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A lot of times a dental cavity or a tooth fracture can break off the crown of our teeth leaving the roots remaining under our gum tissue. If this happens to you, you will need to find a skilled surgical dentist or oral surgeon to quickly remove the root of the tooth before a dental infection sets in. In this article, tooth extraction specialist Dr. Sonny Naderi goes over the tooth root removal surgery process, its costs, and other lingering questions that you may have.

The tooth root removal procedure

Removing the root from underneath your gum tissue requires skill and precision from your dentist. Here are the steps required in order to perform this task:

  • The area will be numb with a local anesthetic to prevent any pain during the treatment
  • A surgical blade will be used to reflect your gum tissue to gain visual access to the root of the tooth
  • Many times a handpiece will be used to remove any bone tissue that is surrounding the root
  • Elevators and other dental instruments will be used to loosen and ultimately remove the root from its socket
  • Any infected tissue will be removed from the bony crypt, and the area will be irrigated copiously with normal saline
  • If a dental implant will be placed in the area at a later time, a bone grafting procedure will likely be performed when the root is extracted. This will provide the clinician with adequate bone to place the implant fixture after a few months of healing.
  • The area will be sutured normally using a dissolvable stitch. These sutures are normally known as gut sutures, and they are used quite often in the dental setting
  • Antibiotics and pain medication will be prescribed after the procedure to prevent any oral infections from occurring. Post-operative instructions will also be given. Expect the pain to last 1-2 weeks after the root has been removed.

How much does a tooth root removal procedure cost?

The average cost to remove a tooth root is $300. This includes your x-rays and examination as well. At Best Dental, we charge $200 for this procedure making us your affordable tooth extraction specialists in Houston.

Does dental insurance cover tooth root removal?

Most dental insurances will cover tooth extractions up to 80%. The are various plans, so make sure your dental team verifies your benefits prior to your appointment. A lot of times insurance companies can help you save your hard-earned money during surgical procedures such as tooth root removal.

Tooth Root Removal | Best Dental in Houston, Texas

How long does the recovery process take after my tooth root is removed?

Most healing will take place in the first few weeks following surgery. Complete healing will normally take anywhere between 6-8 weeks. Remember that this is a surgical procedure so you will need to give your body some time to heal. Remember to take your medications and follow the instructions that your dentist gives you.

Will I have any side effects after my tooth root is removed?

Most cases resolve without incident after the procedure is completed. In a small number of cases, the area of surgery may end up getting infected. If this becomes the case, you need to see your dental team immediately so that they can address the problem.

Tooth root removal in Houston, Texas

If your tooth has broken down, and you need the root removed come see our team of experts at Best Dental. Not only will we help you resolve your problem, we will do it in an affordable manner to help you preserve your hard earned dollars. We hope to see you at our Houston Dental Office soon!