

Are there any alternative to fillings?

Very small cavities may end up being treated with Fluoride rinses that may re-mineralize enamel that has broken down. Unfortunately, when a cavity penetrates into the second layer of your tooth (known as dentin) a tooth filling becomes your only solution.

Should I get my old silver fillings removed?

At Best Dental we recommend the removal and replacement of old amalgam fillings. Even the smallest risk of mercury poisoning in the long term can jeopardize your health, and lead to systemic problems that can end up costing you thousands of hard-earned dollars on medical expenses.

Why amalgam fillings should be replaced by resin fillings

How does a dentist know if my old silver filling is leaking?

Two ways, from your dental x-ray and from using a tool called an explorer to see if there are any gaps in your filling. If this happens to be the case, a secondary cavity may have formed under your old fillings. These teeth may end up needing a new filling, or even root canals if the cavity has penetrated through the tooth structure itself.

Silver fillings had been the cornerstone of tooth filling options for may decades. As modern dentistry advances, we are slowly moving away from these primitive techniques, and looking out for the long term health of our patients. If you happen to be in the Houston area, and are needing your old mercury fillings replaced, come see our expert team. We hope to meet you soon.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace your old silver fillings?

At Best Dental, each silver filling replacement costs $250. This is our cash price. Costs will be reduced for those with dental insurance. We will let you know your out of pocket expenses at your complimentary examination appointment.

Are white filling as strong as silver fillings?

Older generation tooth colored fillings were not as durable as silver fillings, and that is one of the reasons why, to this day, dentists across the nation continue to use amalgam. Fortunately, advances in dental bio-materials has created composite restorations that rival amalgam in durability and surpasses it in cosmetics.

Do white fillings contain mercury?

White fillings, also known as resin composite, do not contain mercury. Most still do contain a harmful compound known as BPA, which could cause systemic harm in the long term.