Wisdom Teeth Removal and Oral Surgery in Richmond, TX

At our dental office in Richmond, TX that provides wisdom teeth removal as well as other oral surgery procedures, the best way to simplify things is to lay them all out. When your wisdom teeth come in (usually in your teenage years), your other teeth may not provide the space for them to grow in.

When this happens, it’s like a bunch of people trying to get through the doorway at once. Something is going to give, and your teeth could break or crack in the process. This is what is known as an impacted wisdom tooth, which is also where general dentists usually refer their patients to an oral surgeon.

Here at our Richmond office, we’re able to provide complete family dentistry, so the patients who are with us can notice any issues with your wisdom teeth and correct them immediately. The process of removing impacted wisdom teeth could also require the removal of the jaw bone or further work.

This is why an oral surgeon is best suited to handle the case, as they can perform every aspect of the procedure while providing their patients with the level of sedation that they need. A general dentist only performs local sedation for the most part, whereas we can also use IV sedation and laughing gas which are the stronger sedation methods used for surgical dentistry.

What’s the deal with wisdom teeth and oral surgery in Richmond, TX?

Simply put, the two are almost one of the same, but not quite. Wisdom teeth removal (aka wisdom tooth removal) is a form of oral surgery. Since impacted wisdom teeth require surgical extractions, it makes sense to ensure that the ones that perform those extractions are well-versed as a surgical dentist.

As far as pricing for wisdom teeth removal in Richmond, TX is concerned, you will find that our flat rate for wisdom teeth removal is $1,400 (4 wisdom teeth with sedation), which is about 50% lower than the average cost for wisdom teeth in Richmond. The national average has been known to get quite higher (as much as $5,000 in some cases).

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The Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal (Oral Surgery) in Richmond, TX

To understand everything that goes into your treatment plan, here is a quick breakdown of each aspect that makes wisdom teeth removal via oral surgery.

Any Needed X-Rays

This could be needed, as oral surgeons tend to prefer their view of what is going on. So, the cost of your initial x-rays to identify your wisdom teeth and their path of growth will be included in the cost of your wisdom teeth removal.

Required Resources

This includes other staff that will be needed on hand to help with the extraction, how long it takes you to recover and anything else that adds to the overall cost. Everything in this realm will be discussed during your visit with your oral surgeon who will be handling the extraction.

Sedation Needed

Many different types of sedatives can be used for wisdom teeth removal, with IV sedation, laughing gas, and oral sedation being the leading options. Dependent on how much sedation you need to comfortably make it through the procedure, you will be charged a rate based on usage by your dentist. Sometimes IV sedation and nitrous oxide are used together.

Does Insurance Cover the Costs of Wisdom Teeth and Oral Surgery?

Most of the time, this is covered by your insurance provider. If you have a general dentist that you see regularly, you may have to see them first to get a referral to an oral surgeon. Sometimes an insurance company will have this as one of their basic requirements for getting your wisdom teeth removed.

Now there are times where insurance companies will only provide reimbursement for your wisdom tooth extraction, in which case you will have to pay the cost upfront and they will reimburse you for the amount that they’re responsible for. You may also have to meet certain deductible requirements and other conditions, so you will want to be reaching out to your insurance company directly.

You can still use your medical savings plan and other savings you have in store for medical expenses to help cover the procedure, so that may be something worth considering. Also, in-house dental financing options through your dentist (like we offer our patients in Richmond, TX) and low-interest credit cards seem to be 2 of the leading options to help pay for wisdom teeth and oral surgery.

Choose a Top Dentist in Richmond, TX for Wisdom Teeth and Oral Surgery

Dr. Jasmine Naderi made it her mission to provide Richmond, and nearby communities, with a different kind of dental experience. A complete experience that could serve her patients on all levels of dentistry, which led her to start Best Dental. As a result, she has continued to gain recognition as a leading female dentist in Houston with an office that provides some of the most budget-friendly price points.

We want you to see for yourself why people love our kind of difference, call our office at (281) 762-0637 and we will get you in ASAP to talk about your wisdom teeth problems (or other dental troubles).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wisdom Teeth and Oral Surgery in Richmond, TX

Do I have to get my wisdom teeth removed?

This is something that we can’t honestly tell you through a website, as we need a solid view of what the current state of your wisdom teeth are and to better understand your particular dental needs. To do this, you will need x-rays done of your wisdom teeth so a treatment plan can be developed.

However, if your wisdom teeth are impacted and left untreated, it could lead to an infection that could spread to your other teeth as well, eventually leading to tooth decay. Also, if you have dental anxiety, and need sedation dentistry, just know the cost of sedation increases with it but does provide the most comfortable and safest experience possible.

Is wisdom teeth removal considered oral surgery?

Yes, because most of the time it does require bone removal, making an incision in the gum tissue, and other oral surgery methods for the successful extraction of wisdom teeth. Plus, you will want to make the experience as comfortable and painless as possible.

A surgical dentist also well-versed in sedation dentistry can do exactly that.

What is oral surgery for wisdom teeth like?

You go in to see your dentist, and they will take a look at how your wisdom teeth are sitting and whether they are above or below the gum line to be prepared in case an incision is necessary to break your wisdom teeth free. Your Richmond, TX surgical dentist will either remove the wisdom tooth in one piece if possible or in multiple pieces (which is most often the case).

Don’t worry, this is all done after sedation is administered and your vitals are stable!

You will find yourself awakening in the recovery room soon, without being nagged by your wisdom teeth.