Teeth Cleaning Houston

Teeth Cleaning Houston

At Best Dental, we offer expert teeth cleaning services at an affordable cost.

We will make sure a detailed and thorough cleaning of your teeth is performed, and during all of your recare visits with us. Whether you are in need of a basic dental cleaning or a deep cleaning, Dr. Jasmine Naderi and her team will make sure you receive the best care possible at an affordable price. Our package for an exam, x-ray, and basic cleaning is $99.

Professional cleanings are extremely important. Even if you brush and floss daily at home every day, it’s not possible to completely remove all the plaque and tartar that normally collects on our teeth and gums. Plaque can cause cavities and gum disease. A skilled dental professional like Dr. Jasmine Naderi will thoroughly clean and polish your teeth until they’re smooth, preventing new plaque from forming.

You’ll also receive practical tips on keeping your teeth and gums healthy at home. Oral hygiene is a gateway to the rest of your body, so we make sure your up to date with all the latest home care technologies available. You may also have fluoride treatment after your dental cleaning to help prevent tooth decay.

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What is the cost of a teeth cleaning in Houston, Tx?

The average cost of a teeth cleaning in Houston, Tx is $150. Prices may vary based on the treating dentist, what type of dental cleaning you need, and how long your procedure will take.

Will Dental Insurance Help Pay For My Cleaning?

Your dental insurance will certainly help you with your dental cleaning. Every insurance plan is different, and the amount that they will cover will vary from plan to plan. Some insurance carriers cover basic cleanings at 100% while others cover it at a lower percent. Our team of cleaning specialists will verify your benefits and tell you exactly how much of your dental cleaning will be paid by your insurance.

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What are the different types of teeth cleanings?

  1. Basic Cleaning: Also known as teeth prophylaxis, this is a basic cleaning. It is usually performed on patients who have good hygiene, and have little to no gum disease. These patients floss regularly and come in every 6 months for their biannual dental cleanings.
  2. Full Mouth Debridement: This is also known as a medium cleaning, and a lot of times is performed prior to your deep cleaning. An FMD is a cleaning where a lot of build up and calculus has formed around your teeth, and a basic cleaning just won’t clean everything. If only an FMD is performed, it is likely the patient does not suffer from bone loss, and a deep cleaning won’t be needed.
  3. Deep Cleaning: If your xrays show calculus buildup along with bone loss around your teeth, then you have gum disease. If this is the case, then you will need a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning is when instruments are used to not only clean your teeth above the gumline, but under the gum tissue as well. The tartar removed there will prevent further bone loss from occurring, and will help get your gum tissue to heal again.

Do Teeth Cleanings Hurt?

As patients come in for regular recall teeth cleanings, the process gets faster and patients report looking forward to the dental cleaning procedure. This is due to the gums desensitizing and the fluoride in your toothpastes ability to reach the root area, which decreases tooth sensitivity.

For patients with very sensitive gums, Dr. Naderi can apply a topical numbing gel to help alleviate any pain you may have. During teeth cleaning, patients are monitored to ensure they are comfortable. At any time, patients can stop the process if they need to take a break for any reason.

What is the teeth cleaning procedure like at Best Dental?

Patients are very comfortable during their cleanings with Dr. Naderi. Modern equipment has made the earlier forms of chiseling and scraping obsolete. Most of the work is done by gentle ultra sound waves (called a piezo machine), which helps break up tartar and remove plaque. The sound waves are directed at the teeth by a small wand like device. Periodically, a mist of water washes the teeth to remove the debris. This ultrasonic piezo does not harm the actual tooth itself.

Once the large pieces  of calculus are removed, smaller tools are used to remove any particles that remain. After the teeth are cleaned, Dr. Naderi may conduct a survey of your gums if he suspects any gum disease. During the survey, he uses a small instrument to check the depth of any pockets that have formed. This will then enable her to develop a treatment plan to prevent further deterioration of your gum tissue.

The final step in the process is to polish the teeth using special mildly abrasive paste. This serves two purposes; first the teeth look clean and shiny and feel very smooth. Second the smoothed surface of the teeth makes it more difficult for plaque and tartar to stick to the teeth.

Can I lower my dental costs in the future by getting regular cleanings?

You certainly can. It is far less expensive to maintain the teeth than it is to repair them. At Best Dental, Dr. Naderi offers a full array of dental services to prevent any further deterioration of your gum tissue. Regular cleanings may end up saving your teeth, as well as allowing you to save your hard-earned money.

Affordable Teeth Cleaning For Houston, TX Residents

At Best Dental we know how hard it is to earn each and every dollar. This is why we are very competitive with our pricing. For an exam, x-rays, and basic cleaning we charge a flat fee of $99. Not only are these low costs, but the quality of the cleaning you will receive at Best Dental will be top notch. We make sure every piece of tartar is removed from your teeth giving you the clean and polished result that you are looking for. There may be other clinics that promise lower prices, but they quality of cleaning you receive may not on par with what you are looking for.

Come see our team of teeth cleanings specialists at our Houston office today. We will make you feel at home, and make your experience one to remember. We hope to see you and your family soon!